Date: 22nd March 2007 at 12:42pm
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Vital Blackburn has been working towards securing an Interview with Blackburn Rovers Midfielder Tugay. It’s been agreed he will answer some questions, but not as many as we wanted.

With the games coming thick and fast for Rovers, not to mention Internationally with Turkey time is of the essence for the Maestro. Although some questions will still be answered we have to narrow down these seventeen of the best (there were more!) suggested by the members to a mere six of the very best.

As always Vital Blackburn is trying to get you, the members involved as much as possible and wants you to have what you want. We would like YOU to try and pick out the six you want us to ask. Simply read through them and put the numbers corresponding to the questions you would most like him asked in the comments below as this will help me pick out the six you most want? in theory anyway!

So here are the top seventeen questions to be whittled down to six?

1) Have you ever reject any transfers to clubs; if so who were these teams and why did you turn them down?

2) You said you want top play on until you are 40-years-old. I can easily see you doing this so if Rovers put a contract in front of you with four-years on it how long would you have to think about it before signing?

3) I still personally think you would have enough to offer many top European club sides so if a team like Barcelona, AC Milan or Bayern Munich etc. approached you would you be tempted?

4) Do you have any plans to be a Manager in the future; if so would you like to manage Rovers?

5) What do think of the clubs younger players; what ones do think would make it with the club?

6) How does working with Mark Hughes compare to other managers you have worked

7) You have scored some stunning goals in your time… which one stands out
above all the others?

8) Who do you regard as the best player you have played with at the Rovers?

9) Nicolas Anelka beat you to November`s Goal of the Month ahead of your wonder strike against Tottenham Hotspur, what a disgrace! Why do you think you did not win it with your superior strike?

10) Are you going to stay at Rovers after your playing days and coach the starlets in the ways of being a Jedi midfielder?

11) Which fellow countryman/men would you like to see play alongside you at Ewood Park?

12) Do you have to soak in the Bath for 4 hours after each game? I’m only 29 and I have to!

13) How does it makes you feel when you are putting 100% into your performance and other players around you aren’t?

14) What do you think of the referees in the Premiership? Do you consider them mere fools or sub-human no-marks that don’t understand your quality and passion?

15) Do you regret not moving to the Premiership Sooner?

16) Is Hughes the man to take rovers forward?

17) You have been with the club five and a half years now, which five players have stood out during your time at Ewood Park and why?

Remember we need to narrow these questions down to a mere six, so put the numbers for the six questions you would most like Tugay asked in the comments section below? I know it’s not easy to cut them down and six questions isn`t a lot but it is better than none. Think wisely and help me to help you.

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12 Replies to “Vitals Tugay Interview – UPDATE”

  • This is going to be tough isn’t it. It is a possibility that Tugay may answer a few more questions at a latter date, but not a definite. I’d probably go 1, 4, 6, 7, 16 & 17 myself.

  • Personally, i’d go straight for 1,7 and 17. Would also go for 11 and 5, but then would look at combining questions 4 and 10 – I’m intrigued as to what the Maestro intends to do once he finally hangs up his boots – Coaching, managing etc, and whether he intends to head back to Turkey or is settled in this country for good. From a selfish point of view, i’d love the guy to stay on as a midfield/passing coach – I can really see him taking to the role to be honest.

  • Yay my question is gettin the votes, cant wait to c what his favourite all time goal was, so many to choose from, oh we have been so blessed with his talent

  • This is good guys, making the selection a little easier. Combining 4 & 10 is a good idea HRH. They go hand in hand don’t they. as for the coaching, I feel you could be right, VERY much hope you are.

  • I would like to offer up 2 more questions for contention if possible, i missed the first lot of suggestions. 1. Having played for Galatasaray, would you ever consider playing or managing Fenerbahce or Besiktas in the future if the opportunity arose? 2. Who would you say is the greatest player you have ever played with, be it a Rovers player or a former club or international colleague? (maybe this could be combined with Q17 possibly?) Can these be given any consideration please????? Thank you

  • I don’t really know what to say BomBom. I like the questions but if used will have to either combine your Q2 with Q17 or just select 4 from above? His agent was too keen on the number of questions so if we start combining too many also he may get well p**sed off! It would be a shame to lose the whole thing by pushing it too far. Know what I mean? I’ll give it some thought and see what other Q’s people think we should ask.

  • Im more than happy for people to vote or veto my questions but can they at least be put forward for consideration with the others then? Thats all i ask, no special HDM treatment 😉 I appreciate the problems of having long winded questions with more than 1 answer, so I will bow to your decision making prowess (No pressure eh? lol)

  • Your Question 2 will be combined with Q8, so if this one does get used it will read with Rovers and anywere else, something like that. His agent specifically told me reduce the number of questions, and even said that some questions were too detailed, so to reword them, which has me worrying we may literally just get “yes” or “no” answers anyway?!?!

  • I think 4 (one of mine!) is proving a popular choice so that will kind of much cover 10 as well won’t it govt, hopefully if he answers as we’d like?!?!

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