Date: 24th January 2007 at 10:09am
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It has been confirmed today that Robbie Savage has suffered a fracture to his ankle following a hefty challenge from Watford`s Al Bangoura. There was little wrong with the challenge, in fact it is the kind of tackle Savage would make four or fives times every game, however, the disappointment lies with the Watford fans.

Savage is not everyone`s cup of tea; in fact he is a required taste that is only really appreciated by the fans of his own team. He is notorious throughout the British Isle`s as everyone`s player they love to hate, a mantle he thrives on. However, this doesn`t mean he should be booed off of the pitch whilst on a stretcher.

One thing can be said of Robbie, despite his many faults, he won`t leave a pitch unless there is something seriously wrong. This was the case last night. He had suffered a fractured ankle and all that the disrespectful Watford fans could do was continue to boo him.

Personally I feel that kind abuse when the Welshman was on a stretcher is appalling. I am not a fan of booing anyway as it is immature and far too often unjustified, a moronic response to stereotyping.

Savage is a great athlete and professional and did not deserve the abuse that was levelled at him last night. If only the Watford fans could take a leaf out of Man City`s book as their fans all stood and applauded as Andre Ooijer was taken off on a stretcher at the weekend.

I wish Savage all the best and a speedy recovery.


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  • I didnt get chance to hear the audio coverage of the game but if that is the case then Watford fans need to look at themselves hard because that is something in football that needs to be eliminated.

  • Booing as someone is being stretchered off is despicable, however, in this age of feigning injury, in the heat of the moment it is almost (Only almost) understandable. Still disgusting, but at least they have the excuse of thinking it wasn’t serious. However, the endless amount of bilge we are going to have to put up with such as “He had it coming” or “about time someone did him over” is the most sickening aspect of the whole thing. Strange, but i’ve heard a couple of Gooners wish him well – Campaigning to keep Gilberto on the field seems to have gained him unexpected friends.

  • I think in fairness most of the Watford fans wouldn’t have known he was seriously injured as his reaction to the injury didn’t indicate the seriousness of it. Nobody wants to see players badly hurt and although I’m no lover of Savage would wish him well in his recovery.

  • They didn’t know the seriousness of the injury??? The guy got up to walk off then dropped back to the ground clutching his leg in agony, THEN they go and get the stretcher. Yeah those Watford fans really are dumb as a box of rocks if they couldn’t see the guy was really injured. I remember an NFL game a few years ago in Philadelphia where one of the Dallas Cowboys recievers got injured, they carted him off on a stretcher via the milk float thingy, all the Eagles fans could do was laugh and boo the guy. Goes to show that the Watford fans are like school on a Saturday………..No Class!!!

  • It was the same of Ooijer on Saturday he got a grilling from the City fans he was booed all the way. You could see that was a REALLY serious injury but it didn’t matter. You know when a player is genuinely injured and you knew it with Sav (as James says he won’t stay down unless he can’t get up!) Booing is part of the game now as fans don’t always know what is and what isn’t genuine but in both cases I think it as plainly clear early on that both were seriously damaged so to have acted that was was appauling.

  • As a Watford supporter who was at the game last night, I can only apologise for the behaviour of some of our fans towards Robbie Savage when he got injured. I am not a great Savage lover, but the reaction towards him when he was being carried off was embarrassing and lacking in class, and quite honestly, took the shine off the 3 points.

    Savage does set himself up for rough treatment from the opposition fans, but that is no reason or excuse for what went on last night ? at the very least, he is a professional sportsman who will be out of action for a while now. On a human level, it is unsympathetic and inconsiderate to someone who is obviously in quite a bit of pain.

    Unfortunately, this behaviour seems to be the way things have been going at Watford over the past few years?we seem to have a section of ?brain dead? morons who will stoop to new lows on a weekly basis. I am sure this is not unique to Watford, but I had thought we were better than that.

    Enjoy the rest of your season

  • It is something in the game now isn’t it. You get rid of something and along comes soemthing else. As I said you know when someone is really hurt so you just think don’t you, these “brain dead” morons EVERYWHERE (lets face it Brummyhornetboy is right it does happen eveywhere) give football supporters a bad name. Good luck to Watford, think you’ll guys will need something special to stay up but you never know? I think in the most part Watford have won many fans this season.

  • he won’ leave the pitch ? but he rolls around it an awful lot claiming to have the worst foul of the century ! i saw him make some stupid tackles against arsenal, some of which were two footed and could of crippled a player.. what goes around comes around and although i don’t like iwshing bad against any player, i think Savage shouldn’t complain too much, cos he could of broken a few players legs ..

  • Was wondering how long it would take for something like this to be written, I’m surprised it took so long to be honest! Sav is no angel we all know this but the vast majoirty of his bad tackles are merely miss timed. How many serious injuries has Sav caused or legs has Sav broken, off the top of my head I can’t think of any.

  • It doesn’t matter what anyone says of Savage – he is rash, he does make, at times diabolical tackles but as Hughes Da Man says he has never broken any legs. He is not in the same league for cynism as Keane (Haaland), Thatcher (Mendes) – You should never boo off an injured player.

  • Poor poor response from PUREGOLD there. You are an embarrassment to your club. Cretins like you help to give fans a bad name. Well done on your pure gold crassness!

  • There are no excuses for chanting or booing a player being taken off the pitch with a serious injury! No matter who they are or indeed how they are percieved by others. Savage is by no means the best footballer in the world but wot he gives the team he’s playing in is something special. He does over-react (but this happens in every team in the league no question) and he does mis-time challenges but I do not believe he is malicous in his actions. If you look at player like Essien and Thatcher playing now they are much worse than Savage. As for the rolling about all we have to do is look at players like Robben and Ronaldo at Utd and to an extent Johnson at Everton for tips on that

  • The behaviour of the Watford fans was disgraceful… When Djibril Cisse was strecthered off at Ewood that time the rovers fans stood on their feet to applaud him… even though he is a bit of an idiot to put it mildly…. No excuse for that whatsoever.

  • Unfortunatly, because the injured player has to leave the pitch, this holds the game up and makes any little knock seem worse sometimes, therefore the fans get kinda cynical. Will never agree to it but can understand it. I remember whe Babbel accidentally done Baros’ ankle, was right in front of me and immediatly after hitting the deck you could see Babbel was concerned but the guy sat behind bellows “get up you soft foright C***!” The typifies the attitude of some fans, including some of our own toward injured players, whether they are regular “divers” like AJ, Robbe, the Winker etc or not.

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