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It is always good to interact with out fellow site Editors on Vital Football, we here at Vital Blackburn are more than happy to do so.

This is what Vital JD and friends, the site editor and others from Vital Spurs, had to say in response to the questions put to them by Vital Blackburn ahead of the meeting with Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane on Thursday:

This season had been a little stop start for Tottenham but you now seem to be flying. You made the UEFA and FA Cup Quarter-Finals along with the Carling Cup Semi-Final. Has this been a good season?

As long as we qualify for the UEFA Cup then it has been a good season. OK so we didn’t challenge for a Champions League spot again this season, but with a new younger midfield in place, to manage to get as far as we did in the UEFA Cup and too only go out against a side challenging for the league title in Spain (due to dodgy refereeing) it has been a very exciting season. – Vital.JD

What caused Spurs to start the season slowly?

I think it was down to the major lack of a structure to our side.
Last season we had based our entire team around Carrick and Davids, only for Carrick to leave for Manchester United and for the pace of the premiership to finally catch up with Davids.

This meant much had to start from scratch. injuries to Tainio and King did not help matters and half of the players we were bringing in to replace other players had never played in the premiership before, meaning that when we started the season of against Bolton, it was a big shock for some of them. – theapeofdeath

Think it was the old spurs problem, bring in a whole squad of new players and expect them to perform straight away! We do it year in year out and wonder why we have slow starts. Doesn’t take a genius to work it out! – huscarl

After beating, and relegating Charlton on Monday night has a UEFA Cup place been secured?

Until it is mathematically secure, I’m not going to get too excited! We can still drop down to ninth, so although it looks promising, I’m not about to tell everyone to renew their passport! – Vital.JD

Things ALWAYS take time to build, but Martin Jol seems to be doing a good job, is he the right man for Spurs?

Well that’s a question that is debated every week on our site! There is no way I could answer that one without upsetting someone! But as I don`t really care who I annoy, then I’d say yes, Jol is doing a good job. As long as progress is being made year on year I`ll be happy – Vital.JD

Jol has spent some money but unlike some managers has generally picked up quality players, who is the best player he has signed both this season (no prizes for guessing this!) and in general?

Well you are right, you can’t really look past Berbatov for this one! An unbelievable strike record for his first season in England. For him to be linked with Manchester United and Chelsea is hardly a big surprise. An inspirational discovery for Spurs – Vital.JD

What about the worst player he’s signed, again both this season and in general?

Overall it has to be Rasiak and this season we haven’t made a bad signing. Zokora, Taarabt, Berbatov, Ekotto, some would say Ekotto but I still feel he will prove himself at Spurs. – ScottDaYid

Which Rovers player(s) do you think Spurs need to be wary of on Thursday?

Ok the players that I personally think spurs need to be wary of on Thursday are the following. Pederson, Tugay and McCarthy.
Pederson is the player in my opinion that we are crying out for as we definitely need a good left winger and he is in my opinion as good as any in the prem. I have heard a lot of fans say some Rovers supporters think he can drift out of games but he can cross brilliantly and has fantastic dead ball skills (unlike Jenas). Have seen him hit a fair few rockets with his left foot and Robbos troubles with long-range shots could well be tested again. McCarthy is a world-class striker and was very surprised you got him to be honest, he seems to have everything for me, pace, power, skill and can head as well. Given the supply line still think he is one of the best strikers in the prem but then it’s getting him the supply. Tugay I like as he seems like an old fashioned type of player who doesn’t mind sticking his foot in where it hurts and can also crack a sweet volley i.e. the home fixture this year. Not being disrespectful to any of your other players but these are the three I personally fear the most and am hoping they are all injured (sorry but that how it is). Would like to say good luck but that would be so hollow because I badly want 5th. – woddywoo

What about us, which Spurs player(s) should we watch out for? (Again no prizes for guessing!)

Jermain Defoe, always a threat, as proven on Monday night against Charlton. For whatever reason, Jol doesn’t seem to favour him alongside Keane and Berbatov, but his goals to minute ratio must be awesome, so no matter how long he gets against Rovers, I’d still bet on him scoring rather than not! – Vital.JD

I ask most this, as I like to find out how people really view Rovers now! Do you think the “brutal, rugby league, beat ’em up” tag Rovers have (or had?) is fair?

