Date: 23rd April 2007 at 4:06pm
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For sometime now we’ve been trying to put together what we feel is the Greatest Ever Blackburn Rovers Squad. This has been selected but now is time for a recap and in some cases a re-evaluation.

This recap will entail us going through the positions, looking at those already selected and deciding are “they really worthy of their place in the Greatest Ever Rovers Squad?

This squad comprises of:

3 Goalkeepers

2 Left-backs (or Wing-backs)
4 Centre-backs
2 Right-backs (or Wing-backs)

2 Left-midfielders (or Wingers)
4 Central Midfielders
2 Right-midfielders (or Wingers)

4 Forwards

When we looked at the left-midfielders/wingers first time round, these six men were the men with the most mentions, and hence they made the poll.

Noel Brotherston
Damien Duff
Kevin Gallacher
Morten Gamst Pedersen
Scott Sellars
Jason Wilcox

From these six the following two were selected.

Damien Duff (29%) &
Morten Gamst Pedersen (30%)

So what do we do next?
Next we will go over the positional selections and once we have these positional placing selected to a level the majority agree on (not all will, but the majority will speak and be heard? hopefully!) we will start selecting the Greatest XI!

How do we review this?
Quite simple, YOU look at the people who have been brought into the squad, if you are not happy you mention the name in the comments section below for the name you think should come out and put forward the name (PLEASE NOTE – This doesn’t have to come from the original six mentioned!) you thought should come in (ideally why in both instances!)

From the names put forward to come in, and those to go out we should have a majority voicing their fair and honest opinion more fairly than a poll for this process. In a poll you just select a name, in some cases maybe that you like, by asking you to comment you mention a name with a reason why!

What happens if no one comments?
Quite simply if no one comments then no one comes in or out of the Squad and we’ll select a keeper for the Greatest XI from what we already have.

I DO NOT want this re-selection process to go to a vote, I want this process decided by the majority through your comments. People have no excuse to moan or be unhappy about who is and who isn’t in if they will not debate (not argue!) their point. In a split decision we will, well we will cross that bridge if and when it comes to it!

It’s a lot simpler than it may seem!
So simply leave the name(s) below for who you think should go out and add the name for the player that you think should come in, all ideally with reasons. This doesn’t need to be fully detailed but some reasoning would help.

Things can and will change over time
Do remember the squad can and will be changed over time at your request. This is a long running process as hopefully I will be around this site for YEARS to come, as will you?

Once we have decided (to the majority, not minority I’m afraid) we will have a finalised squad and then select a Greatest XI (this will go to a vote though!) I will reveal how the “appeals” process for change will happen once we fully finish this project.

So what are you waiting for?
You know what to do, have your say below. This re-evaluation process will run for a maximum of a week, this should give people plenty of time to have their say. If you don’t the true Greats (again I’m not saying those already selected aren’t, I’m not looking to sway opinion within this article, will do this below LOL!) could miss out, then who will be to blame? Without wanting to be harsh you, the Vital Blackburn members will as you would not have voiced your opinion?

Don’t forget the forum, you can talk about whatever you want there and YOU decide what it is! Forum Link.

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20 Replies to “Greatest Ever Squad: Left-Midfield”

  • Your help is needed now, let’s make sure the RIGHT people get in. Have your say and PLEASE try to give reasons rather than just giving a name. Others that gained mentions last time but failed to make the vote were: Lars Bohinen, Mike Harrison, Bobby Langton, Ally McLeod & Dave Wagstaffe.

  • It’s difficult to say that MGP shouldn’t be in when I feel the Admiral should (and was selected as a central defender) but although I’m sure he WILL become a Rovers legend (especially if he stays for a few more years before moving on) I’m still not totally convinced he should be in just yet? However, should he stay in the squad I’ll not be unhappy. I stick with my original thoughts of Duffer and Scotty Sellers though. I think Sellers was such an underrated footballer who battled against the constrains of his stature to be pure quality. Still one of the best footballers not to have played for England for me. So I go DAMIEN DUFF & SCOTT SELLERS.

  • I’m torn on this one – I don’t know enough about the historical ones on this one (I was a defender, so know more about those from our history). The decision for me here is Sellars plus one of either Duff or Wilcox. Duff being one of the most naturally talented players we’ve had, but Wilcox provided exactly what we needed, when we needed it. I honestly can’t decide between the two so am going to say SELLARS and WILCOX, just to make sure someone else has to put forward a good arguement.

