Date: 24th January 2007 at 10:55pm
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In the first of what will now prove a regular section “BomBom that RANT Man” embarks on his first rant reflecting on Lucas Neill, David Dunn and the injuries!

Finally, the end to the Judas Neill saga, Stevie Warnock coming in along with the hometown hero David Dunn. All was rosy in the garden of Ewood UNTIL Saturday, the Manchester City game.

Lucas Neill wanted to join an ambitious club harbouring outlandish aims!!!! So why did he pick West Ham then? Firstly, it purportedly wasn’t for the alleged £60,000 a week, no it was because he felt that Liverpool didn’t romance him enough and that the Chairman of West Ham, Eggert Magnusson, showed him a list of players that the ‘Ammers wanted.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for an ambitious club, I firmly believe that Rovers are an ambitious club, punching above its weight, considering the financial and geographical limitations that constrain the club but if you take a look at Jucas Neill’s new manager’s record in the transfer market at his former club, he was great at getting good prices out of his players (Scott Parker, £10 million to Chelski) and was great at grabbing cast offs and making them play well within his system but actually buying players for big money??? Oooh a tad different, Jason Euell from Wimbledon for £4.5m???? In 2004 he spent almost £9m during the transfer window, which includes signing England “internationals” Francis Jeffers from Arsenal and Danny Murphy from Liverpool, that’s approximately £4.5 Million a pop!!!! At least Sparky got Jeffers for free!!

The fact remains that given oodles of cash, Curbs doesn’t know what to spend on who! He’s like a spotty 16-year-old with his first ever copy of Football Manager and a cheat to give him unlimited funds. Wait till they sign someone like Matthew Upson for £9 million or Ruud Knol (yeah exactly, Who?) for £5 million! Anyway I digress.

Jucas stated that he wants glory in his twilight of his career, fair enough, we all swallowed that pill but by signing for West Ham then telling the press it was down to the fact that Liverpool didn’t chase him enough or show enough interest, “they didn’t come back in for me until 15 days into the window” was one of his quotes, what is he? A 17-year-old virgin? Get a grip. For all the Smoke, mirrors, daggers and yes, bulls**t he has come up with, it boils down to one motive, money. The proverbial cherry on top however, would be? “Great, I’ll sign on Mr. Curbishley, this club is going places, oh and can I have a relegation release clause please!!” Hahaha commitment to the cause, I love it!

For further reading, I found this article rather amusing so click here.

Before Neill decided he wanted part of the revolution at the Boleyn ground, Sparky once again did the natives proud by not only resigning one of our own back to the club in David Dunn but also pinching him from under the noses of those W**ky Wanderers and “Big Sam” having made £3.5 million on the deal, he has spent the best part of three seasons being treated by Brum’s medical staff, draining their resources and resting, what for, you may ask? For his glorious and triumphant return to the hallowed turf, that is Blackburn Rovers. Thanks go to Steve Bruce and the medical staff and David Sullivan for the support you have shown David in regaining his fitness in order to return home and star for us, much appreciated!

Now that one is out of the way, we could all look forward to the Man City game and lo, twas a great game for the blues! MGP back to his best, Tugay bossing the midfield for half of the game on those aging legs, it was magnificent, until that alleged Italian striker (not debating his nationality here, just the positional allocation, two goals all season, played nearly every game hahaha) decided to perform a dying swan in the Rovers penalty area, only to land awkward and roll up Andre Ooijer’s leg and bugger his ankle.

There was I, thinking, “that’s ok, we got cover, there’s Emo, plus this Samba bloke, ooh plus Eddie Nolan and Tony Kane in the ressies, we might just be OK” So, disappointing to lose an experienced campaigner, especially with the UEFA revving back up soon and with the Admiral returning soon, it wasn’t a disaster. Oh yeah, we stuffed the blue mooners 3-0!

Then to Vicarage Road, the league’s worst side (the table rarely lies!) and lo and behold we get turned over, albeit Benni McGoalmachine gets on the score sheet (good for me as him and MGP are in my fantasy team!)

