Date: 7th June 2007 at 11:51pm
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After being recently overlooked for an England B game, Blackburn Rovers left-back Stephen Warnock is looking to put club before country next season.

The England B game with Albania saw David Bentley make his senior England debut (albeit in a B game) and the form of Warnock since his January arrival from Liverpool, added to the fact Ashley Cole was injured meant a glimmer of hope was there for Warnock? but it wasn’t to be.

Nicky Shorey was preferred and the Reading man played his part in the B game, and then the subsequent friendly with Brazil, although Wayne Bridge returned for the European Championship Qualifier with Estonia on Wednesday.

Speaking in the Lancashire Telegraph Stevie W said:

Obviously they had the B squad and I was overlooked for that so I’m just focused on doing well for Blackburn next season. If that’s not good enough then so be it. There’s nothing I can do about it.

“As long as the manager here is happy with me, that’s all that matters. So hopefully I can come back after the summer and play well for Blackburn

Wise words from Warnock, all he can do is keep his head down, as long as Mark Hughes and Blackburn Rovers are happy that is the main thing, England honours (so long as form is maintained) would SURELY come in time?!?! Although with Steve McClaren you can’t be too sure of many things, besides the predicable same old names constantly?



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  • The fact that Stevie W was overlooked for the England B game still bugs me, that was a PERFECT opportunity for him to have been looked at, but Stevie Mac thought different. All Stevie W can do is keep playing like he has and the public demand will eventually see him at least make the squad (but only to appease the public of course, he would almost certainly not play any part, a la Bents lol!)

  • Good on the kid. I said before i was happy with him when i posted an article. Its just great to hear words like this. Im just over hearing players come out and say i wanna have a good year and you never no a big team might come in for me next year. Congrats to the lad and eventually he will get his chance in the english team. Or he could claim australian citizenship, il take him as our left back lol. Bentley can do the same

  • Good attitude from Stephen. Hope everyone has a good look at him and realises this is the attitude to take.

  • Thats the spirit Stephen! If he continues his form into next season and keeps it at a high level, he will make it very difficult for McEricsson to overlook him!

  • Bom BOm – it doesn’t work like that! Poor Stevie… at Liverpool he couldn’t get a game… and plays brilliant for Rovers but we are unfashionable… Bentley should have gone on when Becks was subbed but our ace was again snubbed…

  • It is down to the club to make us fashionable again then that’s all we can do I guess. IF we play like we can we can get back into the top six next season, do it again in the season to follow and even McEriksson will have to start looking at our players (if he is even around?!?!) Good to hear fron Stevie W, keep plugging away and public demand will get you in son. With Bents pulling out of the under-21’s with fatigue, maybe this explains why he didn’t play fro England at all?!?!

  • A great response from Warnock. He has looked every inch the class act he was meant to be as a youngster at pool. What bugs me though is he made the England squad whilst a Pool reserve but not as a consistently sound performing premiership full-back. Strange that!

  • It’s like Ex Ewood says though isn’t it dude, it was a case of WHO he was playing for not how often he was playing for them, this is what has held England back for sooo many years!!! I personally think that in my lifetime of REALLY being into football this is stretching back as being the case for ALMOST two decades. Sir Bobby was the last man to pick players on merit in my opinion. The 1990 World Cup Squad was arguably one of the poorest we have had in recent years (in terms of big name star players) but it proved that the best players AT THAT TIME are what are needed.

  • Its still the best way to pick the squad, why players like Gareth Barry aren’t picked is beyond me??!??!

  • Barry has without doubt been the most consistent left-sided players for years, had Villa been in the top five or six all these years instead of just outside or around midtable, threatening to maybe break in he woulsd have had 50 odd caps by now, as it is if he is even into double figures I’d be surprised.

  • It is down to the players to use thei play to say to the respective country managers “OI BELLEND< LOOK AT THIS< I@M PLAYING BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE IN MY POSITION FROM MY COUNTRY. I DARE YOU NOT TO PICK ME!!!" time will tell although its been showed that McEricsson wont compromise his favourites for better talent!

  • Maybe McEricsson (McEricsson does look better with a c than it did a k!) will come good?!?! Rather than totally rip apart a team ahead of his first major tournament he is maybe gradually phasing players out and others in?!?! Failure to qualify for the European Championships WILL cost him his job lets not think otherwise, so by sticking with his “tired and tested” (and trusted?!?!) people he could well see this as his way of KEEPING his job before he makes changes, which could include Stevie W? I’m defending Stevie Mac again!!!

