Date: 19th March 2007 at 10:35pm
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If you had the money of a Roman Abramovich and even a time machine I’m sure you would love to put together a Blackburn Rovers Greatest Ever Squad? This is your chance as we complete this squad with the forwards!

We all have our favourite players and know of the legendary ones even if we haven’t seen them so now is our chance to get these brought together as you the Vital Blackburn Rovers fans get a chance to compile what you consider the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad.

This squad will comprise of the following, with the goalkeepers, left-backs, central defenders, right-backs, left midfielders, central midfielders and right midfielders already selected:

3 Goalkeepers (Tim Flowers, Brad Friedel & Bobby Mimms)

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs) (Stig Inge Bjornebye & Graeme Le Saux)
4 Centre-backs (Henning Berg, Mike England, Colin Hendry & Ryan Nelsen)
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs) (Bob Crompton & Lucas Neill)

2 Left midfielders (or Wingers) (Damien Duff & Morten Gamst Pedersen)
4 Central Midfielders (Ronnie Clayton, Howard Kendall, Eddie Latheron & Tugay)
2 Right midfielders (or Wingers) (Bryan Douglas & Stuart Ripley)

4 Forwards

To put together this squad we need to think of names so below leave your suggestion for the FORWARDS or FORWARDS you would like to be considered for selection. It doesn’t matter if they are/were target men, played/play off the forward or if they were an out and out goal getter so long as they are forwards!

Once we have enough names (at least five, ideally six) we will put it to the vote and the top four will make it into the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad.

Should you suggest more than six forwards I will either have to consider those most frequently suggested or somehow get you to decide on the final six people voted on? JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE MENTIONS A PLAYER DON’T THINK YOU CAN’T AS YOU CAN; the more mentions a player gets the better his chance of at least making the poll!

This is your chance so post your forward’s names below. Why not also post a word or two on why you have selected them…

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39 Replies to “Greatest Ever Rovers Squad: Forwards”

  • OK OK Shearer and Garner for me. Matt Jansen? I think not Hughes Da? I’d rather see Benni mac on the list rather than Jansen. If it wasnt for the bike accident then maybe he could have topped this list but not to be…

  • Afraid not AustRover, although technically if he gained enough nominations he would have to go into the poll, and then he could be voted in?!?!

  • Just throwing some names in there AustRover to get things started. Matty Jansen was a quality footballer, I know most rate him but not everyone rates him as highly as he deserved. Had he not had the motorcycle accident he’d still be a top player with us now; that’s if we could have kept him?!?!

  • Matty was one of my modern days faves!!! Not only was he a technically gifted player but worked his ass off for the team, chasing lost causes etc. Granted we never saw the best of him due to the italian scooter conspiracy but i think he deserves to be in the voting at least. Saying that, the 2 players who should rightly be starting are the obvious Alan Shearer and Simon Garner. I will add the following for consideration however, Andy McEvoy, Roy Vernon, David Speedie, Chris Sutton and Tommy Briggs

  • Shearer, Garner, Jansen, McCarthy, Speedie. i’d also add in Andy Cole (if Chris Sutton can be mentioned!) and Craig Bellamy. Ones for the future… Paul Gallagher and Matt Derbyshire… I always liked Paul Dickov too…

  • Newell has to go in there for me, although i seem to be pretty much the only person that thinks his partnership with Shearer was better than Sutton’s. If i were to pick the ones for the poll, I’d go for Shearer, Garner, Sutton, Newell, Vernon (although arguably he’s one for the Everton site) and Briggs (seriously, 194 in 140? Still holds the record with 7 successive goals v Bristol if i remember rightly too).

  • Shearer would have to be in anyones selection for a team of the Premiership not just Balckburn, he will no doubt be leading the fantasy line up.

  • I’ll totally agree with BomBom here on ANDY McEVOY, ROY VERNON, DAVID SPEEDIE (legend!), and you have say TOMMY BRIGGS. I was slightly hesitent on CHRIS SUTTON at first but then I thought how could I so agree here also. MIKE NEWELL I agree with from Head Rover Heels, aloing with his others. You also make a VERY valid point for Briggs, 194 in 140 would be amazing 🙂 but 140 in 194 isn’t too shabby either is it. Derbs WILL be a legend I don’t doubt this, so if I am still doing this in a few years time (if you still want me!) and you’re all still here we’ll probably be drafting him in. Benni McGoalmachine needs a year or two more to come into the equation yet. I know he was only here short term but I’ll back Ex Ewood on his call for CRAIG BELLAMY.

  • well as was stated Shearer and Garner are certs but I always liked Sutton, who really helped Shearer and Mike Newell and there is always Ted Harper, is 43 goals still the league record?? i dont think any of the modern day strikers are ready for this poll just yet, although they have done well they still have a lot to prove

  • again, we are back to good players vs successful good players. Im talking mostly post modern here but i believe this could be applied for historical referencing also. You can build an argument for Super Al, Sutton, Newell, Speedie, Jansen and even Andy Cole as they all contributed to the club winning something. It is way too early to say Benni is worthy of this honour, as much as i think hes a fabulous player, what if he stinks the next 2 seasons or, god forbid, pulls a Bellamy! worthy then? That brings me on to the Welsh Bad Boy, Craig Bellamy. Did he have a good season? When he was fit, yes. Did he contribute to the team’s success, well, this is kinda more cloudy. We didnt actually win anything, but he contributed to the club getting into the Uefa last year, BUT i honestly believe that Gamst was just as big an influence. Would we have made the Uefa places, without Bellers? That IS the debate i suppose. Andy McAvoy 213 games, 103 goals, nuff said. Tommy Briggs, amazing strike record! Just as a side note regarding the Infamous SAS, if you remember Sutton scored 17 goals in thye first half of the title winning season and 2 in the 2nd half of it, reason why, you ask? It was Alan shearer, who complained to Kenny that Sutton was leading the line and getting more of the goals than him, Kenny swapped that around and hey presto, Super Al with over 30! They didnt get on as well as everyone thought they did! Just though I’d mention it

