Date: 5th January 2012 at 10:56am
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A united statement on behalf of all major Blackburn Rovers fan sites

Recently, Blackburn Rovers fans have been the subject of attention in the national media and we as a body feel that our situation has been misrepresented and that our stance has been grossly misunderstood. The major representative websites of Blackburn Rovers fans have combined to clarify our stance with regard to our current plight in the statement below.

Blackburn Rovers fans are not an unrealistically ambitious, over-expecting group of supporters and are not noted by any means for their militance. The large majority would generally be content with a mid-table finish and a good cup run and would be delighted with European qualification, as we have been fortunate enough to experience on a number of occasions in our recent history. We understand that the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea, and more recently Manchester City, have budgets that are quite beyond us, and we do not expect to be able to compete with them financially. What we do expect, however, is for our club to live up to its motto, ‘Arte et Labore’, and by skill and labour do justice to its 136 years of history while respecting its fan base, which has always been the heartbeat of the club.

The vast majority of fans are desperately disappointed by the direction that has been shown by the club since the change in ownership a little over twelve months ago when Venky’s bought the club from the Walker Trust, who provided stability and modest success for a club of our stature. On the field, we believe Steve Kean has had sufficient time to prove himself capable of managing a Premier League club. During his tenure as manager of Blackburn Rovers, Kean has been in charge of 42 Premier League fixtures and has presided over a record of 8 wins, 13 draws and 21 losses. Over the course of a season, this equates to a dismal 33.5 points. Having taken the club to the brink of relegation last season, a continuation of his record thus far this season will guarantee relegation in May. His predecessor Sam Allardyce, an experienced and highly competent Premier League manager, was dismissed with a far superior points per game ratio, which makes it difficult to understand why the former team coach Steve Kean is still in his position as manager and continues to enjoy the backing of the owners, no matter how ignorant they are of footballing matters. Only one team in Premier League history has survived relegation having been bottom at Christmas and there is no sign that we look like becoming the second to do so.

Off the field, Blackburn Rovers supporters are also frustrated by the pitiful lack of communication between club and fans. We feel that it is essential for owners Venky’s to build a stronger relationship with the stakeholders, the fans. The club’s public relations are sadly lacking. Steve Kean regularly appears in the media, representing the owners’ plans, detailing how much funding Rovers have and expounding the current goals of the club. Many fans feel this is beyond the remit of a team manager and believe that a chief executive or chairman should be charged with such a brief and that such information should be conveyed with a degree of discretion that is absent under the current ownership. Regrettably the owners see fit not to employ people capable of discharging such duties quintessential to the running of a modern football club, having dispensed with the services of John Williams and Tom Finn, who were widely regarded as most able administrators among the Premier League fraternity. The fact that they have not been replaced is of considerable concern to Blackburn Rovers fans and should be of concern, we believe, to all football fans who have the welfare of the game at the heart of their thinking. We believe that the owners’ apparent attempt to run the club from India while using Steve Kean as their mouthpiece is unacceptable.

Bigger clubs than ours have been relegated from the Premier League before and indeed we have suffered that particular fate before, but that is not our issue here. Our club is not only in jeopardy of losing its Premier League status, it is in danger of disappearing into oblivion under the stewardship of an absent and reckless owner whose public front is a manager who shows little sign of possessing the acumen to manage a team at the highest level and who has singlehandedly managed to drive a wedge between club and fans that has never before been witnessed at our football club, where a perfectly well-functioning community is being systematically dismantled before our very eyes.

As the first steps in the restitution of our football club, we, as concerned fans of Blackburn Rovers, seek the appointment of a respected manager who has the requisite experience to preside over our proud club and who can rebuild the bonds between club and fans and we further seek the establishment of an administrative structure that is becoming of a modern institution such as a Premier League football club.

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– Vital Blackburn

– RoversTalk

– RoversFans

– RoversMad

– BRFC Fans

– The Blackburn Rovers Supporters Trust

– The Norwegian Blackburn Rovers Supporters Club

– NYC Rovers

– The Wild Blackburn Rover

– Rovers Revisited

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23 Replies to “A United Statement By Blackburn Rovers Fans”

  • Absolutely fantastic work put into this by Sasman over the last few weeks. We’re delighted to join all the other Rovers sites in backing this statement.

  • Sorry but I dont get it. Which respected manager would take this job?? Someone incredibly deperate? It’s not the league position – like the players you can have a clause that releases you if the team are relegated. Who wants to risk their reputation on these owners. As per the article above – they wont even put a decent administration in place and are trying to run things from Pune.
    Everything up to the last para is fine (quintessential?? s/be “essential”) But the vision now needs to be Venkys Out. This piece winds back the clock to a time where we had the luxury of assuming their intentions were good – just misguided. I cant believe that any neutral observer really believes that anymore.

  • An unprecedented step as well with what people consider to be rival sites helping each other out and coming together. Thumbs up.

  • Great stuff sasman and everybody involved in producing this statement. It really does outline our current situation and hopefully it get’s the message across, because the time is NOW for Venky’s to right the wrongs or get out.

  • Thanks to all that are involved in this effort. 100% behind you. We need to be united in saving the club. It’s now-or-never.

  • Cheers for all the support all! It was a tough task but we managed to nail it down eventually. We would of loved an earlier release, but we all had slightly different interpretations of the situation, and to merge it all into one article their was a lot of give and take! But i think we got the general consensus out in the statement!

  • I have sympathy for your plight as supporters of your club with owners who don’t seem to give a tuppeny to$$. It is barely Steve Keen’s fault though that he has been handed this poison chalice. Great results against Aseanal and Manure have papered over the cracks, but who else could you attract in your position with those owners? I wish you luck.

  • As a Spurs fan I agree 100% with the article. I think Keane has been left out to dry by the Venky’s, as their rep, he’s taking all the flak that they deserve. They’re the ones responsible for the plight of your club, they sacked one of the most experienced managers in the Prem era and gave the job to a guy who’d never managed before!? Not only that, they’ve completely refused to back him in the transfer market to allow him to build his own team! The only signings they’ve apparantly considered were to blow the entire budget on Ronaldinho or Beckham, too obvious that those signings would make money on sattelite tv back in India. Venkys have no interest in what is happening in England, such a shame. But please, could the net protest be “Venky’s out”, and give keane a break, all he’s guilty of is accepting a great job!

  • It’s the Owners who are doing this not Kean. Blackburn haven’t been batterd by anyone, the players are with the manager from where i’m sitting. I could understand if you were being beaten by 3’s and 4’s, but you’re not. Given a budget and the money to keep what you have i think he’d pull you clear with ease. I dare anyone to do a good job with what he has to work with, and with a stadium full of people on his back.

  • Himwhatwhats, last season, with a team who finished tenth the season previous and were on course to repeat that, he nearly relegated us. He is an awful manager and the horses mouth, if you look a little closer you might see the knife he put in Sams back. Kentaro/SEM advised Venkys on the takeover, a month after said takeover their client gets the managers job – a complete coincidence I’m sure you’ll agree. Kean isn’t an innocent victim in this like he portrays himself. He in fact is the only winner in this. Rovers will be relegated, so the fans will suffer, venkys will have an asseet worth nothing and kean will either keep raking in the cash because he hasn’t been sacked or will be sacked and will be given a big pile of cash for doing an awful job. Kean and Venkys OUT.

  • I honestly didn’t know all of that Durks, thanks mate. Best of luck to you all. I honestly have no idea why the Venkys are so happy to hide their heads in the sand in India when such a massive investment is going down the tubes. Not to mention what it’s doing to one of our oldest and biggest clubs

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