Rugby League? What’s that then? I think Rovers are one of the physically more tough sides in the division, but we all play to the same rules so I’m not really fussed. The tactics appear to work more times than they fail so, it works for me. – Vital.JD

I’m not looking to disrespect your club or fans (or cause a “War of Words”) as pretty much ALL fans think their club is the dogs bits, but some Spurs fans sometimes give the impression they feel you are a true giant of the game, you even have a divine right to succeed, and maybe the game owes them something? Your history (albeit a history with a lot of trophies) hasn’t seen you win much silverware in the past what 20 to 30-years, with most of this time spent with you said to be “re-building”. I hope this question is taken in the right way, as Spurs are a big club in terms of fan base, stadium size and wealth (I’m not disputing this) but how big are Spurs really, do the really rate among the elite?

Clubs like Spurs and Everton (we are not the only ones) Have a rich history, but it is history now!! And some of our firsts in history have led to our eventual downfall.. The fact that we became the first PLC ruined the club for many years. Most fans forget how close to the edge we were take before Alan Sugar stepped in. It is to the current and previous owners credit that we have been delivered to a stable and strong financial footing, that is the reason we are still able to compete with the so called elite!! Realistically most spurs fans know it will take several years of continued good management in order to fully compete for domestic honours! But spurs fans always are optimistic about the future its why we have we have such a large fan base, the club has history of playing attractive football. I believe it is actually our neighbours who actually believe that they are owed success not us!! It must be hard when other clubs even when they do well cannot fill their grounds, yet they see we can fill the seats in our ground every year. With that financial support we are big by European standards. And with another improved campaign this year.. We will have more to look forward to next year!! – cusop

Which Rovers player(s) would you MOST and LEAST like to see in a Spurs shirt?

Pederson is a player that I believe every Spurs fan would love to see appear at the Lane in the summer! Least like to see David Dunn, simply because of that back heel attempt for Birmingham! The guy should have retired there and then! – Vital.JD

What about the Spurs player(s) you would happily give to Rovers if you could, and the one(s) you would least like to see leave?

Well I’m a huge Defoe fan, I think he is vastly underrated and I fear he could leave the Lane soon and show exactly what we have left sat on the bench. He is a proven 25+ goals a season striker and with games and confidence, he will show that year after year.

So feel free to leave him alone and take Danny Murphy, never understood why we signed him in the first place! – Vital.JD

We drew 1-1 at Ewood Park earlier in the season after Tugay’s SENSATIONAL goal gave us the lead, with him then harshly sent off before Hossam Ghaly joined him. So last, but by no means least what is your match prediction for the encounter this time?

I think we will pick up six points from our last two games, as long as that happens we will be in Europe next season and I’ll be happy. – Vital.JD

Thanks to JD and his troops for their replies.

Keep a look out for my answers to JD’s questions. They are on Vital Spurs now?



109 Replies to “Interview with Vital Tottenham”

  • Yea I think it was. lol. Good luck mate, hope you make it back in Europe, even if it’s through the interwhatever cup. But you WONT beat us. ; – )

  • This is the kind of thing Vital Football is all about, not the mud throwing, lack of respect that is shown, fans that can appreciate. I may have thrown a little mud on Vital Spurs but someone has to defend the Rovers corner 🙂 Defeat to Spurs and we can’t even make the Intertoto Cup dude, that’s why Victory is a MUST and something that won’t surprise me if we get it.

  • I heard it was more of a chance of you getting intertoto if you LOSE to us, as there is only a few teams applied for it. Reading and Bolton didn’t apply I dont think. Might be wrong.

  • I didn’t think Bolton has applied either so I thought this too, but apparently they will if they have to, and again apparently as you can apply virtually right up to the time it starts ANYONE could. But with Bolton registered defeat won’t technically be the end of the road but I can’t see Bolton winning on Sunday so think they’ll slip out of the top seven and take this Intertoto place?!?!

  • What is it with Spuds fans and their Arrogance? I suspect its what you alluded to HDM, this feeling that they are a Massive club and deserve to be winning things every season! GOd i hope we bollock them and God and the wall shut down their “amazing” strike duo!

  • Arrogance is the way forward old chap. We’ll see who’s gloating on Friday. There is no way you’ll beat us.

  • I am a spurs fan and an admirer of Blackburn. I think that sparky has done a fantastic job at Ewood this season.I really hope that you guys do enough to qualify for Europe (only after thursday evening though). Benni has been outstanding this season. He is in the form of his life. Please can we have Pederson? The boy is special.

  • It was good stuff woddywoo, a man that appreciates Tugay! Tugay or Jenas, hmmm let me think 🙂 Pederson must be one of our reserve players LOL!

