Date: 18th September 2011 at 2:33pm
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The last couple of weeks have been ones in which Rovers fans have become very divided. Now it is time for us to unite together again.

A massive divide in opinion over a protest march has caused a lot of Rovers fans to split. Football is a highly opinionated topic which is bound to cause controversy but we all have the same thing at heart – a love for our club.

As Rovers fans we all want our club to do well, and it is time to put our disagreement aside and unite together once more. Whether we want the current manager at the helm, or we want somebody else, we all want our club to win every game we can.

I think the people who said the protest was going to be a bunch of hooligans and thugs need to reconsider that opinion now it has happened and respect peoples right to voice their opinion, whilst at the same time the protesting fans need to accept that some people did not want to march and they have that right as well.

It is time to move on, we need to respect other peoples opinions and keep a much more open mind about the way people feel.

Now lets hope for a win against Orient in the cup and onward to Newcastle next weekend.


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  • Joe; I am fully in agreement with you. I was against the march but not against the reasons for it. To be fair I didn’t say it was a bunch of hooligans – I said it’s likely to. And yes I was wrong as it turned out but these sort of things do tend to attract a lot of passion and opinions and as such could attract idiots. Such opinions should be respected regardless if they differ or are the same. I copped a fair amount of nasty comments. But that’s been and gone. Whats important now is Rovers build on yesterday. And the fans can start enjoying all things Rovers again. Nice article mate! I hope it has the desired effect on all concerned.

  • Lets face it, only the Rao family can change the manager and it is up to us fans to back the team and lthe shirt. Lets see how far the new signings can take us. The fans, the team, the Venky’s and dare I say it, the manager must all pull together to make us a team to be feared.

  • I agree we should be united for our team and draw a line under the whole thing. I think what annoyed most people who didn’t agree with protesting is the fact that some that were protesting were of the opinion they represented the majority, which evidently wasn’t the case. I did have concerns that hooligan types would turn up and cause a scene but luckily that didn’t happen, but then again it wasn’t such a big turn out as first thought so it that helped. Anyway as i said we’re all Rovers fans so that’s all that matter’s.

  • great article rover23 and totally agree with you, i never taught the march would have thugs at it or anything like that and as st jimmy 77 mentioned i understand the reasons for the march and it was in their right to protest. what annoyed me as well as rye-of-the-rovers said is that they taught they were the majority, it annoyed me so much that i stopped using vital blackburn, it was just giving out this negative vibe which i could not stand. I know everyone wants whats best for the club and are as passionate as the next fan so as rover23 has said lets pull together and get through this stage of our clubs history.

  • why would any hooligan b intrested in a meaningless march? i hope the chap walking his staffordshire bull terrier had a ticket for it, oh but then again the majority of the protesters probably never even bothered to go to the game anyway!

  • We are Blackburn Rovers end of.. Football is all about opinions but the bottom line is that we should all get behind our club, regardless of personnel

  • Not my cup of tea but i agree with the reasons behind the march, the people organizing the march all had the best interests of the club at heart and made sure the protest was peaceful. Fair play to them!

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