Date: 22nd May 2007 at 11:37pm
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Ex Ewood Resident shares his views on the Blackburn Rovers Season that has just ended. Enjoy!

Here goes?

So another season has passed and although we didn’t quite achieve our goals we were close, possible UEFA Cup (thanks to Pompey and the Royals!) and more importantly? Cheaper Football!

“We’re just a Small Town in Europe”
The Rovers Management Team have demonstrated throughout the season their respect and appreciation of the “true” fan, by not only slashing season ticket prices for next season, a whacking £126 for most of us in the Blackburn End, but also free and severely reduced European Cup Football. We also got the cheapest seats for the FA Cup Semi Final! These things are something no other club can claim. What’s more we are a small town football club? we don’t have the potential revenue streams of most “Big City” clubs and therefore what we do and how Mr Williams manages our finances is all the more impressive. He has issued an “end of season” thank you to the fans? Well right back at you, John, here’s a big THANK YOU from me! I’m glad I support a small town club that appreciates its fans? rather than a big corporate money-spinner that is just fleecing footie fans in favour of Tourists, Touts and Glory Hunters!

Games of the Season (that I went to!)
Best Home Game – Arsenal FA Cup Replay? just a delightful goal from Benni? Everyone had written us off, including most of us? but the lads dug deep and showed their mettle!

Best Away Game – Reading Premiership? an inspired second half performance, great day out too?

Worst Home Game – West Ham Premiership? Lucas “Greedy Bastard” Neill and Jim “Tosspot” Devine? Enough Said.

Worst Away Game – Middlesbrough Premiership? Despite the win, was one of the dullest games I have ever witnessed, the only talking point was Robbie’s dodgy white Underpants!

The “Wish I wasn’t here” Game – Manchester United Premiership Away? It was a great day out and, for the first time in years, an impressive Old Trafford atmosphere. I couldn’t believe it when we were 1-0 up at half time, but the second half, despite a sturdy Rovers performance, we got comprehensively thrashed, I have to say (and this is a one-off) that United deserved the title this year and the atmosphere generated by the Cockneys and plastic Mancs was why they have been so impressive.

The “Damn, I missed that one” Game – Liverpool Premiership Home? A brief sojourn over the Christmas Period to Spain meant I missed the Boxing Day match, damn! I still got 4 phone calls from various gloating “friends” telling me all about what I had missed.

Here’s some alternative awards?
I mentioned a big thank you before to Mr John Williams? he gets the “Unsung Hero” Award.

Mr David “He’s a Bentley not a Rolls? and better than Golden Balls?” Bentley. He has been a revelation this season and deserves the “Player of the Season” award and a call up to the full England Squad. I award him the “Geezer of the Season” award.

Mr Mark “Sparky” Hughes, another fine demonstration of his prowess as a Manager, this season, he is the best manager we have had since King Kenny. I was going to award him “TV Pundit of the Year” but Robbie “Dodgy White Y-Fronts” Savage gets this for asking “When are we going to talk about Rovers?” and his performance on my favourite Footie Show? Sky’s Soccer AM.

Mr Christopher “The Wall” Samba, what an impression this lad has made in the second half of the season, along with his sparing partner, Ryan “The Admiral” Nelsen. He gets the “Eat Your Greens” Award.

Mr Matt “Blue ‘n’ White Blood” Derbyshire, he is a true Rover as well as a star player? and I include in this special group? David “Burger Van” Dunn, Robbie “Goldilocks” Savage (Yes I do!) and Paul “Gally” Gallagher, but Matt wins the award for “Rover of the Year”.

Mr Brad “Safe Hands” Friedel? Once again his performances have been a delight. The man is a goalkeeping god and therefore wins the “Man Most Needed in a Crisis” Award.

Finally? and a review could not exclude him? Mr Kerimoglu “Turkish Delight” Tugay. The man continues to “delight” us all not only with his performances but also his desire and commitment to play for both his Manager, his Club but also for his adoring fans. So naturally he gets the “Hero” Award. Tugay? you are my Turkish Delight!

