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Last week I brought to you my 2009/2010 EPL Season Report, and I do hope you enjoyed what was indeed a long read! Feel free to submit your very own season review to any of the editors, and we will gladly post it up on your behalf!

This week, I bring to you an analysis on the players who made the 2009/2010 season what it was. Agree, or disagree, thats your opinion, and I do keenly look forward to reading it!

So we start in goals

Paul Robinson- 35 League Appearances- 13 Clean Sheets

The call up for World Cup Duty never eventuated for Robbo, but he did convince many, including myself, that he is one of the best keepers in the League. After an unconvincing first season, Paul nailed the Number 1 jersey, providing a few fine displays. His distribution was second to none, contributing to our attack through some route 1 football. Unlucky not to be called up

Rating- 9/10

Jason Brown- 3 League Appearances

The Welshman had 3 chances, one poor game, but the other two were solid performances. Had a good spell in the league cup with 3 performances, but unfortunately for Browny, he will remain the back up Goal Keeper for Rovers next season

Rating- 6.5/10


Chris Samba- 30 Games, 4 Goals, 1 Red Card

The Wall of Congo, by far, is the most physically imposing lad in our squad, and surprisingly does have a good burst of acceleration. His initial season form was questionable, and a late mistime tackle against Aston Villa in the cup semi effectively costing us the tie, had many questioning the ability of the big man. But, he shined when needed most, the final 3 months of the season. The Admiral was injured, and Samba stepped up to the plate, guiding the backline, and chipping in with a few valuable goals, including the goal of the season contender against Arsenal hehe

Rating- 8.5/10

Michel Salgado- 16 Appearances

45k a week! Many thought why, especially after the first couple of months of warming the bench, and a few poor performances. However, the form drop of a fellow defender, found Salgado press for a first team spot, and once he was given a run of games, he never looked back. Not the paciest of players, Salagado used all his experience to anticipate and read the game, as well as hitting on the counter. Impressive stuff, though can his legs carry him through another season

Rating- 8/10

Phil Jones- 7 Games

The young academy graduate found himself thrust into the spotlight. After featuring in the academys first leg loss to Chelsea, Jones was called up for senior duty, against Chelsea. And boy did he star. In the 7 appearances, he shut down the likes of Anelka, Kalou, Arshavin, Berbatov, earning himself a 5 year contract with his beloved club. Definately will mark his presence in the years to come

Rating- 8/10

yan Nelsen- 25 Games, 4 Goals

Captain Admiral Nelsen. Solid, brave, heart on sleeve, all that really needs to be said. Another player to start of slow, finding himself slightly off the pace. However, as the season warmed, so did Nelsen, continuing his fine partnership with Samba. A few injuries towards the end of the season for the Kiwi, though he finished of nice and strong, and ready to steer the Kiwi’s through the World Cup. 4 Goals for the Kiwi, after several barren seasons

Rating- 7.5/10

Gael Givet- 33 Appearances, 2 Goals

The work of the Frenchman often goes unsung. A hardworking defender, managed to fill in across the backline as needed. Whilst more comfortable in central defence, Gael has proved to be a solid left back, allowing the lads in front of him more license to attack. Always committed for the cause, tracks back well, a solid Rover.

Rating- 7.5/10

Pascal Chimbonda- 22 Appearances, 1 Goal

The Frenchman came in, and slotted straight into the Rovers starting lineup. At times at left back, other times at right back, all was going well, including a spectacular goal and celebration in the Home Derby against Burnley. Though a run of 2 poor games, saw him lose his spot out to Michel Salgado, and really didnt get a look back in. I actually rate Chimbonda, and think he was rather unlucky, though with the form of Givet and Salgado, not much we can do I guess!

Rating- 6/10

Lars Jacobsen- 11 Games

Personally cant even recall the 11 games! Another one to pay the price of poor form, started of at right back, then lost the spot to Chimbonda followed by Salgado. On his day, a rather useful player, but unfortunately for Jacobsen, he might just be moved on in the summer

Rating- 4/10


David Dunn- 20 Games, 9 Goals

How much would we pay for Dunny to be fit for 38 games. Surely we would get another 6-10 points. A superb start to the season saw Dunnys name being thrown around for an England recall, but injury struck, no luck. He did indeed bounce back to finish of strong, signing a new contract to end his career at his beloved club.

Rating- 9.5/10

Steven Nzonzi- 33 Appearances, 2 Goals.

The young Frenchman didnt even expect to feature this season. Sam did not anticipate the need to use him this season as well. But boy, he earned his pay, and definately an upgraded contract. A cornerstone in our midfield, Nzonzi went where other players just wouldnt go, he chased, he jumped, he launched himself, and scored an absolute belter against Everton. His passing game is a bit patchy, but, apart from that, superb

Rating- 9/10

Martin Olsson- 19 Appearnces-

Could of sworn he played more, but I guess that just shows the impression he made. Really shone in the left wing role, terrorising the opposition defence, whilst also using his defensive talents to assist Gael Givet. A wicked cross, as well as an impressive display of trickery, ensured Olsson held his spot on the left flank. A few goals to back up the talent next season!

Rating- 8.5/10

Morten Gamst Pedersen- 27 Appearances, 3 Goals

Ahhhh. Surprised he didnt put Morten on his jersey this time round. Gamst was typical Gamst. You just didnt know which Gamst would turn up. Some days brilliant, some days piss poor. I do have a feeling we saw more brilliant this time round, though now he has a 4 year contract, who knows what will happen

Rating- 7/10

David ‘Junior’ Hoillet – 8 Appearances

The Canadian starlet finally was granted his work permit to play in England. Junior made 8 starts and 15 substitute appearances, impressing with his pace and trickery. Definately one for the future, though needs to improve his finishing if he wants to cement a spot.