Tuesday however was eerily similar to Saturday, however, there are, I feel, far, far reaching ramifications of losing the “pain in the arse” for the rest of the season. Firstly, the guy who done him, clattered him not two minutes before only to get away with it Scott free! Had it been Sav, he would have been booked for thinking about that type of tackle!!!!! No, this one isn’t going to be as easy to replace or cover, I mean, who can we put in? Dunny? Maybe but he was never that keen on defending before, don’t see a reason as to why that may have changed, The Axe? Please!

This injury is a total kick in the dogs dangly bits and could screw the rest of the year unless we loosen the purse strings and drag someone quality in on loan (not Lee Hendrie, before ANYONE says it.)

OK, now that’s over I will leave you with this thought, derived from Mr. Neill’s press conference at West Ham…

Come the summer, I think people are going to be talking about West Ham United with a completely different terminology.”

Yeah, “Championship”, “Playoffs”, “Promotion” and visiting the Dingles and Colchester spring to mind Lucas!


This article was written and submitted by BomBom.

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33 Replies to “What a Week We’ve Had!”

  • A great read BomBom really enjoyed it. Thanks for submitting it look forward to your next rant! Brum did look after Dunny well didn’t they, strange that they insisted on paying us £5.5 million to do so though 🙂

  • Damn, the guy that wrote that is a literary genius!!! haha. Seriously though, glad you liked it, all comments, criticisms and especially fellow rants welcomed, be as harsh or as funny as you like, but be warned, you may jsut end up as a topic in my next rant!

  • Nice work Bom Bom… I agree with you on mst things there but the big question is who should they bring in as a short term measure to replace Savage???? How about Mascherano on loan??? Or is that 3 club rule thing still in place???? Which is a load of nonsense anyway as Jon Stead has played for Sunderland, Derby and Sheff United this season…

  • Excellent article there BomBom, very enjoyable read and some views that I can easily align myself with. The fact we missed out on Haestad looks even worse now. He would have been an ideal replacement for Sav. I have been talking about Mash for a while now so if we can pull that off that would be awesome. Losing Sav is a massive blow, one that must surely command financial input. According to reported figures on our spending and sales this season we are currently breaking even, so there must be some money there from the original spending budget. Bring in Mascherano!!!!

  • He does have similair attributes to Savage so looks an ideal replacement. Someone ring Mark Hughes right now before he signs Lee Hendrie!!!

  • Bom Bom – good read… but although Money had a lot to do with it, it is reported that when Lucas was negoiating with Liverpool, Bend the Knees couldn’t be bother to drag himself off his rotund backside to even speak to Lucas… that speaks volumes… despite what we all know and that Lucas would have struggled to get a place on the bench let alone even play. Let’s leave off giving him grief, yes he wanted to go, he never said owt else, and while he stayed he played his best… respect to the lad… PLUS if you were offered 60K a week wouldn’t you go…

  • Lee Hendrie is not the answer but getting Mascherno would be tough. I did mention yeasterday something about Gattuso at Milan, as he’s not playing and maybe moving to Rangers in the summer then maybe we could set up a loan deal until then

  • There aren’t many that could replace Sav are there! Mascherano would be ideal, truely world class talent. The thought of Gattuso is also appealing, what a waste of talent going back to Rangers though!

  • I dont even think Gattuso is 30, i imgined he was older just cos his name has been around for a while. He’d be quality for us, knows english and could fit straight into the team, a loan would be perfect and I agree with Hendrie, I know we’re a bit desperate for cover but why a player that cant make into Villa’s team. There’s surely someone else out there. The Board ahve to see that if they want a return to Europe this yr that they will have to bring someone in that is good enough to replace Savages’ drive in the middle

  • Hendrie is a no go, if you can’t get in the Villa team (under two different managers!) and go out on loan at Stoke with other Championship teams after you at the time this tells you something!