Postscript? another big thank you to “Hughes Da Man” for his commitment and hard work in editing Vital Blackburn, He refers to this site as “the fans” rather than “his” and in that he is to be commended.




16 Replies to “Ex Ewood Resident Rovers Thoughts”

  • Yet another FINE piece of work submitted to what is rapidly becoming a BRILLIANT website! Jesus I wish you’d not reminded me about Sav’s dodgy white undercrackers though! I was tempted to get it as an image for Vital Football but the poor guy gets enough grief as it is without inviting it upon him!

  • Thanks for the kind words at the end my friend, a tenner (even though we agreed on £20!) is in the mail, a postal order of course as if it were cash some disgruntled Royal Mail employee would fleece that!

  • Meh, was OK but not a patch on mine LOL. Good read EEW, liked the “Eat your Greens” award.. Just lucky we didn’t sign Mido after all otherwise you would’ve had to have had an “eat everything BUT your greens” award then LOL

  • don’t count out the mido singing yet… sounds like he’ll be leaving spurs this summer… just pray he doesn’t come here!

  • Mido would be an AWFUL signing for me, he wasted FAR too much of our summer last year didn’t he. IF he signed he would cause no end of trouble I feel and would move after a year or so, he ALWAYS does! Plus he would eat the locals out of Lancashire Hotpot lol.

  • NOOOOO!!! not Mido. I’d rather them play BomBom up front than Mido!!! lol…. Another good review lads…. not quite as long as a certain individuals but 2 nd best one I’ve read so far… only joke ex ewood, great read mate.

  • Yup good review – Nice one Ex-E. On the Mido thing though – I wouldn’t be too shocked if something comes up about that. His statement of “I made a bad choice in Spurs” implies he regrets waiting when we were in the mix. Add to that his history with Nonda and McCarthy and you have a bona fide rumour. (as an aside, anyone see the “7m buy out clause for Bellamy” mentioned on the mail website yesterday?)

  • Mikey, I am probably as big as Mido now mate LOL, but at least i dont have the dodgy barnet to go with it! HRH like ur comments RE Todd on the LET article lol. I would love it if bellamy had that release clause (i didnt see the article tho) and would like to get him back here only if to tell Benni McGoalmachine “there ya go Benni, u can sit on the bench all season now and whinge about CL football, ya ungrateful pillowbiter!” or something along those lines.
    Mido can stay the **** away from the rovers squad tho, hes a locker room cancer. Note to Sparky, I am available on a Bosman if you were considering Mido, just to give you options, you understand 😀

  • Don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t want Mido, just wouldn’t be too shocked. I think he’s been much maligned this year, but ike you say, he’s a liability to the squad. The transfer fee is just a one liner in this . I guess it could always have been written into our buy out clause in the first place? Good old Toddy eh? I laughed for months at Dugarry getting kicked up the arris, in fact, still chuckling now 😀

  • Indeed, it was a timeless moment. Whatever happened to Dugarry anyway? it must’ve been playing in that footballing graveyard, known to locals as St Andrews i guess

  • I think we are all in agreeance that 1) Ex Ewood Resident has produced another top peice here (as has everyone!) 2) Mido is a player NO ONE wants here and 3) BomBom could prove to be our saviour and we’ll be voting him as Player of the Year next season lol!

  • Ha Ha, Well, i would be cost effective for Rovers too and we all know how Sparky likes a bargain, well I come complete with my own shirt with name and number! OK so Nonda will have to be reasigned a squad number but still. I can hear WALKING IN A BOMBOM WONDERLAND!! echoing from the Blackburn end already! lol

  • I’m sure Nonda won’t mind dude, especially with such a legend as yourself taking his squad number, he’ll be honoured 🙂

  • just to had another two penny worth… whoa whoa mido nodie whoa whoa No-oh No-oh! Surely Sparky will not even consider someone who point blankly turned him down… I never wanted him here the first time round…

  • Surely if Bom Bom becomes a player I get 10%? standard agent fee for touting him to the media… “I would really like Interoto Football” exclaimed the burly Bosman hitman….

  • LMAO, thats a class line Mikey and I thank you for the description, somehow, I think the gutter street tabloids wouldn’t be so polite LOL

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