Date: 10th June 2007 at 7:18pm
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Several Blackburn Rovers players were told they could leave (with one even told his contract will not be renewed) but where and when are they going?

Michael Gray has been told his contract will not be renewed, so he’s gone. Peter Enckelman, Francis Jeffers and Andy Todd have all been told they are free to leave if an adequate offer comes in.

There has been significant interest in Jeffers, nothing that I am aware of as far as Enckelman and Gray are concerned, but the focus of this article though is Andy Todd.

Todd has basically been a dead-man walking for the past 12-months, or more. The real turning point was his disgust at being substituted in a match towards the end of the 2005-2006 season when (unless I am wrong?) he showed his distain by throwing the captains armband to the floor in Mark Hughes’ direction, not a good idea.

Hughes views and visions for the club did not involve Todd (who had been a good for the club but we are going in different directions, and my personally opinion is Todd is not up to the Premiership any longer in any case) but he is still here despite his agent (none other than Peter Harrison!) bigging him up and touting his services to others, even claiming of interest from teams north and south of the boarder, including Bolton Wanderers, Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic, Portsmouth, Wigan Athletic and Glasgow Rangers.

Since Todd has been told that he can leave if the right offer is made things seem to have gone VERY quiet, especially where Harrison is concerned.

Is it a case of Harrison exaggerating interest in Todd or is it the reported £1 million price tag Rovers have put on his head?



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  • I actually wrote this a few days ago but I notice earlier Todd had come up in the media with John Williams again reoterating he’ll ONLY go on our terms! With no pressure to sell unless we get what we want he will just see out his contract here (even if he doesn’t like it!) but if we get a £500,000 offer I think he will be gone! But where is this interest Harrison was claiming gone now?!?! Much like the Lucas Neill hype I think Harrison may well be banging his own drum here!?!?

  • Gotta agree with bombom, any money is good money for players which we aint even using. They are taking up wages and 500k each for todd and enkleman should be accepeted

  • I wouldbe suprised if we got anything for Enckleman, Todd is worth 500K tops. Mickey Gray will obviously leave on a free and I wouldn’t suprised to see him head to Leeds. as for Jeffers if we do get £1.5 million for him then I will hold a party at my house and buy everyone there drinks for the night in celebration.

  • Come on Jeffers you little beauty PLEASE go for £1.5 million, you know you are worth EVERY penny lol! Would more than agree dude if we get ANYTHING for Enks I’ll be surprised, Todd SHOULD be allowed to leave for £500,000 minimum and as for Mickey Gray, I thought Leeds would have been his destination, but with them now in League One, not sure he’ll fancy that or they could even afford his wages, as he don’t come cheap does he?!?!

  • Todd may go for less than the £1m asked for, it may be a case of start high then come down to the actual asking price. He’s a player that would be good for one of those clubs just about the playoffs in the Championship, add some steel to the defense, although he’s an f’ing nutter to boot

  • Yeah Todd could do a job in the Championship for sure, I’d rather have him in my team than play against him I tell ya, although having him on your side hasn’t stopped him in the past! We’ve been discussing this reported JR and Beats swap deal that has been flying around, check it out Clint in the 100% Rovers forum. Personally I can’t see it happening AT ALL, although I could still see Beats coming in this direction?!?!

  • good riddance to them all.. £500k is quite generous for any of them, although I could see Todd slotting nicely into a championship side

  • Yeah they are all deadwood so as soon as they stop drifting around our training ground taking up wages the better. Todd is a thug, but he has been a decent servant to the club. Highlight has to be his ‘collision’ with van Persie!!!

  • lol roversman! Agree Bents4eng if we can get offered somewhere near half a million for any of them it has got to be worth taking, with the exception of Franny, holding out for £1 million for him is more acceptable.

  • I fondly remember that “collision” as i was there, in the north stand at the millenium. I saw it happen, for some reason as he shot i looked at Todd and saw it coming. I LMFAO when it happened and when he said that it was unintentional, i thouight, ok MAYBE. once i saw the replay though…..Who runs with their forearm and elbow out at a right angle and in line with their chins??? LOL good ol Toddy!

  • It was a mighty savage attack wasn’t it! Like you say dude when watching it first off you maybe thought yeah I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but just ONE replay was all you needed to know otherwise, ouch that HAD to hurt lol!

  • Van Persil just DID NOT see it coming did he. As he was wheeling away to celebrate the goal POW! sweet as! The funny thing for me however was the fact that the Arsenal lads, IMSC, ran over to Wenger and celebrated the goal while VP was sparked out on the turf, thinking he was back home in Holland waiting for his mummy to come tuck him in!

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