Date: 16th February 2008 at 7:49pm
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In this series of Why Did They Bother, we relive Corrado Grabbi’s time at the club.

Before his time with Rovers, Corrado Grabbi was a prolific scorer in the Italian Leagues, during that time he played for such clubs as Juventus, Modena and Ternana. At his peak playing for Ternana, Grabbi was a truly brilliant goal poacher and became an idol for the local supporters, who still remember him as the best player to have ever pulled on the shirt and play for Ternana.

After his first season with Ternana, Grabbi was linked to major clubs such as A.C Milan and Udinese, but it was Blackburn Rovers who pulled off the coup of signing one of Italy’s most promising stars. Corrado Grabbi was brought in during the transfer window of 2001 by Graeme Souness, with a massive amount of pressure on his back after the £6.75 million price tag, made him Blackburn’s most expensive signing at the time. In his first season due to injuries and bad luck he failed to repeat the flair and talent that he had shown in his early days at Ternana, scoring just once in fourteen games.

After a loan move to Messina that saw Grabbi save them from relegation, he still failed to recover his once great form for Blackburn only scoring one goal in 16 games. His only goal coming in the 2-2 draw with Liverpool, were he scored the equaliser in the last minute of the game.

Due to the signings of Andrew Cole and Dwight Yorke both from Manchester United, Grabbi was not needed by Rovers anymore and this paved the way for Grabbi to return to his native Italy with Ancona.

To this day Corrado Grabbi -the greatest player to pull on the Ternana jersey- still plays football in the Swiss league with AC Bellinzona and he is still yet to repeat the form that at one time made him one of Italy’s deadliest strikers.

BMUF’s memory

My only recollection of Grabbi was seeing him score the equalising goal for us in the UEFA cup tie with CSKA Sofia. At that moment I really thought that Corrado might have been a confidence player and that he would go on to be one of the clubs most prolific strikers of all time. What was I thinking?

This article was written by VBer (Vital Blackburner) Member Big Man up Front.

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17 Replies to “Why Did They Bother???Corrado Grabbi”

  • Nice one Big Man up Front, welcome to the VBer club of article suggestion dude 🙂
    I think it’s fair to say that Grabbi REALLY does belong in this category (well personally I think so!!! And of course as you wrote this so do you lol!)

  • Here we go again. Purely on his record at Rovers, i would reluctantly agree that Ciccio probably should belong in this catagory but there were mitigating circumstances. He tried his heart out when he played for us and it was evident that he was a big confidence player. Its a shame that he is viewed with disdain by the majority of the Rovers faithful.

  • I cant help it if i had a soft spot for Ciccio can i? Reid needs to perform better to prove to me he wasnt a one season wonder and so far he hasnt done so.

  • I’m with Bom. He is something of a legend in our household, or was because my bro and dad hated him yet I stood up for him. You could see his technical abilities but our style didn’t suit him and he was unlucky with injuries etc. Also I strongly believe that if the goal he scored against Man U at Ewood had stood he would have been a different player. You will all remember the one. we drew 2-2 in the end when Becks scored an own goal but Grabbi tackled Barthez FAIRLY ad scored but the ref gave a bizarre free-kick. Oh things could have been different!

  • Its not that i didnt like him but as they say strikers are always judged on goals and he didnt deliver despite the effort.

  • I cant agree more, a blinding strike by Gillespie and then that goal. Bathez *****ed up but the ref sided with the scum!!! If you think we had it bad signing him, think of poor old Ciccio, he couldve moved back to Juve or to Milan that season but chose us (Never understood why tbh) and that move was essentially the end of his top flight footballing career. I still loves ya Ciccio!

  • what a waste of cash this mon was, apparently we bought him after seeing a video, i remember talking to David Dunn in Falaraki the day we bought hiem and he was puzzled at the fact he had cost so much money yet no-one had heard of him

  • I remember a sunny day in October when we somehow beat West Ham 7-1. Grabbi was pretty good that day – pulling wide left as he often seemed to – setting up a goal or two of the early ones. A real shame he never made it, because he clearly did have some ability. Some you win…

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