  • Just looked up Gattuso, he’s just turmed 29 recently. He has been around for ages but was only around 18 when he first played for Rangers I think so this is why he seems so old. 29 in this day and age is nothing. Sparky hung up the line going through to Villa and make a collect call to Milan…

  • I do hope that Hughes acts, in defence the kids have proven they can cover but in thmiddle its different, Bentley is better on the rite, he’s played in the middle but is better where he is, which leaves the Axe, Dunn and Tugay. God forbid one of them gets injured ie Dunn then wot have we??one or two players needs to be brought in on loan till the end of the season then it can looked at when Savage and Reid come back into the team

  • Edgar Davids, seems to have totally gone of the radar! Interesting sure he’d do a short term job, but as with a Danny Murphy link I’d think Spurs would be looking for something in return as part of any deal, namely MGP.

  • There comes a point when Spurs would have to realise that Pederson is at a good club and with all Rovers troubles this season arent Spurs just above us!! Davids mite be a bit too much money, wages wise so maybe not I was thinking of committed players that may be free at min. I think Jol really wants Robben and Pederson is maybe unrightly seen as the Cheaper Option

  • regarding the replacement, i was thinkiing, if we are looking short term, arent there any decent midfielders in the cdhampionship that are upwards of 29 that fancy a crack at running rovers midfiled for the next 4-5 months, with european games too and the chance to earn a longer contract if it all pans out. I know hes not playing in the championship, but ppl like matt holland Jody morris still about?? its incentive for them to play well, plus play in the prem! The yids can kiss our arse when it comes to MGP. Any Davids deal would be dependant on them paying part of his wages at least until the end of season with the option of signing him at the end. Another name to possibly consider is Nicky Butt. Just throwing it out there

  • Nicky Butt, connection with Sparky but he’s bang back in favour at Newcastle now isn’t he. Matt Holland is a top player, Jody Morris is a real battler, was with Millwall last I knew. Arsenal must have some youngster they wouldn’t mind loaning out? What about Lassana Diarra at Chelsea on loan? Papa “the wardrobe” Bouba Diop from Fulham or Ray Parlour short term from Boro?

  • Just noticed your post in the forum BomBom. Didn’t know the situation with Ray Parlour when I wrote my previous comment. He surely has to be the most realistic option now doesn’t he? Short term deal gotta be a winner hasn’t it?!?!

  • I think so, hes 33, give him a 18 month contract with the option of another year, although, his wages would probably be high, cos his missus gets most of it LOL

  • Parlour is done, he couldn’t get into a struggling Boro team so I dont think he’s the answer, even if he does come free, neither is Jody Morris. Bouba Diop would be good but I think its a £5m deal to get him in. Daiby at Arsenal is only coming back to fitness maybe him possibly on loan, helps both teams out

  • Could be a risk with Diaby couldn’t it, if he broke down we’d be screwed. We have little or no money left so a freebie or loan is almost certainly going to be the way we go. If Parlour (and his missus) lowered the wage demands then I think we could be on a winner here, although I’d only offer a deal until the summer with the option of a years extension. He’s probably had some battles with Sparky during his Arsenal days and Sparky’s United so he should know first hand what he can do.

  • we cannot rely on other teams prospects to hole up Savages position. Diarra wont come to us, im sure of that, especially seeing as hes getting the occasional game for them, Diop is going to cost us more than we should spend on a stop gap replacement. surely theres a player out there capable of filling in short term, Hayden Mullins maybe? Curbs is having a bit of a fire sale at the moment

  • Apaarently we’re now linked with Taccharnardi from Villareal… he’s got the right experience… get the man on loan. Quick Sparky before Lee Hendrie becomes a serious option.

  • we cannot get him on loan as he is already on loan at villareal. It would have to be a purchase. When i saw the headline on Skys website “Italian midfielder linked to Rovers” i thought, damn those Sky lads have been reading our forums and think we a re after Gattuso lol

  • They could cancel the loan as he is not getting regular games and loan him to us…. Its worth a try. I think loaning would be our best option as ideally he will be a stop gap until Robbie comes back.

  • Thats what I thought also BomBom, it wouldn’t surprise me as clearly skysports scoope us out for news 🙂 We could get him on loan (loan move, or short term contract fro someone free Parlour for example or a nominal fee is our best bet, totally agree) as the deal can be ended. They’ve already said they won’t sign him so he may as well go back. Please don’t sign Hendrie Sparky!

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