Date: 17th April 2007 at 11:45am
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Speculation in today’s papers is claiming that the dreaded contract “release clause” could come back to haunt us again this summer, with Morten Gamst Pedersen set for a Blackburn Rovers exit as a result.

Last summer, due to such a release clause written into Craig Bellamy’s contract we had to let him leave for Liverpool in a £6 million deal, today the Dailly Mirror (of course with it being the Mirror it must be true LOL!) are claiming that Gamst Pedersen (who signed a new four-year contract last summer to fend off interest from Tottenham Hotspur) has such a clause written into his contract, an £8 million release clause.

It is being suggested that part of the arrangement that saw Gamst Pedersen double his £10,000 per week wages last summer, when signing the four-year deal also included having the dreaded release clause written into it. Manchester United are believed to be preparing a summer bid to trigger this release by offering Rovers that amount. They would also offer a healthy signing on fee and MUCH higher wages.

So the question is do we really think MGP has such a release clause, but more to the point will he still be a Rover for the season 2007-2008 season? If it is true that he has such a clause no matter how much Rovers want to keep him and how much we think we could or should get more than £8 million, that amount would see him become a Manchetser United player, if of course he wanted to, which if we are honest would he really say no?

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16 Replies to “Contract Clause To See Gamst Exit?”

  • With every summer that passes and we keep MGP I am delighted, but I REALLY fear that new contract last summer or not we’ll not be seeing him back at Ewood Park next season, other than with an away team! Damn these contract release clauses, if we do have to have these could we at least make them higher! If Ashley Young (as good as he is) can go for £10 million, surely a player of MGP’s PROVEN quality should have been valued at at least £10 million, and as such had such an amount put on his head?!?! All we can do is HOPE that he doesn’t have such a release clause but it would not surprise me in the least if he did nor would it if he left in the summer. If it would “only” take £8 million to see this he’ll be gone. As long as he left for someone like Manure and not Tottenham Hotspur we can at least accept this can’t we?!?! I worry that players like Bents, Benni and maybe even Stevie Warnock also have similar issues with their contracts, which could be VERY bad news for Rovers this or future summers!

  • With it being a contract extension, i cannot see us having included a 8M clause at all – We were in the driving seat, unless he had a much lower value in his previous contract. I don;t have a problem with these clauses, as they allow a complicated procedure (valuation) to be simplified greatly, and offer better clarity. However, why they aren’t staged i’ve no idea (Eg, 16M yr 1, 12M yr 2…. 4 M yr 4) Not difficult really. Having said all that, i think there is a superb atmosphere at our club at the moment, and don’t see why anyone would leave to be a bit part player anywhere else.

  • HDM- that’s what I said in the past! My fear was that other stars in our squad write those clauses!!!
    I like Pedersen even though I’m not sure and probably never will be that he’s a natural winger….
    The problem is that a left sided player is very hard to get…..
    Can’t see Peter just yet in our starting 11, but maybe I’m wrong?

  • I hope that you are right about the chances of him not having the release clause. You are right we were in the driving seat but players have the power nowadays don’t they, not clubs (even ours and the GREAT way it is run.) That’s a good theory Head Rovers Heels, that way contracts WOULD be worth something, if clubs HAD to pay the amounts a contract stipulated then maybe they would be worth something. The club is going places, let’s just hope the likes of MGP, Bents, Benni etc. can still see this. If we keep the majority of players, get others returning and add a few more we’ll be pushing hard for a top 4 place next season.

  • I wouldn’t disagree Israeli, I worry that MANY of our players have these clauses, just hope they don’t. We’ll find another left-sided player if we have to, but could certainly do worse than Sergio if we had to play him, something I’d not mind. We also have Treacy coming through, looks a tasty player. Let’s just hope all this comes to nothing and we have MGP here next season anyway!

  • The purpose of the article was to stimulate debate and cause some speculation. It has done that and this rumour will run and run, but I doubt the clause really exists as it is well below his true market value. The move to United makes sense as MGP wouldn’t have to move home and could play in the Champions League. However, I think it’s a year too soon. MGP would be wasted on Utd’s bench and Giggs still has a year at the top before he has to step down. Don’t worry, he’s not going to Spurs unless he’s a complete pudding – that would be a sideways move and might jeopardise his move to United because Spurs can afford not to sell him when the offer comes in. Another season and he’ll move to United. If he goes this season it will be for a lot more than £8m!
    He’s worth £15+ million because left midfielders who can head, volley, pass, cross, tackle and cover that much distance every game, take and frequently SCORE free kicks are very rare indeed.

  • Way to try and cut down a “debate” snapeylad LOL 🙂 The purpose of this article was exactly that, stimulate debate I wasn’t looking to cause speculation, the papers do enough of that anyway! Anyone who has the internet or looks at papers see this everyday anway. We All KNOW MGP’s worth £15 million plus (if any players really is anyway!) in today’s market, but what you want and what you get CAN be different things. I genuinely hope that there isn’t a clause in his contract but as I say after being bitten before its once bitten, twice shy. If there is then £8 million will be pocket change for a lot of sides.

  • Ive said this previously, if Ashley Young is worth 10 million, and MGP is a proven prem player and an established international, surely that means that he is worth more?

  • BomBom- good point, but that’s not the first time that clause does’nt reflect on the true value- just like on Bellers case.

    The major problem in my opinion is that Hughes does’nt seem to attract any super class players to ewood park. I’m not naaive- I know that 4-5 players will cost too much money. On the other hand with the help of next years TV rights, perhaps we can attract a star to ewood park. Otherwise I could’nt blame Gamst for leaving (even though he just signed a new contract).

  • I do think that if he did have a contract release clause some club would have found out in Jan market, I cant believe that clubs like Spurs and Liverpool who have been crying out for a left winger would not have attempted to get Pederson then, why would they have waited until the summer when there is no negotations to slow things up??

  • You’ve said it BomBom, and I said it early on in these comments, but Israeli is right these don’t always reflect truely players worth. I do hope that there isn’t a clause and in answer to you Clint I would say people don’t generally spend big in January do they, so paying out £8 million for a player who won’t have long to gell in a season doesn’t often happen. If purchased in the summer they have a pre-season to do this to an extent don’t they.

  • I doubt whether he’ll stick around if a clause does exist but please steer him away from Spurs – they’re such a bitter lot!

  • I think the big difference between us giving Belllamy such a low release clause is that he was unproven when he signed. Gamst is a proven prem star and I find it hard to believe that we would have allowed £8million to be the fixed fee. If indeed there is a clause in there I envisage that it will be much higher.

  • We’d all VERY MUCH hope so would we roversman, if indeed there is one, HOPEFULLY not!!! If he left for Spurs I’d be disgusted to be honest, big club (fan wise etc) but in terms of where both teams are going would it REALLY be a move forward?!?!

  • Hughes was supposedly quoted in saying it would take a lot more than £8m to get Pederson, so is he hinting that the clause is higher or basically saying that clubs would have to offer a huge amount of money to even get Rovers intersest up?

  • With that in mind Clint surely (unless mid games?!?!) he can’t have a clause. he’s easily a £10-£15 million player in this day and age.

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