Date: 24th April 2009 at 8:49am
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Blackburn Rovers striker Jason Roberts has pinpointed the loss to Wigan in December as the game where the sobering reality kicked in of what lay ahead for the club this season.

The game at the JJB was Paul Ince’s last game in charge at the club and was the day that every Rovers player had a shocker.

In the build up to the game, all the noises coming from the Rovers squad was that they were going to turn on a big performance for the fans amd then when the game rolled around – a 3-0 drubbing was the result.

That spelled the end for Ince’s dark days at the club but the start of the hard work for everyone else at the club.

J-Rob, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, said – “That game for me was the watershed moment. I think it was the first time I realised how much trouble we could be in,”

“It was a dreadful game and one of the lowest points of the entire season. Walking off the pitch, I think we all realised how much hard work was ahead.

“You can`t put your finger on what went wrong and why it went wrong, but things just didn`t happen for us. There was a big away support and we let people down.

“There was a very low feeling at that point but we have lifted ourselves since and remain confident we can get out of this.”

Time to even the score maybe guys?


5 Replies to “Wigan Away Was A Dark Day Where It All Started”

  • Just thinking about that 3-0 loss is a painful moment but we have a chance to even the score this weekend and if Sam has any nous about him he will use that defeat as motivation…

  • Yeah it was a painful moment but I think it’s easy to pinpoint that as the moment of what lay ahead as it’s Wigan we face this weekend, I suspect whoever we’d faced this weekend (if we’d lost to them previously) the same thoughts could’ve applied?

  • That was a really embarrassing defeat. That game also marked the turning point (ie Ince being given the boot) from whence our season began to recovery a little bit.

  • The title “where it all started” is a bit off unless meaning the turning point, but the problems started way before that. A terrible weekend that was though they built it up as the atmosphere was all ok.. it really wasn’t though. Hopefully a good performance from Warnock today to make up for his shocker in that game.

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