Date: 26th January 2009 at 10:33am
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Reports over the weekend surfaced about a £2.5 million bid made by Cardiff for Rovers striker Matt Derbyshire.

Doubts have surfaced this season over Matty’s suitability to the top level with some fans saying his touch was not up to scratch.

Whilst some evidence backs this theory up the fact still remains that Matt is a rare commodity in this footballing world – a professional who considers himself genuinely lucky to be where he is.

Signed from Great Harwood Town for £10,000 a few years back, Matt is a striker who has become an England Under 21 international and a fans favourite at Ewood Park.

Whilst doubts remain about his touch, there are areas of his game that are top notch. His work rate and finishing are up there with the best whilst his desire to go the extra yard cannot be questioned.

The areas of strength in Matt’s game compliment the raw power and pace of Jason Roberts and the cultured skill of Benni McCarthy. He has also shown he can link up well with Roque Santa Cruz.

Before considering any bid though, above all else Sam should ask himself the following question –

Who else can he find that would be absolutely delighted to be a fourth choice striker for this club and scores goals off the bench consistently?


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  • i think this is paper talk, i cant believe rovers would even consider it especially for that fee, id say 6 million at least and dont think ,matty would jump at the chance, if matty wants more first team football i would loan him to the like of hull wba and stoke, but selling him is out of the question

  • I gotta say guys, you’re all looking at this with your hearts on your sleeve…..The top and bottom of this is that Matty hasn’t developed as he should have and i think he just may have missed the boat to be a top quality Premier league forward….I wouldn’t sell him now in our particular predicament because we need all the players we can use…however, i would consider letting him go in the summer….we’ve settled for average for far too long and i dont think Big Sam will stand for it….just my opinion.

  • I think it’s unfair to say that he hasn’t pushed on. He’s not had a lot of first team football with 3 (well 2 at least) big names and big egos ahead of him. This season he’s had a few chances, but these chances have come sporadically and he’s tried TOO hard. Otherwise they’ve come in a team exceptionally low on confidence (ie when Incey was in charge). I’m still confident that given a run of 5-10 games we’d see what Derbyshire has to offer.

  • Maybe so Money4midfield, but is he ever realistically going to get 5 to 10 games to do that. Bar an injury crisis up front he’s just going to have to settle for a place on the bench for the rest of the season. I still would’nt let him leave tho.. What a fourth choice striker to have!!

  • He is a very good fourth choice striker and he plays for the love of the club. His record off the bench is very good – lets hear someone argue that.

  • Hes a good 4th choice, id give u that, but to be honest at the end of this season, theres one question which could be asked. “would aston villa keep him” and that answer is no. I ask this question because that is where we need to be pushing for, 5th 6th 7th spot. We need higher quality throughout the squad. Tbh, if i was the opposition manager, and i look at the bench, its not exactly strong is it. Bunn, Kiznishvili, Treacy, Mokoena, Judge, Derbyshire..

  • I like your attitude Rover23, but Villans have Marlon Harewood as their 4th (3rd until heskey came?) choice striker – I think they’d probably leap at the chance to have someone like Matty at no. 4.

    On a similar point, I saw him for the u21s playing in a 4-3-3 with Young and Walcott (/Agbonahor) up top and he looked well at home.

    Also, I would say it wouldn’t take an injury crisis for him to be considered up front. If Benni gets injured, Santa and JR just don’t work together (Big man/big man). We need a faster, more technical player like Benni or Derbshire to back them up. JR and Santa played together for a large part of this season and look how that turned out….

  • I would’nt look too much into that, the whole team was a shambles under Ince. Big Sam has yet to play Roque and Roberts together and until he finds out for himself whether they can play alongside eachother I don’t think Matty will get a look in. Sam’s style suits Roberts’s game and if he keeps playing the way he’s playing, I think he will be a regular starter for the rest of the season.

  • Ah the debate about derbyshire is 1 ive been wanting to have for a while. Plenty of talent, plenty of potential, but will it ever be fulfilled, at Rovers? The kid knows where the back of the net is. That probably is the most important attribute in a striker, finding the back of the net. Hence, he is a step ahead of Roberts as it is. However, Roberts causes headache after headache for any oppostion. His brute strength and acceleration over 15-20 meters leaves any defender stranded.

    Benni is just sheer class. When he is on, boy is he on, his first touch is one of the best in the game, give him a metre space and god help you. As for Roque, i have nagged about him for a while, yes he is a quality striker, but strike me dead, the ball at his feet and he cant score. He will bury anything in the air, but his ability on the ground is still not proven. Anything over $15 million pounds and take it.

    That gets us back to Derbyshire, where does he fit in. Not as much technical ability as Benni, not as much physical presecese as Roberts, and not as much aerial ability and anticipation like Roque….As i have mentioned, Derbyshire knows where the back of the net is, and he does have youth on his side. So what prevails?

    I think its a debate which simply has no answer to, 4 quality strikers, only 2 can start, 1 will regularly poke their head into the squad, and the 4th has to bide their time and be happy with cup action. If Derbyshire wants to push on with his career, unless we sell Roque and dont sign a replacement, i think Derbs might just need to move on regretfully. Maybe a 3 month loan stint will do him well, but its too risky to loan him to a premier league struggler around us, as any goals he scores there could come back to haunt us….what to do???

    Sorry for the length hehehe

  • No no…. don’t sell. Further than that, I would bring back Joe Garner. I would never have sold Beattie and as everyone must know by now, I am Alan Judge’s biggest fan. Homegrown talent is magic.

  • Good shout sas, I agree with everything you’ve said there. And it looks like he could indeed go on loan, sky sports are saying today that Olympiakos want to take him till the end of the season. Personally I have no objections as long as we can recall him if we suffer an injury crisis.

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