Date: 9th July 2009 at 9:23am
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Blackburn Rovers are understood to have offered Andy van der Meyde a Premier League lifeline.

The former Dutch International was released by Everton this summer but will be joining Christian Vieri in our pre-season training camp in an attempt to earn himself a move to Ewood Park. Van der Meyde has gone down like a lead balloon during his time in the Premier League, however, if anyone can get the best out of him maybe Sam Allardyce can??

Personally I think van der Meyde is finished, as I can’t imagine Everton would’ve released the winger if they still felt that the Dutchman was capable of playing in the Premier League. However, much like we are with the veteran Italian striker Vieri we’ve got nothing to lose by doing this!!



8 Replies to “Van The Man For Sam??”

  • Free trialist will do no harm but but can a man who cant stay fit and likes the party scene contribute a lot to our side?

  • was he not on trial earlier in the summer?? or was this turned down….by us?? I think its in the same boat as Vieri, its all free so no harm done in the end…..though i agree with Walker – although i never rated him that highly in the 1st place to reckon he’s even done lol

  • usewd to be a good player 5 years ago, but hardly had any football in last 4 years and not one that should be added to the wage bill, i really hope sam starts to impress us with some decent signings instead of has beens and never has beens

  • I think we need some perspective – we are going to get the signings in but we need to make the right ones so it will take time.

  • Nothing to lose with van der Meyde, personally I’m not sure he’ll be able to earn a contract but you’ve got to trust Big Sam with his track record with players of this type.

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