  • We’ll have fewer points this year than last, and we’ve been less consistent, but strangely I agree we have made progress because our best football this year has often been scintillating, which we can’t really say about last season. Benni McCarthy, I must agree, is a GREAT striker, he’s scored wherever he’s played, including a couple for Porto against Man U, being top-scorer at the African Cup of Nations and now getting a bagful (what is it, 19, 20?) in his first season in the premiership. If he gets chances he’ll score, no doubt.

  • ScottDaYid we’ll be gloating come friday as you bunch of over-rated under achieveing wasters who reside under Arsenals shadow will wilt.

  • Who is GMP?!?! Again I know what you mean LOL 🙂 Throw in what Spurs have done in ALL three cups they’ve been in this season and yes they have had a VERY good season. Benni has 22 goals in total, 16 i the Premiership, which is only behind Drogba and Ronaldo, not bad is it!

  • NO WAY Scott, Benni is proven around Europe, has played, and played consistently well in the Champions League. I tare Keane (and Defoe) VERY highly but they can’t be classed above him. He (Keane) was young at the time but failed with Inter didn’t he.

  • McCarthy is the muts nuts in my opinion! Is it MGP then? I dont bloody know just know he got a great left foot. PS Scott wants to marry Defoe so dont listen to his nonsense…

  • I didn’t/didn’t mean to say he was better than McCarthy I meant he was in the same bracket……’ve got Keane, McCarthy, Bent, Johnson, Yakubu etc etc and then you’ve got Berbatov, Henry, Rooney, Drogba. McCarthy falls into the first bracket, a very good striker but not a world class one. Even you’ll surely admit that.

  • Roversman, you are a funny guy. Will pass the nutritional tip onto Mr. Jol. Sure he would appreciate it.

  • I agree with woddy, Benni McGoalmachine is the muts nuts! Berbatov is top-class but if you are going to put him in the same bracket as Henry, Rooney, Drogba etc. then he has to go into that as he is PROVEN over the years. Even Keane is a cup above Bent, Johnson etc. for arguments sake maybe at a push I’ll admit maybe, just maybe Benni is a step just down from the Henry’s etc. but a step up from the Bent’s (just Darren, Marcus is pants!) etc’s.

  • Marcus Bent isnt fit to lace McCarthys boots!! Have seen him play before Rovers got him and he was world class then and a proven world class striker. Therefore just by signing for a non champs league club does not make him suddenly become a non-world class striker because he isnt playing for a G14 club etc. OK you got the Zidanes etc I aint saying hes up there with them but ffs how can anyone doubt how good McCarthy is?

  • Obviously I was talking about Darren Bent. McCarthy is a good striker but not a world class striker, end offffffff.

  • keane as good as benni is this guy a comedian this is the FIRST season in his life that keane has more than twenty goals in all comps the guy is brutal i hate him

  • There in the same bracket, didn’t say either was as good.
    McCarthy is nothing special. Infact none of your team is, the only one worth buying is Pedersen and he’ll be off in the summer.

  • I know, I was trying to be reasonable but a few were getting abit gobby so I thought 2 can play that game!!!!!!!!!MWOAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Nice one woddywoo, that is exactly the kind of opinion that too many share about Rovers players. How can a player who is said to be world-class THROUGHOUT the land suddenly become “not world-class” just becasue he plays for Rovers! We all know it was NEVER Marcus Bent in question, just said him as I had put Bent’s it was ALWAYS a singular of Darren not plural or Bent’s to include Marcus 🙂 Nice one woddywoo!

  • On the subject of spurs fans thinking they are a big club I must say it really P****s me off because the media always say it and I think it gets other teams backs up especially because we are from London. I mean I always hear supporters saying newcastle is a big club (which it is) but you wouldnt ask them the question would you? I mean we know on the pitch we have done nothing as our trophy cabinet has lotts of polish but no trophies so where are these supporters that claim we are successful? I am a season ticket holder and never hear it anywhere except the media, dont get why we get chastised for it and toon etc dont!!

  • woddy is known ass licking, don’t listen to him. Exactly, Vital Spurs are gobby, Vital Blackburn are gobby, Vital Exeter are gobby, where’s the problem?

  • I don’t base this on what the media tell me woddy, I base it on what I actually hear Spurs fans say (physically say) and what I’ve read throughout vital football regarding comment made. We are all proud of our clubs and think they are the dogs nuts but the Spurs fans can come across as more than arrogant repeatidly, and have seemed this way to me for many years.

  • Terrier (ie Scott) once again showing the old age classic of acting your shoe size and not your age!! Scott is not a season ticket holder and passed on a free ticket to Watford because he didnt want to get the train on his own!! A true story is it not Scott?