  • I’d say It’s rather easy… Duff+Wilcox. Duff is the most natural winger I’ve seen playing for us. Wilcox provided the crossing ability most players lack. MGP is a good player, but being a rovers legend is much more than that.

  • As good as Wilcox was I just think he was in the right place at the right time. Injuries didn’t help him after his Rovers days but I think even then the fact we didn’t really see that much from him after backs up this theory?!?!

  • At the right place at the right time? Sorry HDM- perhaps you can say that on Sutton or Gallagher whom Wilcox fed. Wilcox himself made up the chances for them?!?

  • I’m not saying Wilcox wasn’t top class as he was but would he really have gained as much recognition had we not won the Premiership? But for the likes of Scotty Sellers we might not have even been in such a position to do so? So do not the likes of him need credit for actually getting the club to where they got, therefore giving Wilcox the chance to be able to feed these others?!?! Sellers was a great footballer but is often forgotten.

  • Wilcox was an average to good player playing in an excellent side. What did he do when Shearer left? He was deceptively quick but rarely got to the byline and rarely beat a defender. He did have a good cross on him. For me, that doesn’t warrant a place in the greatest squad. I am going to stir the pot even more by saying that MGP is NOT worthy of this spot, well not yet anyway, he is far too inconsistent. For me, Noel Brotheston is the man to go in in place of Gamst. Ok, he played for N. Ireland but was capped 27 times for them and was a very big fans favourite at Rovers. For me, hes the man to go in but a certain player, who i wont name for fear of HDM saying hes gotten another mention, but a former rover who now works for Sheff U as a coach run him a very close 3rd IMO

  • I’m not sure what you mean BomBom? I don’t just skim through and count the amount of times a player is mentioned, they have to be mentioned by DIFFERENT people in a positive or negative way to even be taken into account. Also the only reason I gloss over a true Rovers great and favourite in Noel Brotherston is the fact that I think he belongs more on the right hand side of this debate and not the left?!?! I almost certainly planned to bring in up when we got to right-midfield.

  • I understand that and i was purposely not mentioning him because i do feel he was one of rovers good, underrated players, but if i say that AND mention his name, it is a positive mention for him isnt it, hence why i was cryptic. Wasnt having a pop at ya mate, sorry if it came off that way!

  • No worries BomBom. Unless people actually say such and such a person is one of their selections I wouldn’t have taken it as such anyway. You’ve gone Brotherston, I’m guessing you’re sticking with Duffer as the other by looking at what you say about MGP coming out for Noel? (your reasoning for MGP coming out is more than fair in my eyes.)

  • Sorry guys but of the topic since this is the latest post, ive noticed reading have not applied for Intertoto. Is the application period over. If so, this could be great for us as if tottenham finish 7th, reading finish 8th, we could still qualify for interto by finishing 9th due to the fact reading have not applied. Desperate times lead to desperate measures so i hope what ive read is correct and reading have not applied

  • I have to go for Brotherston (NI) connection there plus the fact he was a great footballer and Duff, same island connection there as well, but Duff was a great footballer with us who never wanted to leave the club but you couldnt have denied him wot seemed like a massive move, which didnt really work Wilcox had a great cross and Sellars was a good footballer but not in my opinion better than Noel and Damien

  • This is something that has been brought up in another thread sasman, apperently neither Portsmouth or Reading have applied so if Bolton, Everton and Tottenham finish in the top seven, Reading and Portsmouth eighth and ninth we could make it in by finishing tenth?!?! It all sounds good in theory sasman but you have overlooked Portsmouth, they are still in the mix aren’t they. I can’t see that neither of these sides would have applied thought surely?!?!

  • Noel is getting a lot of support isn’t he (and rightly so). I was going for the right-side of midfield option but if he is being brought on on the left then I’m tempted to change my vote as he is certainly worthy of being in the squad no question.

  • I would say it is an outside chance at best then that we can make even the Intertoto Cup then this season?!?! I think you’ve made your votes clear Mikey 🙂

  • I’m going to be removing this later tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow. So if ANYONE has anything to add on this matter NOW is the time or you will miss out. DON’T miss your say.

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