Date: 26th October 2010 at 8:50am
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Blackburn Rovers sale looks all set to be completed in the next few weeks as Venkys (The VH Group) have all but won the race to buy the club.

News of fresh investment will likely be met with mass approval as the long takeover saga looks to be drawing to a close.

After much speculation, rumour mongering and a lot of false dawns, the Rovers official site confirmed the news.

The chairperson of Venkys even chipped in with their own statement.

Venkys chairperson Anuradha J Desai said – ‘We expect to be the first Indian company to acquire a Premier League team and we are particularly delighted that the team is Blackburn Rovers, with whom we believe we have many shared values and ambitions.’

Rovers chairman John Williams added on the club’s official website: ‘A series of meetings, including discussions with the Premier League, have followed an extensive due diligence process.

‘Both parties are hopeful that the transaction will be completed in November.’

The group which specialises in poultry farming and pharmaceuticals have undergone a stern examination so must be a good fit for what the Walkers want.

Bring on the chicken jokes!!!

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26 Replies to “The day of reckoning is nearly here”

  • I almost layed an egg when I heard this on the radio this morning. Now the end of November can’t come quickly enough for everything to officially be completed.

  • guys.. not to put a damp mood on things.. but apparently.. these guys want to make money out of rovers.. buying talent and selling it on at high profit.. urgh..

  • We do that anyway dont we? But the difference is that a higher level of talent will be available to us with more spending power – that is the difference.

  • I trust in the current board to know what they are doing. If they wanted a quick buck we would be in the hands of Syed already. Not saying that him taking over would have been a bad thing but surely it shows this is far from any light hearted decision. I’m not saying you are wrong 23. I’m not a fan of buying with intent to sell but 90% of all clubs end up selling their prize assets at some point. Even the scumbos sold Ronaldo because of the sheer size of the offer. The days of a player being at a club for a long period of time are pretty much over. I dont like it either but that is how it is. All I ask is that we have the ability to stay and then compete in the premier league and should the backing be large enough, push for Europe in the future. You never know we may even one day play fantastic to watch football!

  • well lets see what happens, would still prefer a british company takeover with less spending money, but good news all the less.

  • As long as we are sustainable, our wage to turnover rate gets better and we can improve our spending power in the transfer market then it is job done. The new owners will have to prove themselves for sure and it is not guaranteed to work but the board have clearly vetted these guys and given them the thumbs up!!!

  • things change quickly….we can only put our faith in the board. well, let’s hope there won’t be another SARS epidemic…

  • Hope it can all be sorted, although Big Sam has said on Sky sports news if we get a few quid to spend he doesn’t think we should use it in january. Is he mad or has he just not realised yet how we don’t seem to score too many league goals??

  • i think everyone is missing the point, £1 billion turnover sounds impressive, however the profit margin is much lower and is around £70 million which was the highest profits the company had posted to date……………… they wont be pumping all their profits into rovers as they have to push their business forward and pay dividends ect, it may even be the case that Rovers is bought on mortgaged assets from their chicken enterprise, Not sure we will get too much extra to spend tbh, maybe 10 mill a season if lucky

  • It seems like a company with both feets on the ground, not high flying as Syed, I like that. Could be a very good fit for us (just as Shah would have been). But I can’t seem to figure out how the kentaro fit into the picture – hopefully we will be a high level feeder club 🙂

  • It isn’t the mind blowing figures of Syed but it is more realistic and more sustainable. £10 million a season is much better than we have now and any players that we sell will add to the kitty. Excellent news.

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