Date: 4th March 2008 at 7:00pm
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Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams has said that he feels Rovers are offering the best value for money in the Premier League.

The offer that Rovers gave their fans last summer led to an 18% increase in Season Ticket sales has led them to freeze prices for “Early Bird” buyers for next season, and Williams believes that because we offer good football at VERY affordable prices it means we offer the best value for entertainment value in the League.

Williams told the Lancashire Telegraph: “We feel it’s a very competitive price.

“We have to be realistic in this area, and it’s hard work for us because we are a small town.

“Everyone knows we are operating with seven Premiership clubs within 30 miles of our doorstep, and that’s not forgetting Burnley and Preston as well.

“So it’s tough and price is always going to be an issue in an area where wages are below the national average, and we have to have an eye on that.

“Having said that, we are running a business and we are trying to compete in the most competitive league in the world, so we have to balance the volume of people against the income that we are going to get.

“We think this year we’ve got it just about right, and we hope that will continue

The “Early Bird” offer means that those that take up the offer to renew (or buy) before the end of April get their Season Ticket for the same price as it was this season, all if this is part of the “Prize Freeze” initiative, which was launched on Monday. It is hoped that this offer will see, and even greater increase Season Ticket sales for next season.

He added: “I think it’s common knowledge now that we made some significant cuts to prices last year.

“We cut the average price by 25 per cent, and 30 per cent behind the goals, and it has worked for us.

“We’ve seen an 18 per cent increase in season tickets, and we’ve decided that it is right to stick with those prices.

“So, effectively, the ice sculpture is to reflect the fact that prices have been frozen, and the £249 represents the lowest adult price

ONCE again Rovers show the way with ticket prices don’t they!!!



12 Replies to “Williams: We’re Best Value For Money”

  • I’m CERTAIN that sales will be good again for next season and we could see another increase in Season Ticket sales.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to prices after April though, they would probably rise slightly wouldn’t they, but by how much?!?!

  • Can we perhaps interest you in Shevo? A feckin bargain this week, only 29.900.000 this week only. 🙂

  • no, u can keep him lol, id rather benni, roque, derbs, robbo (yes i said robbo) then shevo lol. Actually gimme kuqi lol

  • Sparky is still better than half the forwards in the League did you see those kicks up at the Roque unveiling when we signed him… great stuff!!! And you can forget us having sheva BITC… hes rubbish.

  • Oh and as far as ticket prices go… Other Premier Leagues teams should follow suit. We are the best for value and we need to show we can compete with the “big boys” around us.

  • heh – actually – I just found out the other night I could post on other teams pages without signing up again… But it is true, more teams could take a lesson from you. I’d love to have the Bridge offer this kind of price – you can barely get into one match for that in some stadiums!

  • BIt far fetched but I see your point, the price for single matches at the Emirates and Stamford Bridge is beyond a joke… £55 at the Bridge.

  • Believe me – I am not overly happy about the prices at the Bridge! You want to go there with wife and kids, you end up spending over £200 before you count refreshments etc.

    But think about the prices at Wembley. For the best seats there, you’re talking crazy money. And some seats in the RWC Final were going for over £2000.

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