Date: 3rd January 2009 at 6:40am
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Rumours are circulating that Sam Allardyce is moving in on securing Lucas Neill on a 3 year contract on up to $50k a week. Lucas comes of contract this summer, and Sam believes he can make a cut price offer to bring back Judas to Ewood. The news from down under has it that Judas is almost a certainty back at Ewood, with Oijer on his way to Az Alkamaar.

Im sure this move will cause a stir among fans, with many possibly rating this move worse then possibly El Hadji Diouf signing for the club. Sure, Judas can play, he is a top footballer, but, he deserted us, left us, and why should he be welcomed back.

Sasman can always forgive, but he never forgets…..He sure would prefer an Englishman in Ryan Taylor, over Judas Neill…

As Always, bringing the news, before it happens…..


35 Replies to “Judas on his way back to Rovers…..”

  • Aussie press wont make up there mind, he could also be joining Harry Kewell in Turkey……ah well hope that 1 is more factual

  • id have him back, was always a great player for rovers and if he is wearing blue and white im sure we can all forget the past

  • As i said, Sas can forgive (eventually) but he never gets. Somethings are just morally wrong…what Judas did is morally wrong. He should feel priveledged i even wrote this article lol. Friedel left, and yes he even said he will get a final pay day, but at least he was open and honest. Judas can rot

  • it is funny and i am glad that nothings turns out well for players/managers who left blackburn in recent seasons; duff, dunn, neill, bellamy, mark hughes, bentley,…the list can go on if we include fringe players, with the exception of brad friedel 🙂 this is a hint for santa cruz. anyway, if neill is serious about coming back, i can look over that. we do have a void in his position, vacated by him.

  • If Neill really REALLY wants to make it up to the fans then i will give him the chance. However, if he just thinks that he can waltz back in without any sort of apology or statement he can go do one.

  • I for one would welcome back Lucas. he served our club well, never giving less than 100% even when going through bad patches in form. Don’t forget he is only a footballer wanting to maximise his income just like Roque, Benni and david Bentley the well known Spurs fullback. He never asked for a transfer just said he wanted to move at the end of his contract. It is worth mentioning that if the club does not want the services of a player they are in no obligation to extend his contract and in the same vane the player has no obligation to stay.

  • Would be a welcome addition to our back line for sure! The rumour as I have heard it is that West ham have told Galatasaray that they can have Neill for free providing they take up his current contract, at approx £70k per week. Paying him £50k a week is wrong IMO but there is a lack of talented RBs in the game at present so we seem to be stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. Would certainly be an interesting one nonetheless.

  • It would be interesting, he is def the required standard but surely West Ham cant dictate what his next club pay him? all they want is him off the wage bill!

  • I don’t want him back, and I don’t think he’s worth 50k a week. He left us to pursue European football at the highest level and then turned down liverpool for cash. We don’t need that kind of mercenary in the ranks… I agree with sas. Judas can rot.

  • I think he could definitely fill the void and on the cheap apart from wages might be good, but i very much doubts he wants to come to us!

  • I simply don’t think he’s worth it at 31.
    Plenty of other good RB: S. Kelly, K. Naughton, K. Foley, B. Orr, Moutaouakil etc.
    50k is simply too much.

  • I dont understand though, Neill gave his all for a good amount of time for us and decided he wanted a new challenge, fair enough. I would welcome Lucas Neill back, some bite in the team and would be great for us at right back if Ooijer leaves.

  • Lucas Neill is quality and whats more he’s available for practically nothing, we have no natural RB and f#ckall money!! Time for Rovers fans to forgive and forget, Make it happen Sam!

  • Kyle Naughton would cost 6-8 million Israeli. Neill would do a job here but it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  • Mate if it was just you, then i could take you on with 1 hand tied behind my back, and eyes blindfolded lol. But the Sas is adament, he does not want Judas back

  • brinh himm back soz sas but good players win games and despite him being a pratt for leaving in first place we cant deny he is one of the best defenders rovers have had in recent seasons

  • 50k a week is not nothing.. Also don’t forget that although he may have won us a couple of games he also had a habit of conceding particularly nasty penalties/free-kicks and if I’m not mistaken (I’m sure I’ll be corrected with outrage about the referee mugging them.. blah blah blah) managed to get Australia booted out of the last world cup (foul or not he shouldn’t have lunged in).

  • He was spotted in the stands at an AC Milan training camp in Dubai over the weekend, dont know anymore than that.

  • i doubt he will head to italy, just v=cant see it, he is a good right back but rovers and westham are about his level anything more is just a pipe dream for neill

  • grrrrr who mentioned the world cup!!!!!!!!! darn neill lol, gotta admit, hardly done by then, but bad things happen to bad ppl, and yes lincold, i hate NEILL!!!!!!

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