Date: 7th June 2007 at 11:42pm
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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with a Special Award suggested by BomBom for the

Vital Blackburn Member of the Season

When asked to simply leave the name of the Vital Blackburn member you see as being the Member of the Season most felt?

sasman & Hughes Da Man should be the joint Award Winners! So congratulations to sasman and, ahem myself!

For the following of Rovers that sasman does from down under (Australia) often staying up until stupid hours in the morning to follow the club and be a part of this site sasman got many a mention.

Hughes Da Man (me!) was mentioned for his tireless efforts with the site, dragging it up from nothing to what it is, so should obviously have been the ONLY winner lol!

Seriously though, we have ALL more than played our part this season though, so we all deserve MASSIVE credit. But lets not rest on our laurels, this site MUST push on even more.

To see what people had to say on this category click here.

Thanks for voting on this, PLEASE KEEP your votes coming in for these other Awards, as there is STILL time to vote so click here for the list of categories and vote on the one(s) you want!



16 Replies to “Vital Blackburn Member of the Season”

  • Singling individuals out isn’t something that I like doing but sometimes people deserve this little bit more. ALL of us have played our part in getting this site to where it is, so really all VBers (Vital Blackburners) are the winners here!!! I may have led the way (with what I have done) but you guys make this site what it is, long may it continue!

  • I guess I need to do an acceptance speech! I would like to thank NO ONE but myself, I am the greatest and we all know this, you can only aspire to be as great as me lol 🙂

  • This is a travesty, how you can over look the mighty BomBom and his 549 (and counting) monthly vital points is beyond me. Clearly a fix orchestrated under the tyranical rule of Hughes Da Man, you should be ashamed!!!

  • Just Kidding, it’s well desreved Mr Man. (btw if ever you need a reputable spin doctor for re-election I’m your man)

  • Woohoo i win something lol. Nah thanks guys for voting for me, and for those that voted for hughesy ima kill ya (i voted for him also lol) Its an honour to share this award and a pleasure to have met u guys and talked about our beloved football team. Dw bombom, it looks like ur making an early charge for next years member of the season, but im sure myself and HDM wont relinquish or crown anytime soon lol

  • HDM… I laughed my c..k off when I read this… Okay sasman… congrats sent to deepest darkest ozland…. HDM would have got me the vote becuase he got me in to see Messers Hughes, Roberts and Reid………………… i’m going to have to change my handle soon… as soon I will hopefully be moving back to Ewood!!!!! Bolton Road no less… and if any one from this site is ever around and wants to meet for a beer or three then just get in contact (HDM has my details)

  • Ex Ewood is starting an annual meeting for all VBers! Great idea mate. Would be awesome to actually meet everyone, having spent so much time blabbering on about Lancashire’s finest online. We could even try and set up a video, live satelite feed for Sas!

    Oh congrats to the pair of you guys who claimed this prestigious award. HDM has been a hero this season, making this site what it is, with a little help!

  • Phartman87 – I am NEVER ashamed of the fix I put on this lol! BomBom is emerging from my shadow, it is time to pass the batton and he looks like being the man, but can he keep this up consistnely?!?! This is the challenge!!!

  • Ex Ewood Resident – If I have you vote when it counted dude I WOULD have won and RIGHTLY so lol! The fact I didn’t get EVERYONE’S vote is a travisty, you buch of ungrateful &%$@!* 🙂 lol.

  • roversman – Cheers dude! Yeah it sounds like a masterplan. BomBom has had a similar ideal, he put something in the forum, but I will add it to the main page (as I said I would, but haven’t yet ooops!) over the weekend.

  • EVERYONE who has played a part with this site over the year deserves MASSIVE praise, without EVERYONE’S help (even if it was just one post or one vote on a poll!) this site would be NOWHERE near the emerging force it is! Others have joined this site because they say it has been linked too by other Rovers fans sites, this says something about what we are building here!!! CONGRATULATIONS to ALL VBers!

  • Does that mean you have to change your name again EER???Annual meeting, we should all go to a game together… sample it first hand…

  • Yeap he will, he will be Ewood Resident again! Save ideas for the article (BomBom’s idea!) when it is put forward probably tonight or tomorrow sometime.

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