  • Spot on for me BomBom. McCarthy – Still a lot to prove. Bellamy – One season isn’t enough to be “a great”. You can be “great”, but not “A great”. Sutton – Never liked him. I’m actually of the opinion that his attitude had a lot to do with our decline, let alone anything else. For me, you simply have to look at the historical greats for a partner for Big Al. If we are after four, it’d be Shearer, Newell, Garner and Briggs for me (not necessarily in that order)

  • Has anyone actually said Benni McGoalmachine should be part of this though guys?!?! If they have then they are wrong, the same as Bellamy to a degree, but Bellars was worthy a mention, or maybe not thinking about it! It all boils down to opinion once again, some are right, some are clearly wrong, having Benni as an option already is clearly wrong and this isn’t just an opinion on my part this has to be FACT, which probably does rule Bellers out in that case. Almost wish I’d not gave him a mention. I’d probably not disagree with your four Head Rover Heels.

  • Head R H good to see some old timers mentioned as always i’m in on this one too, not that he’ll get voted for but here goes… Tommy Briggs, 7 v Bristol Rovers, Ewood Park, Division 2, February 5th 1955

  • Come on govtpros lets be fair, we seem to be constantly having this debate. People can vote and put forward who they feel fit, in some instances people are wrong in others who’s to say who is wrong thought? Its down to others to make sure people get more suggestions therefore making sure they take a place in the poll. With FOUR out of the SIX names that will be up for the vote making it Briggs has a GREAT chance of getting in. TED HARPER, yes true legend I’d agree. I WOULD have mentioned ALL these old timers straight off the bat but I’m trying to encourage more interaction with this site, I want people to get involed, want more new members etc. Which more often than not seems to be a battle I’m not winning!!!

  • i know, sorry again! but come on…only 6 players out of 20 so far have been deemed worthy in 117 years of creating the best town team ever in football. ohh yeah and the rest from the last 15 years! then Ripley gets in and people are askin for MaCarthy and Bellers do me a favour! ‘ The Title Rovers Greatest EVER’! sorry pal.

  • I do hear you as you know, we’ve often had this discussion. The simple truth is this site doesn’t have the members, I do all I can to increase numbers but you can only do so much. If ALL 161 members submitted names then we’d be flying and as much as some of the modern day players do deserve to get in not all would as those with a greater history of the club would select those maybe more deserving. The Beauty of this ‘Greatest Ever Squad’ is it CAN and WILL change. This first process is selecting names, which in fairness started some time ago, probably before you were even a member? Some names (I don’t want to single players out) SHOULDN’T be in, but are. The re-selection process that I will go through WILL ensure those who DESERVE to be in will be in and this will be done in a way that initially WON’T be vote determined, all will be revealed but this ‘should’ then ensure the true Greats shine through, and ONLY the true Greats will make up the Squad that will eventually show the tue Greats as an XI. This process will become clear soon, anyone not taking part in the next phase will miss out and can only blame themselves…

  • not diggin you pal, i know your trying your best! and as by way of a boost to your running of VitalBRFC, theres not many others that come anywhere near the quality articles etc that you and your team put in.

  • No worries, I konw it wasn’t personal. Cheers for that govtpros, genuinely is appreciated, I’m sure roversman would say the same. Lets hope we get more people on board so we can share the fun! This Greatest Ever Squad will really be something when its sorted, all being well. We’ll get the forwards out of the way then shortly after begin the final process I speak of.

  • Gov, jus mention my name and Greatest squad in the same sentance sends shivers down HDM’s spine LOL!!! We have had many a conversation on the merits of certain individuals OUT of the greatest squad. Soon as I know that the appeals process has been implemented, im gonna file all my grievances!! LOL My final 4 for the greatest squad IMO and in no particular order Alan Shearer, Simon Garner, Tommy Briggs and a ***** up between Sutton and Andy McAvoy. The sad thing is that we are only allowed to vote for 1 player. Imagine if everyone assumed that Shearer will automatically be voted in and vote for another player and he misses out!! That WOULD be hilarious!

  • As I say BomBom I’ not saying I agree with who is in and not we’ll be looking at those selected BEFORE the definative and final Greatest Squad is revealed and then before we select a Greatest XI, all will be revealed… Ah, that’s where you are wrong BomBom. If we are looking for four out of six names I have no problem with you voting for four different people! You decide which four you want and vote these four. You wouldn’t be able to vote, then immediately vote for someone else as the poll wouldn’t let you but next time you login vote for your second and so on. It’s the repetitive votes from any one member on the same option that I personally don’t think are fair.

  • well for me its Garner, Shearer and Briggs for certs then im stuck, players like Newell and Sutton have done well but well enuff to be picked in the greastest ever squad, i just dunno?!?!?

  • Thats kinda my dillema Clint. Do they really deserve to be in there?? HDM, I didnt know that you could vote more than one time lol. If I had known that, certain individuals wouldve got into the greates squad after all LMAO

  • Yeah BomBom you can, sorry I didn’t make this clearer, just assumed people would be going this anyway. I KNOW that people vote over and over for the same option, so just assumed they’d use their votes to vote for more than one option when needed?!?!

  • I’ll agree with 50% of your names marshin but Benni McGoalmachine and Bellers (despite earlier maybe backing the golfers claims, then in fairness retracting!) are no goes for me.

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