Rating- 6.5/10

El Hadji Diouf- 24 Appearances, 3 Goals

The eccentric Senagalese International is by far a favourite of Allardyce. His inconsistent displays is frustrating, and his constant whinging is beyond that, though another one, who on his day, can prove to be extremely hard to handle. A bit of trouble of the pitch, as well as a few niggles kept him out towards the back end of the season

Rating- 6.5

Keith Andrews- 22 Appearances, 1 Goal

Love him or hate him, Keith got a bit more stick from the faithful then any Rover deserves. A poor start to the season, followed by an average mid season was finished of by a solid end to the season for the Irish man. He gives 110%. Sure, that might not be 60% of what David Dunn provides on half a leg, but Keith has his heart in the right place, and works for the cause

Rating- 6.5/10

Brett Emerton- 17 Games

Mr Versatile for Blackburn started of the season in typical fashion, holding down that right flank, linking with his fullback on the counter, and pressing onwards. Though injury hit the Aussie international which kept him out a third of the season, but he did find his feet to make a few substitute appearances towards the end of the season as Allardyce shut down games in the final 20 minutes. Look for one last hurrah for Emerton, a solid 2010-11, before mutually agreeing with the club to terminate his contract a year short and head home and lead the new A-League Team, the West Sydney Rovers

Rating- 6/10

Vince Grella- 10 Games, 1 Red Card

Another Injury Plagued season from Vinny, just not want Sas wanted! Started of slow, continued slower, but finished off strong. An extremely solid performance against the Gunners was the highlight of the year for the Australian, and he did manage to feature in the late run of games without an injury, lets hope this does continue

Rating- 5/10


Nikola Kalinic- 14 games, 2 Goals.

The Young Croatian is definately one for the future, with Sam opting to use him on a rotating basis, 14 starts, 12 sub appearances. He hit the woodwork about 30 times this season, so hopefully the Gods shine on him next season. A workhorse, but that does sound familiar for a Rovers striker, needs to be more clinical

Rating- 7/10

Jason Roberts- 15 Games, 5 Goals

There are too things I love about Jason Roberts. His work ethic is second to none, he just toils and toils and toils. Second, is his smile, come on, as if you dont live that smile, after he gets called for pushing for the 35th time in a game. We know he cant finish, if he could, he honestly would be playing in a top 4 team. He has everything else, acceleration, strength, turn, ability on the ball… a few more goals, please?

Rating- 7/10

Benedict McCarthy- 7 Appearances, 1 Goal

Lots of off the field dramas pretty much cost Benni his Rovers contract, sold to West Ham in January. Scored a goal, and set up a fair few, but, it just wasn’t to be for the South African. Farewell

Rating- 6.5/10

Franco Di Santo- 15 Appearances, 1 Goal

Was given first shot up front. Couldnt score. Did poach one in the derby, earning him Rovers Legend status, though for all his efforts, missed just way too many opportunities, typical eh?

Rating- 6/10

mine Linganzi, Grant Hanley, Yildray Basturk all only played the one game, see what happens next season!

So thats the wrap, I really hope I have not missed anybody!!!

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13 Replies to “Blackburn Rovers 2009/2010 Player Ratings!”

  • Some fair enough ratings there… I think you may have gone a little high on some but then i do that anyway so can’t complain too much!!!

  • Good ratings overall.. perhaps id give robbo an 8/10.. he did make a fair few mistakes.. and Diouf a 7/10… Dioufy gets a lot of stick.. and is really missunderstood.. he works his hardest… hes got the passion we want.. and hes not a bad player… a lot of what he does you dont get to see on TV and highlights.. his off the ball work is top notch..

  • thats what the ratings are there for lads! judge away :D…Fair Call on Robbo, prob was rather lucky he was first in line rather then last on the list, might have been a touch generous! If you insist about dioufy mate! I can only judge from the 90 minutes i get to see every week on tv at 4 *****in am in the mornin :D….so unfortunately dont get to see anything off the ball!

  • Yeah i agree with most, although i thought Samba was close to a 10 and i thought the scores for our strikers (except for J Rob) were too high… nice work. is there another season review coming?

  • Good ratings Sas, but would say that on the balance of games played that the Zonz would be due the equal to Dunny in ratings??

  • Sorry Sas, but given Kallanic’s 14 games and 2 goals, Di Santo’s 1 goal from 15 games looks respectable. Especially if you look at the cost-per-goals ratio. Kallanic cost you lot a paltry (lol) 3 million per goal, Di Santo cost you nothing. Hehe..

  • step up Retro and send me your season review!!! Rover 23 is working on 1, and im sure my co-editors will get something up soon! BN5, good call, i just think Dunny got the nod for his match winning ability. Lol JT….stand by your man til the death! Kalinic got at least 6-8 assists, doubt Di Santo got more then 1 (derby game)

  • i think robbo’s is about right – lets not forget his penalty heroics in the cup. personally id have given hoilett a bit higher, but thats being nit picky.

  • Blimey according to your scores Sas, I’m surprised we didn’t win the league! I had a go myself, I took out any half scores and I rated them differently – Chimbonda, Emerton, Grella, McCarthy and DiSanto all got 5. Brown, Peds, Hoilet, Diouf, Andrews, Kalinic and Roberts all got 6. The rest got 7s, 8s, and 9s.

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