Date: 18th April 2011 at 10:17am
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Our very own Glen Mullan had a bit of time on a Sunday evening and decided to tackle the many pressing issues that exist at Blackburn Rovers and the hole we currently find ourselves in.

With rational thinking and reasoned argument a plenty our boy from Wigan had a good look at the club and spoke Venky’s, Steve Kean, Blackburn Rovers and the dark horse of the Rovers set up – agent Jerome Anderson.

In the beginning, Venky’s bought the club not knowing much if anything about football but with the knowledge that they are very successful in business, You don’t have to know much about football or any industry if you are good at running business to record profits – Richard Branson has dabbled at everything and has come up trumps for it even though in his early years many mocked him.

Venky’s took Jerome Anderson’s advice because it was their belief that in blind faith he knew what he was talking about and has a great portfolio of clients who are respected in the football world.

However that trust and portfolio has seen Andersen take the Michael (ed – no jokes using my name please Glen) and he has used the opportunity for his own gain.

Venky’s provided the money they promised in January and although it was not vast it was more than we would of had if they had not purchased the club.

Furthermore, they were wrongly advised to relieve Big Sam Allardyce of his duties back in December and employed Steve Kean on Anderson’s recommendation. Originally they had a target, or so rumour has it, but had their mind swayed by Anderson’s intervention.

Venkys are not stupid and I imagine they are having mass meetings at present to see how they can move this forward to prevent a major hole in their pockets and of course retain our Premier League status.

They will now be very clear in their own minds that they have been stitched up like a kipper by taking Anderson’s word as his bond and I’m pretty sure he won’t be around very much longer.

Andersen advised our Indian owners that Scot Steve Kean was the next best thing and as they are not football people they decided to take his opinion on trust and appointed old egg head.

They have seen the results, they have seen the press and believe me Kean will go, They have publicly backed him which is common amongst club owners but deep down they want rid as much as us.

However I believe they know they have made a big error in listening to Andersen and a bigger error to appoint Kean, they will now be taking their time and taking stock for the next move as they have been too rash already and its seen them fall flat on their faces.

They will not want to make another mistake.

Their dilemma is if Kean goes Monday, who can they get in place before the Manchester City game?

Do they get rid and go without a manager for the rest of the season and put Jensen in charge on a caretaker basis? This is an option I can’t see as their eyes will be wide open on Andersens game, and with Jensen be Andersens man they will want him out too!

With Kean gone, Jensen gone, Sam and McDonald gone that leaves no-one within the club to pick up the reigns in their absence.

This puts Venkys in the position where they are well and truly in a hole, because the only time where it would be possible to change things is the summer! Any change now would lead to dressing room revolt and certain relegation.

It’s very easy to blame Venkys for being ill advised, but in life we all take advise and sometimes it proves fruitful and sometimes its just the wrong decision. Andersen gained their trust due to his involvement with the purchase of Blackburn as it was he who found Venky’s to buy the club.

I have no problems with Venky’s and can see how they are now in a catch 22 situation were only the dive for cover is an option till the summer.

The other theory which may come out in the wash is that Andersen actually owns some of Blackburn Rovers and due to a clash of interest his ownership has been done on a gentlemen’s agreement, making venkys stuck with him and Rovers indeed well and truly up the swanny without a paddle.

This theory may sound far fetched but I personally have experience of this happening at a company I worked for. The owner of the company was on no official paperwork due to him being the Chief Engineer at a Major World Brand Company.

What he managed to do and despite a massive investigation is embezzle £400k from his employers… he used the money to buy 3 companies, whilst his first company does all the maintenance work for his employee. When it was investigated he had covered his tracks that well that he not only got away with it, but he continues to do get away with it to this day!!

How do I know he was doing it? Well that’s easy, I was employed to run his company and was horrified when the revelations came to light.

Now although the Andersen set up if it was the case (breaks every Premier League rule) – if it has been covered up in a similar way then Venkys are stuck with him.

By going into partnership with off shore companies it makes it very difficult to keep track on things and things can be hidden, a bit like when the World cup vote was rigged!!

Kean is not a manager and needs to go but I think its a case the club have no back up plan at present which leaves them stuck with him till the summer.

He continually leaves the wrong players out and does not know how to change a game when things are going wrong.

Protesting is not going to help at this stage, Kean (I would suggest) will be gone in the summer I just hope and Pray we are still a Prem club when he goes, But what does need to change and be investigated is the true role Andersen has at Rovers, if he has any ownership in the club we are totally screwed,.

If he does not then Venkys need to distance themselves from him, which with their business record I would suggest they have already decided to do.

They need to gain the trust of the fans and hold their hands up and say ‘Yep we got it wrong, but we wont be making that mistake again’ then we can move the club forward.

Andersen is the direct problem at Rovers NOT Venkys and their investement to buy Rovers was a big step for them.

They are not about to throw all that money down the drain and they will be seeking the best way to resolve this without leaving Rovers without an infrastructure at the club to manage team affairs because the truth is that if Kean goes tomorrow they have no-one at the club they can pass the reigns to, who aren’t Andersen related/Hence Without getting the tea lady to train and pick the team they are screwed till the summer.

If Kean and Andersen had an incline that they are going through the door they could quite easily delibrately take Rovers down.

So to take the stance that they support him is a good move. Just like finding out you have lost your job, you tend to find out at quarter to five as your shift is ending rather than at 8a.m in the morning when your shift has started.

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8 Replies to “Jerome Anderson is where the blame lies”

  • It is a very thorough piece of work Glenn with a lot of time going into that and whilst you make some valid points I don’t personally agree with a few of them also. It is true that Anderson would have recommended one of his own clients to manage our club (who wouldn’t, right?) but the decision to appoint Kean (and sack Sam) lies with Venky’s. They had multiple advisors and still do, they choose who they listen to.

  • If only SOMEONE at the club would acknowledge that everything is not rosy! We’re continually fed this BS by Kean about how well we’ve done in this match or the other and Venky’s continually claim that they’re certain Kean is a brilliant manager. We are not stupid. We know the club is teetering on the brink. It defies all logic that successful business people cannot see such a pressing threat to their investment.

  • I’m watching Panarama and there are worrying similarities between what’s going on at our club & what happened at Notts County. At least at the beginning of the programme.

  • We need something from somebody who is not kean, ,May just attend family day tomorrow, and see if Kean is there and how open he is with the fans!!!

  • I do worry about that open day at the club, I hope more senior fans don’t use it as an excuse to have a go as it is primarily a kids day out…

  • I believe Mr Agnew, a PR man and lifelong Rovers fan went to India last week. The deafening silence from him since his return is astonishing. Since when did a PR person say nothing? When did leopards change their spots? What are we not being told?

  • Really interesting article Glen. Wherever the core of the problem is, it’s clear that there is a lack of structure at the club, and that there’s something very much rotten.

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