Date: 23rd August 2009 at 5:48pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce was AGAIN left regretting chances that were missed costing us as we lost 2-1 at Sunderland on Saturday.

Gael Givet had given us the lead but two Kenwyne Jones (who had been linked with a move to Rovers) goals saw Sunderland come from behind to win at the Stadium of Light. Allardyce was unhappy with an early goal that was disallowed and also the mistakes that allowed Sunderland back into the match.

Allardyce told Sky Sports: “We thought we had scored a perfectly good goal after just two or three minutes, and then the whole result could have been completely different.

“Then we had our own deficiencies in the way we allowed Sunderland to score, because that was a diabolical piece of defending from us.

However, despite creating enough chances to have won the match Big Sam was bitterely disappointed that missing them again cost us and thinks we deserved at least a point so was again left ruing these missed opportunities.

He added: “From the other opportunities we created I am very disappointed that we haven’t at least managed to get a draw, but that is how cruel the Premier League can be.

“We have got nothing from the game when we dominated for long periods. In the end we have missed too many easy chances that we should have converted to get us a draw and it is bitterly disappointing.

New signing Nikola Kalinic was as guilty (probably more so) than anyone of missing chances with the Croatian International missing at least three very good chances, however Big Sam was happy to see him get into the positions that he did even if the finishing was wayward.

We can’t keep looking back at matches bemoaning missed chances, if we keep missing chances we’ll keep losing match as the Premier League is an unforgiving league!!


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16 Replies to “Allardyce: Missed Chances Cost Us AGAIN!!”

  • Get some points in the next two games or get another manager. we will get relegated this season if we don’t get some points soon. Awful to see burnley will again today……cheers

  • Hang on a minute Riisenholt….all a manager can do is prepare his team to compete with the opposition physically and in a footballing capacity….he can organise and prepare but he cant stop Roberts Kalinic and Mcarthey missing great chances, he cant stop referees disallowing perfectly good goals or defenders inexplicably leaving strikers unmarked……there are fine lines in football macthes and we are currently getting on the wrong side of everyone!! We could very easily be sitting here with two wins in two but we’re not…Burnley could also be sat with no points because Carrick misses a penalty during the week and Saha misses one today…thats football….we’re creating chances which is the main thing. What you think???

  • couldnt agree with you more mani, burnley are probably still high from their play-off win (take a look at hull), they will come down eventually! and blackburn are coming off a poor pre-season and adjusting to new players and new management at the start of the season! we have been good in areas, we just need to bury those chances, just take a split second 2 steady ourselves….. its all we need!

  • Big Sam has done nothing wrong – he is the best guy for the job. Lets not hit the panic stations here, we have played two teams with a lot larger budgets than us and BOSSED both of them. The problem is clear as is outlined above – lets solve it and watch us fly!

  • Gotta say I sympathise with Risenholt – Oct could be pretty *****e for us, and I think we’re playing awful long ball football at the moment. btw have we ever scored from a MGP long throw? We look like a poor man’s Stoke when we persevere with it.

  • I must not be watching the same football as some people on VB! A few comments here and there about hoof football but watching the extended highlights on football first (would love to be there at more matches but i dont live on the mainland) we have outplayed our first two opponents for the majority of the game. The passing has been slicker and the football has been way more attractive that most of last seasons. If it wasnt for some poor finishing (which is getting a bit repetitive isnt it??) we could have had two convincing wins. As it happens we have 0 points due to the opposition actually taking their chances, but to say if we have 0 in a couple matches time and to want big sam out would be the most ridiculous thing that could happen to the club. Keep the faith and the points will come! Give Kalinic a bit more time to settle and im sure we will see some goals from the lad! Bit of a rant and for that i apologise but sometimes people jump the gun…

  • My only point here is, that the next two matches are 2 home matches against West ham and Wolves, if I remember right. In those two matches I would like at least 2 points, or else we have to do something – we will again be stuck at the bottom as last season. As Desert kiwi write then october are coming soon and it is looking very hard……you can’t change the whole team but you can change the manager. Do you understand my concern?…….cheers

  • I would be concerned with 0 points from those games and I do expect to have something from both of them but I think going through October with no manager would be a lot worse than with 0 points and Allardyce still around. I do understand your concern and I would be equally concerned with 0 points on the board after 4 gams but I dont see it being a very wise to get rid of Sam after 4 games. I didnt mean to sound like i was having a go either, so apologies if it came out that way just putting my viewpoint in.

  • It is good to discuss views on this points especially after last season where we were almost relegated, lets us just hope we get some points on the board in the next 2 games, then we are started 🙂 But by way we will always have at least a caretaking manager, so…….cheers

  • I would give us a far better chance of upsetting the big 4 this season than any other season so october might not be all bad. The goals will come. It would worry me far more if we only created 1 or 2 chances a game as opposed to the 7 or 8 good chances we are creating. I think whatever money is made from the sale of Warnock should go to buying Ruud van nistelrooy and paying his wages. He would be the ideal striker on the end of all these chances

  • We are fine – lets not join in with the knee jerk reactions. Sam is in this for the long run. He wont be sacked – so its not even worth contemplating it!

  • Dont Panic just yet guys, Big Sam kept us up and is now having to build a team he is happy with to compete in the Premier League and sadly this cannot be done overnight, he has brought in players who look like they are more than capable of doing the business but players need time to adjust to each other, they have to gel, on top of this certain key members of our squad are injured or wanting to leave because they feel they have no chance of playin in next yrs world cup if he stays at ewood. Let Sam do his job and the points will soon start to rack up. All in all we have not played a bad game yet, a few slip ups here and there but thats as ive pointed out caused by lack of focus and experience of playing as a team. Up front we have caused lots of problems and if we’d actually taken those chances then we’d probably have 6 points. Panic at christmas, i usually start then hehe

  • No panik yet, but it could soon come. I also started to panik last year about christmas, but then it was almost too late save us, so I’m watching it very carefully this season…..Good discussion, let see the 2 next matches…..cheeers

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