Date: 5th August 2009 at 8:07am
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The Sun is surpassing itself in the ignorance and indeed arrogance stakes with a story this morning that Chris Samba is a £10 million target for Tottenham ‘we get linked with everyone’ Hotspur.

The Sun starts off by saying – ‘Harry Redknapp hopes to solve his defensive crisis by signing Blackburn’s Christopher Samba in a £10million swoop.

Redknapp has turned to Congo star Samba after his three senior centre-backs were ruled out for the start of the season.’

So far, fair enough. Nothing wrong with that, probably best to leave it at that then hey boys?

Oh whats this, there is more?

The Sun continued – ‘Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce will not want to lose 6ft 4in defender Samba but knows his club cannot afford to turn down Spurs’ bid’.

Based on what!?!

We have done more or less all our summer business and have taken a large portion of the Roque/Derbyshire transfer money to make sure we don’t have to sell again.

So why exactly can we not afford to turn a bid down? Oh thats right – because the Sun hasn’t got a clue and is about as patronising as possible to little club and easy target Blackburn Rovers.

Furthermore, Sam Allardyce has mentioned time and time again that no more stars will be leaving.

So the boys at the Sun – please try and do some research before you run a story and stop being so bleeding arrogant.


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  • would love to have samba at spurs but why would big sam sell his best defender. i wish we got half the players we have been linked to, good luck for the season though

  • starting to sound like my ex their mikey!!!! lol no no nik, we would never blame those spurs!! we love the spuds lol

  • I wouldn’t get too excited – 99% of what you read on the web or the press is bull****. Samba is the 20th centre half Spurs are about to sign this week.

  • I couldn’t mind Samba at Spurs, but for £10m? It looks like something that has been made up. Am I surprised by the Sun, or any of those redtops? Nah. They always put two and two together. It’s childish. Cos we stayed in the same Hotel in China as Hull, Harry and Phil Brown had a drink. The following day, we weere going to swap Bent with Michael Turner. Why? Hull needs a striker, and Spurs need a CB. Hilarious. How do these hacks just jump the gun like that. You will have thought 10 year olds wouldn’t even reason like that.

  • 10 days to go before the season starts – of course BSA will sell one of the key defenders – what a great way to start the season? – Who has the right to sell this drivel as news? Keep ranting Mikey – we’re right behind you.

  • The irony of this however, is that Samba isnt even our best defender, or our 2nd best. Yet again, the southern based, conservative loving, shoite spewing rag takes a rumour and FABRICATES a story to suit. Quite why Spurs are so revered by the media when they have had more managers lately than the players have had food poisoning, their entrance doors for their strikers is a revolving one and they suddenly have plenty of cash to spend on duds year in adn out baffles me completely. Yes they are a club with history but aside from 2 league cup trophies in the last almost 20 years, what have they done besides flatter to decieve? Christ, Rovers have won more in the last 2 decades than Tottenham. Another example of the small mindedness of the british media to a team outside of the big smoke, christ, if you are north of the Watford gam then your not worthy eh?

  • We’ve probably won a fair more than you in the last 2 decades, BomBom, but apart from that I agree with most of what you’ve written there. We’re not interested in Samba. We have our sights set on a defender, but Samba isn’t it.

  • bombom watever you are PLEASE dont tell me you are trying to compare blackburn with spurs..youve had too much black pudding and gone mental mate.

  • BomBom,

    I think everyone here agreed with the author of the article. Both Spurs and Blackburn. So i don’t think there was any need for who has won what and who hasn’t won what. Yes, you did a Chelsea and won the league in 95, but how long did it take you to go down? We haven’t won the league since I have been born, but we also haven’t just won two trophies in 20 years like you claim. Funny enough, we at Spurs complain we get hammered by the likes of the Daily Mail and Mirror. You should see the bad press we get. So we being the darling of the press is news to me and many a Spurs fan

  • lol Nah, I think we’re interested in Bassong… but not sure how far things are with that because I don’t believe Sky Sports News when they say “Exclusive: Bassong wants to move to Spurs!” and there are no quotes whatsoever to substantiate this, but I think we’re interested in him. Samba is a good defender but has his limitations. But he’s good at his job.

  • Also one very popular MISCONCEPTION about the Press. Yes, they are based in London. Well, it’s the capital. That doesn’t make them Southern, does it? Next season, watch Sunday Supplement on SkySports for just a period of a month and tell me how many of those hacks are Southerners. And these are the main writers for their various papers. Apart from Rob Beasley who I know is Chelsea, and sounds Southern, they are all Mancs, Geordie, Brum etc. Just check on the sports writers. The papers are based south but their writers are hardly based there. They just use the Blackberry.

  • Personally I think the only possibility of this being a viable rumour is to worry Newcastle into doing a deal for Bassong, as he seems to be the clear No1 choice. Samba is a quality player, but in truth not what we need, we need a mobile ball playing CD, to compliment the others at the club

  • Good point OxSpur. Some of these managers have their mates in the Press who can do such things for them. Like Fergie for instance. He is always backed, no matter what, against Wenger and Rafa. Somehow Mourinho managed to change that. But I guess he is the Special One.

  • Is it just me or does Harry Rednapp and Spurs been linked to every single player that any club has shown an interest in (and often, no club has shown an interest in) over the summer?

  • Would be a fairly stupid bit of business on Big Sams part to lose not only Warnock but Samba too, this would be out of the question, i mean when we start having to hoof the ball up whos gonna score our goals hehe. Joking aside this looks yet another example of wiki journalism, lets shove summat in the back pages and be dammed if we can be bothered if its true or not. Im also not loving reports made by them about Chimbonda coming to Rovers, i’d rather you kept him =)

  • By the way, please remember Blackburn Rovers have a very long and proud history – not just in the Jack Walker era – one of the founders of the Football League and one of only six or seven of those original twelve that are currently in the Premiership. Rovers are the only side outside the ‘big 4’ that have won the Premiership. A lot of the success of the club is rather dated now but the proud heritage is still there! Who knows – with a good season – a good cup run or Europa Cup spot is not impossible – Fulham were hardly the side that were expected to gain a Europa cup place while Rovers, City, Spurs, Newcastle and Sunderland were scrapping for points at the bottom.

  • Did the Sun journos not notice that Big Chris is now a centre forward, talk about not doing your research 8-))

  • The Sun and ignorance, certainly words that belong in the same sentance Mr Mikey!! It’s absolute nonsense anyway, Big Sam tells us so today.

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