Date: 31st May 2007 at 11:55am
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BomBom sheds some light on rumours going around that Newcastle United are out to “steal” Shabani Nonda from under our noses?

Word is circulating that Shabani “Guerrilla Warfare” Nonda is being targeted by new Newcastle Manager Sam Allardyce.

The rumours purportedly suggest that Nonda may decide to snub a move to Ewood in favour of one to St James Park instead.

Personally, I hope Big Sam does nab him!

What do you lot think?




31 Replies to “Barcodes to Nab Nonda?”

  • I STILL don’t know where I stand on the Nonda issue?!?! I like the guy but I’m not convinced by him, but he does have obvious ability. A worry I had a while back was that he wouldn’t deliver but would go and come back to haunt us with another Premiership team after adapting to Premiership life, maybe this could happen with Newcastle?!?!

  • Thats the only concern isnt it, that hes acclimatised to Premiership footie and becomes a goalscoring monster next season! Time will tell i guess

  • Exactly, Nonda the Monster could break free! But hey, what have Fat Sam and Newcastle got to offer him that we haven’t though?!?!

  • I’ve mentioned before – It’s a firm “Kepp him” from me. The guy’s quality – Once he’s settled over here, into the premiership, back into his game again, without the pressure of having to “earn” a contract. Would be foolish to let someone else snap him up in my opinion.

  • Make that “Keep Him”. I’d just get taken away by men in white coats if i ran around shouting kepp him. Blummin sausage fingers.

  • I like him and I say keep him. Hughes knows a good striker when he sees one and if he likes him then that is good enough for me…

  • As usual I say “in Sparky we trust!” so you have swayed me again guys in his favour of “kepp him” lol,

  • I think he’s gash as a Newcastle fan. I can’t remember a player getting caught offside more than him.

  • How about Benni!?!?!? 3 offside goals (one incorrect) in one game… how many times does that happen???

  • Ah no, that was McCarthy. I don’t think he actually understands the offside rule at all – Just gets lucky every so often

  • Without doubt Benni if the offside master (master at being caught offside of course, not staying onside!) it is quite an art to master only the most laziest of people can do this lol! Nonda may just be a squad player but he would be a squad player that would be happy with this wouldn’t he.

  • he is happy to be playing at a high level. If he signs next year it will be on the understanding that he is a squad player… I personally would put him just below HDM’s boy Derbyshire in the pecking order.

  • BomBom.. he fathered the boy with that bird who is on some of the front page articles with the bikini on (according to HDM).

  • He hasnt been double dipping with that Jakie Degg as well has he? Dunny might not be best pleased either!!!

  • I would sign him, as a squad player. He added 8 goals last term which isn’t horrific, especially when you consider so many fans idolised Paul ‘I can’t shoot but I can run around a lot’ Dickov. For that alone he should be kept as part of the squad. Plus there is the whole notion that he may have acclimitised by now!

  • I’ve already told you I LOVE Derbs but he isn’t mine I swear lol! Moving swfitly on, back to the point I agree roversmans.

  • They can have him, i dont see what he has to offer us, hes got undoubted talent, but i never really saw any drive or determination from him, complete opposite to somebody like Derbyshire in that respect.

  • He is the polar opposite to Derbyshire…. we love Derbyshire so does that mean we hate Nonda??!?!?! I wouldn’t go that strong… I agree with Roversman definitely… Me and BomBom know you hide a secret HDM, just confess, you’ll feel better.

  • Dont let him put it in the mirror BomBom.. no-one will believe it and we will be back to square one. Lets push for the Independent.

  • It’ll be chip paper by Monday anyway and my secret will STILL be safe! Ouch, poor Nonda I would certainly say we don’t hate him, just not everyone likes him that much lol! Although I do like the guy I have to be honest but I’m STILL unsure on which way I want to go with him!

  • It can’t hurt to have him in the squad to call on when needed. He knows the players, style of football and has learnt the english game. If he adds another 8 goals next year then it will be very handy. Just think that could potentially be an additional 16 points (turning draws into wins)!

  • Whoa ther HDM, i like Nonda, his european pedigree speaks for itself but I am not convinced that he will ever recapture that form, even next season. Shabani (or Chris as he is called, where they got that from is beyond me, but hey ho) feel free to shove these words down my throat mate, ill gladly eat them!

  • He will NEVER be the player he was, the injuries have taken their toll so you are more than safe BomBom. Good point roversman, espeically with God and the Wall (fingers crossed!) being fit all season those narrow defeats (with the help of at least 8 goals from Nonda) or could have been wins that were draws could very well mean extra points.

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