  • The double etc I will go on about and just because it happened in the 60s dont mean it didnt happen! I mean show me the Englishman that isnt proud of the 66 world cup! Same thing really as it stiil happened. I think what you dont see though is that spurs are probably the most ‘beatable’ London club out of dare I say it the top 3 London clubs and teams seem to take the greatest pleasure out of beating us!! Most spurs fans I know crave a cup, any cup and thats how it is!! Maybe you are just speaking to the park lane riff raff lol. For a more articulate debate speak to paxton Road fans 😉

  • hahahahahahaha, that was around the time I had just been/going to LEVERKUSEN in GERMANY on the EUROPEAN TOUR that a certain SEASON TICKET HOLDER WODDYWOO did not attend to one AWAY MATCH. The European tour seperates the men from the boys. Season tickets have got a 25,000 waiting list I thought i’d add in which i’ve been on that list for 2 years.(seasons)

  • Not being gobby – Woddy makes a great point – It’s a question that i’ve asked a few spurs fans (Q10) and always got an ignorant answer – It’s well answered up there. As Woddy says, Geordies think they are massive, but it doesn’t come to the forefront as much as it does with Spurs. Must be a reason for that, and it can only really be the media. Either way, we’ve had some cracking matches against you lot, and goals to remember too. If you hadn’t have stuffed Charlton, and last weekends results been so favourable, then a loss to you would have made our intertoto place easier. However, now, the points from this match could get us into the UEFA spots proper. As long as Gooners beat Pompey, then we just have to win both remaining games.

  • I would compare Berbatov to henry… they’re both lazy ********s for 85 minutes.. but then it only takes 1 min to score a lovely goal like the other night. (risks the spurs-gooner comparison)

  • Noone denies Spurs are a big club but they do have to be the most underachieving side in the history of England based on club size. I;m looking forward to going tomorrow….. should be a great game between 2 very evenly matched sides.

  • I’m not saying you’re not, in fact you are. Either way, i’m not getting into that one, there are so many different ways of measuring it. All i am getting at is that going offwhat i read about spurs, anyone would think that they are on a par with Real Madrid and Juventus. This blatently isn’t true, and it’s the boasting that goes along with it that gets almost every discussion off to a bad start. Most of my mates down here are Spurs fans – I can only talk to half of them about football. The others, it just isn’t worth wasting my breath. It’s frustrating, Spurs are a great club with a great history, and a fantastic support network, but at times it’s just impossible to admit that due to the futility of peoples arguements.

  • HeadsRovewheels the thing is most fans spurs know we aint done nothing its just annoying when everyone just says ‘you are s**t’ ,you live in the shadow of Ars****’ etc all the time it gives you the hump because like any footy fan you think your team is the best! I would support spurs if they were in the conference and that to me what its all about!!

  • LOL, I passed up a ticket for the game tomorrow but only because I could not get the time off work, not because I was frightened to catch the train on my own 🙂

  • The only shadow you are in is that of the champions league – Been having a chat over lunch about the benefits of having a play off system (like the promotion ones) whereby places 5 and 6 play off, winner plays fourth, and winner of that gets the champs league spot, the others get Uefa (or nothing, depending on how many places come over from the cups) I personally think it would help shake the league up and eat away at the domination, giving us higher tier clubs the chance to come close to the moneybags at the top. Totally agree – Conference would be fine, i’d still be blue and white.

  • Spurs are a big club but a big club behind the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Utd and Liverpool. Fanbase wise Spurs are bigger than Rovers and historywise as well but this puts u in the same class, as this seems to the running trend with Scott, with Rangers. My best mate is a Spurs fan and he dosnt talk as much crap as ur man Yid there!! At least he can see as well as others from the Spurs site that Rovers are a team on the up and that Spurs have some work to do to get back to where some of there fans really do believe they still are. All this crap about the best players , of course each member is going to stick up for their team but it boils down to each team having very good players, whilst some are better in differing positions in each team

  • That a great idea HRH but far to sensible for the FA to implement. We are probably one of the nearest to the top 4 (didnt say nearest note) but are miles away and the gap will ony get bigger and bigger! The system needs to be changed IMO you cant take the sport out of football no matter how much it is being turned into a business by the fat cats!! Have to say Clint I have yet to meet the man who talks as much crap as ScottdaYid 😉

  • lol Woody!! At last a supporter who has the balls to admit the truth. Spurs are close to the top 4 player wise as will hopefully Rovers be, the only problem is that the Top 4 have stupid monetary resources that allow massive squads and consistantacy, Spurs and Rovers have smaller squads and injuries can kill off a run in the league! Both teams are capable of beating any of the Top 4 clubs on any given day but its the silly dropped points here and there and injuries that cost both. But I agree that its money that has caused this gap between the top 4, the next 6, the next 5 and then the bttm teams, its 4 wee mini leagues in one lol

  • we have a ******** huge squad, what are you on? How can you compare Blackburn to Spurs? You’ve won the prem, great achievement, but that’s it, your just another Bolton.

