Date: 4th July 2007 at 9:24pm
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It came to my attention through reading both Vital Fulham and watching Skysports that Robbie ‘God’ Fowler is without a club next year and that no offers have been put on the table.

A man who was, and maybe still is one of the greatest finishers this country has ever produced should surely be able to attract the attention of many clubs, including Premiership ones such as ourselves.

I for one feel that he may still have something to offer the greatest league in the world. I for one would have him at Ewood, whether it is as a squad player or to have a place in the starting XI.

You may not agree with my view, but I feel it would be a good bit of business. What do you think?



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  • There is a new function on Vital Football now that means I don’t even have to say who wrote the articles (when submitted ANYMORE!!!) as it does it for you if you tell it so, so im_a_blackburn_rover you have the honour of being the first to use this new feature!!! (look in the Writer part and you’ll see your name!!!)

  • As for the thoughts on Robbie Fowler, months ago I said (and I think Clint and others might have as well) that he would be worth a go so why not, he could teach our youngsters a thing or two couldn’t he?!?!

  • Nah. Blackburn needs to keep on bringing exciting new players to the club and keep pushing forward, not tired old knackers like Fowler. Love the guy, but he’s well past his best and doesn’t fit with my current vision of Rovers.

  • merlin – We have tought the VBers (Vital Blackburners) well on this site dude, even if I (or another of the fellow site journalists) aren’t writing the articles, the VBer that does and submits it (im_a_blackburn_rover in this case!!!) still knows that credit has to go where due, hence giving this to Vital Fulham.

  • martinr – I see what you are saying but I still believe he has something to offer, and the youngters could learn a HELL of a lot from him.

  • He does have something to oofer, and im sure derbyshire could learn a lot from him, how much would his wages set us bacl though and i fhe plays, does that mean de vita missed out on his chance

  • As good as Fowler was in his prime he has’nt produced anything like that in years, he was crap at Leeds, did’nt work out for him either at City and he did’nt really make an impression during his second spell at Liverpool. I don’t think he has very much left to offer on the field especially for a club with European ambitions such as ourselves.

  • dont think we need him. in fact i dont think he would offer us anything when we have Benni, Jason, Derbs and Rigters. If we want a squad player we could keep Jeffers.

    As an aside has anyone seen the photo’s on the official sight? Not that spectacular but it is fantastic to see one of the forgotten men (as in he’s been out so long) Steven Reid with a baal at his feet at last. Anyone know if he is back to full training?

  • Too old if you ask me. You need to be in great shape to make it in the PL. I’d go for David Healy!

  • no no no no no no no Robbie Fowler back in the day of course!! now absolutley no chance!! if he cant score goals for liverpool who gave him another chance he s got no chance bagging goals for us

  • To be honest mae I aint to keen, he is past it in my eyes but as back p I suppose he could do a job. But we should be lookng to sign players that would improve the starting XI

  • Useful players: C. Baird/L. Young/Bardsley- for RB, Healy as I mentioned, and Jason Koumas/D. Murphy/Tom Soares

  • im_a_blackburn_rover – You’ve got people talking dude. A bit of a mixed reaction but not a bad idea at all
    KEEP your ideas coming guys, like im_a_blackburn_rover if you submit works from now on YOUR name goes in the writers part, not mine, roversman, BomBom or MikeyGamst, YOURS!!!

  • He couldnt be worst than Franny Jeffers. As a backup player he would be fantastic, as he still has an eye for goal as far as I am concerned. His movement and finishing is still first class and if he was to be 3rd or 4th choice, then at least we could look to him to do a job. Only as a short term measure, but Im all for a move for GOD!

  • Fowler is a good finisher but bringing back the older players wont take us up towards europe. Dunn & Henchoz have not proved to be the best signings so im all for Bellers

  • I’m with im_a_blackburn_rover here and think Fowler could be an ideal short-term solution, the kids could learn from one of the countries best.
    I’m still not sure where I stand on Bellers?!?! Benni’s ego is enough so imagine Bellers’ also if things don’t go as he wants?!?!

  • Obviously if you want to credit the work to me thats fine lol… As far as getting Bellamy back I would love it. I have made my mind up.

  • You guys seem to have a bit of sense. Bellamy, Benni, Rigters, Fowler and Derbyshire.

    Im drooling guys I really am!

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