  • i never understand how england do so poorly with the players they have from anoutsiders point of view some of them seem not too bothered by the fact they are playin for their country does this come from the manager not motivatin his players or is it that the players from the fashionable clubs dont care as much because they care more bout thier club rather then country i think you would see hungrier players if they picked some lads form the unfasionable clubs as they would be grateful of the opportunity to play for their country!

  • um, he took over from “Ericlaren” immediatly after the WC, hes been involved in the set up prior to being manager, dont you think hes had that opprotinity HDM?? he chose to stamp his authority on the squad by……dropping David Beckham! The guys a gutless puppet and a yes man, he needs to grow a spine or get out!

  • durks de rovers – Absolutely dude, nail hit RIGHT bang squad on the head! Bring in the players that WANT to play for England (not saying the players that are don’t!) and you’ll see a FAR better standard of show being seen easily.

  • BomBom – I’m not doubting that, I know he’s been about the set-up for four-years before he took over so he should know what players can do (or can’t do as it more the case!) but he knows the majority of players he is still picking (that he shouldn’t!) have done a job in the past so “should” get us (England) to a tournament again. Failure to do this would see him lose his job and maybe cost him working again (as a manager anyway!) I’m clinging to the hope that AFTER the European Championships IF he gets us there he will then make the changes needed and bring players in that SHOULD be in and not just picking the players that he feels NEED to be in.

  • Bents4eng – Warnock is a GREAT footballer, I was all for his signing before he even arrived am thrilled that he arrived and we’ve all seen why! He’s my tip for next seasons Player of the Year Award already (and not just here on Vital Blackburn!)

  • HDM, you are totally contradicting yourself. Why should he need to wait until after the Euros to pick the squad that HE thinks should be in there. He has picked the squads for the last year, he has had that opportunity! If he had selected an entire squad full of uncapped players, there would have been an uproar about it, but if England would have won their group games with them all the Media would be saying Well Done McClaren for seeing the international potential in PLAYER X. Fact is, he hasnt the set on him to do what he thinks he is relying on players reputations, which is what they have done for England int he past, to get them through. Lampard is an exceptional talent at Chelsea, but when was the last time he played like that for England??? Croatia 2004 thats when! Over 3 years ago. Surely a rest from the starting XI and trying differnt players that he thinks might be worth a shot, like Barton, Parker, even Jenas, could have shown that we dont HAVE to have Lamps in there. Not picking on Lampard cos hes a cracking player but making a point. McClaren will not be in post after Euros anyhow as any tournament England enter, “the nation expects!” There is no way he will win the tournament with these players and the style of football he plays so bye bye Steve, enjoy your last year in charge of England

  • You may view it as “contradicting” myself but this is because you either don’t understand what I am saying or I’m not saying it very well?!?! Basically what I am saying is he (Stevie Mac) probably knows that he SHOULD make changes but as he KNOWS if he doesn’t qualify for the European Championships he is out on his arse he is thinking “I’ll use the same old players becuase they WILL (or so he thinks?!?!) at least get me to the European Championships.” HENCE save his job! He may then grow a pair and make a few alterations towards the end of the qualifying or even for the tournament (if we make it?!?!) itself. But after the European Championship (again if we make it or if he even has a job left?) maybe (this is at least my personal HOPING?) make changes, with him at least knowing he made it to the first major tournment as he knew he had to. It boils down to his cowardess in a sense but I’m just trying to think of possible solutions to his thinking (cowardess aside!) in NOT making changes now. This has probably made it none the clearer to you but I know in my own mind what I am saying.

  • BANG ON MATE! im still none the wiser! lol seriously tho, the current squad/team he uses did what int he WC? what did they do in the last Euros? 2002 WC??? England overhype themselves (well the media do it but these lads dont exactly play it down do they!) and they end up out on their respective arses on penaties! You are right, he is a coward, and he is a puppet, bowing to what the bigwigs at soho square want, After the Big Phil fiasco,m they want to retain as much control over the manager as possible, insomuch as” you cannot NOT pick Gerrards or Lampard otherwise the fans wont show up and buy tickets!” Personally, if it were me, i would pick that side on form at to hell with the opinions of those in teh FA. If i failed, i would then have failed because of my picks and my tactics etc. He will be out of a job because he is too afraid to do anything different to Sven!!

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