  • I really feel I should take Scotts side here as hes a spurs fan but think he should be left alone here to make a prat of himself on his own 😉

  • Scott is just trying to wind people up now, so I think it is probably best that he if left to make a tit of himself and we can ALL (both sides!) laugh at him.

  • They can’t argue, soft northerners. Blackburn are a poor club that live off winning 1 premiership and having shearer play for them.

  • Scott is just trying to wind people up now, so I think it is probably best that he if left to make a tit of himself and we can ALL (both sides!) laugh at him.
    Hughes Da Man
    — think its working

  • I have to fight the temptation to bite back at’s Scott’s comment, must fight it! I’d been away from the computer for a few hours but Scott’s transformation from an OK kind of guy to a real wind-up merchant has been amazing.

  • What have you done apart from win the title and have an ex Man U player as your manager, what is attractive about Blackburn? Struggle to get £20K in that shabby little stadium of yours, what a ***** hole that is!BITE BITE BITE BITE

  • The fans, unlike (some) Spurs one’s Scott that’s MORE than something to be proud of! I’m sure we could easily fit £20K in the stadium, just a shame we struggle to fit 20K in terms of people in it. That’s a slight bite but not much.

  • Us nothern boys (although sorry to disappoint you Scott I’m not actually a notherner!) love gravy!

  • I suppose neither am I Hughes Da Man, technically on the same level on the map, though different island lol Did u like that Spurs shirt?? I think its nice – honest jim there

  • My mate the Spurs fan did only in the last 15mins sent me it, I didnt ask him to or tell him about our discussions here today. He loves the new shirt

  • Apparently the shirt is styled on our original one we wore 125 years ago. Hence it being a 125th anniversary shirt!! Of course that should be termed ‘our way of just ripping the fans off shirt’.

  • Lol @ the shirt. That actually was the colour of our first shirt 125 years ago, and as it’s our 125 year anniversary????.get the drift, so Blackburn copied us unless you was established before 1882?

  • Used to play in green and white I believe but this changed and (although I may be wrong) maybe around the early 1880’s?!?!

  • Oh dear, 7 years older, my bad. lol. I personally like the kit but I guess we’ll get the are you blackburn in disguise bollox. lol. Our fans are already split on it.

  • Thank heavens we’ve got a cracker for skys millennium match to lift the country after that bore draw. And to all the Rovers, congrats on a valiant EFFORT in advance 🙂

  • Not really, it’s a light hearted dig. I’m smart enough to know Rovers have enough quality to hurt us if we don’t perform and i’ll be here to congratulate you tomorrow if you win (god forbid!) but the way we’re playing i have a full confidence in the mighty whites. Good luck tomorrow, let’s hope it’s a snorter

  • That’s why I, and so many other Rovers are so sure we can win tomorrow because of how well we are playing and how fired up the players are. This could literally go EITHER way as both clubs are so evenly matched dispite most Spurs feeling you tower over us. It will be a corker.

  • Pretty much echo that over here. It?s a shame the Blackburn charge started so late, as a Lancashire boy I want the red rose to blossom all over Europe but as a Yid YOUR GOING DOWN!!!

  • Well thanks Phartman87! Lost points, STUPIDLY given away may well costs us, so although bad calls etc. haven’t helped we can only balem ourselves! All will be a little clearer after tomorrow?!?!

  • No need to be so formal phartman will do fine lol. Guess the only thing left to say is ‘lets get it on!’

  • OK then, thanks phartman 🙂 Well not just yet as no doubt the two sides will again exchange blows for a while tomorrow, then it will be game time. I’m SURE it will all start again after until it dies down until a Saturday evening with a 5:15 kick off next season sometime in September!

  • lol, if its never ending i guess when in rome….Hughes is a rubbish manager, Midos better then McCarthy, Blackburns the most depressing city in the world and on average my garden shed has a higher attendance the Ewok Park on your average Satrurday afternoon. Lol

  • Oh it’s on Phartman 🙂 LOL, you can never keep your best players because they are above the club living in their far more successful neighbours’ shadows 🙂 LOL (this was a joke people continuing the theme with Phartman) before anyone kicks off!

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