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A bit of a blast from the past here. I am not sure if everyone remembers but at the start of the season we conducted an interview prior to the big Premier League kick off and got our three Vital Blackburn journalists to see if they can predict the future.

Putting their necks on the line were the always witty and transfer rumour specialist Bom Bom, super cool Aussie match reporter Sasman and highly attractive roving news reporter Mikey.

1) Who will win the Premier League this season?

Sasman – I think Chelsea will be back on top of the Premier League this season. They havent lost much talent, and have recruited a few players who will strengthen the squad. Man U will push them, but they are in a rebuilding phase.

Bom Bom -One of the top 4, what too ambiguous for you? Ok Chelsea.

Mikey -I am going to go out on a limb and say Liverpool. I think they are overdue, even though they have lost Alonso they should still do it.

WINNER – Tie between Sas and Bom but it is still in the balance. Delap hang your head in shame.

2) Who do you think will work out to be the best signing this season?

Sasman – I think Downing to Villa might be a great signing. Villa now have fantastic wingers on either flank, who should be able to provide great service for their front men. Im also keeping tabs on Altidore, the young American who Hull City have signed on Loan.

Bom Bom -Best Signing….hmmm, most surprise package i feel could be Jozy Altidore if he gets the service at Hull but as for best signing, i think it it might be Fabian Delph or Antonio Valencia

Mikey -Jo on loan at Everton I am going to say – the guy is class and City should of kept him but they have enough strikers I suppose. either way, Jo fits like a glove into the Everton side.

WINNER – Bom wins with Antonio Valencia who has been impressive at Man United, Sas comes second with Downing who after an injured start has looked good if not a world beater at Villa and Delap you are the wooden spoon guy twice in a row with Jo, who has done literally nothing and left Everton in January after being disciplined.

3) And who will flop big?

Sasman – Portsmouth (if we are talking teams not players -ed)….Lots of outs, no real quality in, gonna be tough for Pompey. I do have a soft spot for them for some reason, so I do hope they can avoid relegation, not looking good though…

Bom Bom -Only one, Roque Santa Cruz, that`s if he`s allowed to see the pitch this season and not the view from the Bench.

Mikey -Antonio Valencia at Man United. Not because he is a bad player but because of who he is replacing. Its an impossible task and I dont envy him. Whatever he does it won’t be good enough for them.

WINNER – Was Delap even trying!? Sasman takes the win I think with Pompey due to their financial problems but Bom didn’t do to bad with perma-crocked Roque Santa Cruz.

4) Whos getting relegated?

Sasman – Burnley and Wolves will go straight back down. I think Birmingham will avoid the drop, they haved signed well and look to have a decent squad. Portsmouth will struggle and they will take 18th spot. Stoke will come close….

Bom Bom -Portsmouth; in such a bloody mess, Wolves; too lightweight to compete and, as hard as it is to stomach the thought, the Dingles; Burnley 😉

Mikey -I am going to have to say Burnley, Hull and Pompey. I think it will be tight like last year down there but I think we will mostly avoid the mess ourselves this season. It could realistically be one of ten teams.

WINNER – Finally Mikey with a decent prediction!!! As things stand he is absolutely bang on.

It looks like Sas and Bom will get two out of three which is not bad.

5) Where will our beloved Rovers finish?

Sasman – I think we will finish between 10th and 12th. I am still not convinced on our recruitments, and really think we will see the benefits of these signings in 2 or 3 seasons. It will be a rebuilding season for Sam, and hopefully we get a good run in the Cups.

Bom Bom -Hard to say, at the moment it could be anywhere from 17th to 8th but I will predict mid table mediocrity for the coming season, around 12-13th

Mikey -I am as always optimistic so I am going to say 9th. It wont be pretty but it will be functional. I will also take a good go at the Carling Cup.

WINNER – Everyone is fairly close but it looks like 11th or 12th should be about right. Delap went a tad too high it seems but did get the good Carling Cup run right.

6) First manager to be sacked?

Sasman – Im going to go out on a limb here and nominate Mark Hughes for the gong. He will be under immense pressure to provide results and break in to the top 4. If they get of to a slow, start, then they are in trouble…

Bom Bom -Will Wolves panic and shove McCarthy after a poor start, same goes for Pompey? I think Paul Hart will be first gone.

Mikey -Difficult one as it all depends how it pans out but I willhave a stab in the dark at Phil Brown of Hull City.

WINNER – All the managers mentioned have now left their club but in last place is Mikey as Brown has only just left Hull.

Bom wins with Paul Hart but Sas only just lost out with his Mark Hughes prediction.

7) How will England get on in the World Cup in 2010?

Sasman – First Round….Sorry lads, I wouldnt have a clue, dont pay too much attention to that squad of yours. I am rather hopefull the Aussies can break into the quater finals. Currently ranked 16th, we hopefully might be able to sneak into the second tier of ranked teams, giving us a slightly easier group stage.

Bom Bom -As per usual, lose on penalties to some cheating foreign team LOL, probably Quarter`s or Semi`s but I can see them reaching the Final, as for winning it hmmm. Semi Finals.

Mikey – I think we are better equipped than in previous tournaments this century and I am going to really go out on a whim (yes laugh all you want) and say winners!

WINNER – Not decided yet.

8) Who going to pick up the ‘bargain of the season’ tag?

Sasman – Not too sure here, I think Kevin Doyle will be a loan force at Wolves, i do like the look of Altidore though, but he is a loan signing.

Bom Bom -David ‘Junior’ Holliett will for Rovers IMHO but as for the league, I can see Gabriel Obertan having a good season, as long as he is fit and gets his chances.

Mikey -I think it will be our very own Steven N’Zonzi! At £400,000 only good things can come of this. But if it isn’t him then I am going to say Michael Owen of Man United.

WINNER – Mikey wins with Steven N’Zonzi. Sas in second with kevin Doyle and Bom Bom limps in last with Hoilett. Obertam and Owen are faily shoddy calls.

9) Will Man City break the top 4?

Sasman – 32 strikers isnt the way to break into the top 4. I think City will struggle and finish in 7th-8th.

Bom Bom -As opposed to breaking the Bank trying to get there? I think its a possibility, depends on how quickly that team gels but I will say No, 5-6th this season.

Mikey -Yes eventually, of that I have no doubt but not this season. This season I see them finshing 5th.

WINNER – Still hangs in the balance but 5th looks about right. So maybe the honours go to Bom and Mikey?

10) And finally, how many goals will Nikola Kalinic score this season in the Premier League?

Sasman – I’d like Kalinic to be our 20 goal striker, but im not convinced, I think Kalinic will score about 10 goals, with McCarthy and Roberts getting their share of the action.

Bom Bom -74. LOL, ok seriously, I`d like to see him grab at least 12-15 but WANT to see him get 20 but I`ll suffice with 10, being his first season and reasonable stiff striking competition 12 Goals.

Mikey -I am going to say 17. I think he is really what we need. Tall, strong, can use both feet and is good in the air. Bring it on.

WINNER – Once again optimism is a killer as Mikey is way off. Kalinic is currently on 7 in all competitions so it is a straight fight between Bom and Sas to see who gets closets. As things stand… Sasman has made the best call.

How do you think we did?!


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