Date: 21st May 2007 at 12:01pm
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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 will begin to be dished out with the

Worst Goal Conceded of the Season

When asked to simply leave the name of the player (and obviously who the goal was for) you feel scored the goal, which was the WORST we conceded this Season most felt?

Darren Bent was the Award Winner, congratulations I guess go to him!

Bent’s goal for Charlton Athletic in our 4-1 victory at Ewood Park is memorable for the crazy defending by Stephen Warnock as he inexplicably headed against his own bar to leave Brad Friedel more exposed than a naturists at a naturists retreat (that’s how exposed he was!) to allow Bent to follow up.

We didn’t really get too much interest on this category, which is fair enough really I guess as ANY goal conceded is bad but Bent’s seemed to carry slightly more backing so he gets the nod ahead of Bobby Zamora’s “goal” for West Ham United, as the best worst goal we conceded!

To see what people had to say on this category click here.

Thanks to those of you that voted on this, shame there weren’t more but other areas have been covered in greater detail but PLEASE KEEP your votes coming in for these other Awards though, as there is STILL time to vote so click here for the list of categories and vote on the one(s) you want!



17 Replies to “Worst Goal Conceded of the Season”

  • So there you have it the “the best worst goal we conceded” was scored by Darren Bent. KEEP the votes coming in for the others Awards while you still can!!!

  • Hehe. Top quality award HDM – I guess that would have to be the “shabbiest play leading to rubbish goal” – Although the West Ham Tevez incident stank to high heaven, you can’t really blame our lads for it.

  • lol, that “goal” came VERY close to being the one selected but as it wasn’t a goal (even though the record books show it was!) it couldn’t be used, as you sat though mate we weren’t really to blame were we. KEEP VOTING on other areas people, another award will probably be handed out tomorrow though 🙂

  • I wouldn’t say I hate him, wouldn’t even say I dislike him, don’t really have much of an opinion on Darren Bent to be honest. I don’t doubt he’s quality but not convinced he’s maybe quite the player a lot of people think?!?! I can’t think of that goal Goofle, guess it was in the 6-2 “hammering!”

  • I think it could be an idea. Did you see the look of horror on Stevie’s face as soon as he did it, PRICELESS! What about the anger he showed after Bent scored, thought he was gonna do a Rio Ferdinand and shout and moan at everyone feeling it was “their” fault but he knew he couldn’t!

  • I would have said the worst goal we conceded was the Tevez offside, never in in a month of Sundays, biggest travesity this season one!!

  • I hear you Clint, but I try to forget that as it wasn’t a goal 🙂 I love it when Rio cocks up, he LOVES to blame someone, I love it even more when it is blatantly obvious that he can’t but he still tries lol!

  • Rio is the most over hyped player in the league, I remember watching Utd in a Champions League match on RTE one time and Eamon Dumphy actually called him a Donkey on air, now I think that says it all!! To spend £30m on him when Nesta was going for £15-£18m at the same time, just silly, God even Cannavaro went for less and he was the best in the world at the time, maybe still is. Boro good Woodgate for £7m I think?? He’s a much better defender if only he could keep fit and just think wot Carragher woulf go for who I rate head and shoulders above the Donkey

  • You mention bargain defenders clint but they could of bought one from DC United for nothing?!??! Oh well we’ll put up with him instead.

  • I was thinking more of England defenders otherwise I’d have said lol Nelsen is, in every Rovers fans opinion, up there with the very best in the Premier League, add to him ‘The Wall’ who is only going to get better and better.

  • Rio is definately overrated no two ways about it and gets away with murder (the mistakes he makes/made without paying for it). He was NEVER worth the £30 million!

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