Date: 6th June 2007 at 11:45pm
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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with the

Best Goal scored against Rovers this season

When asked to simply leave the name of the player you feel scored the goal, which you feel was the BEST (I know they are all bad but some leave you thinking, well done!) we conceded this Season most felt?

Paul Scholes should be the Award Winner! So congratulations go to Paul Scholes for scoring the best goal we conceded.

No goal conceded is a good goal but this goal from Scholes was a corker. With Rovers holding onto a 1-0 lead at Old Trafford (thanks to Brad Friedel!) the ginger ninja that is Paul Scholes danced his way through the Rovers defence on the hour, beating not one, not two but three defenders before finally beating Friedel to draw Man United level (in fairness the least they deserved!) The flood gates them opened and they ran out eventual 4-1 winners.

It was a goal that had been coming, but even then it took something special to break us down and it certainly was that.

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19 Replies to “Goal of the Season (Against Us!)”

  • It was a corker, well done Paul Scholes. With the new arrivals Manure have Scholesy will find it hard to get a regular place at Manure now won’t he?!?! Get those feelers out Sparky as your former team mate could still do a job despite age being against him. He was right up in the running for Player of the Year last season wasn’t he, so still has a few good years left in him?

  • Agreed, tho am annoyed it had to be a Scumchester United player but credit where it was due, he danced past 3 players before coolly finishing it. nice one ya ginger to$$er!

  • I was watching England in the 1998 World Cup when we (England) played Tunisa and Scholesy scored. It was me, a couple of my best friends and one friends sister, anyway when Scholesy scored one friend said “It’s a shame he’s ginger!” It just so happens that our other friends sister has flaming ginger hair lol! As you an imagine some grovelling was required I was LMAO!!!

  • LMAO, open mouth, extract foot! Been there, done that too, kinda hard to backtrack when the entire pub hears ya!

  • Hughes, I think the new arrivals will find it hard to get a regular place with Scholesy still around and in magnificent form. He will do the job for us for two more seasons at least. Anyway, he’ll retire from United or play at his childhood heroes Oldham before he hangs up his boots.

  • Yep, i don’t see scholsey doing anything other than finishing his time at Utd, and then heading for Oldham for either a swan song playing, or maybe even going for a coaching role. Fantastic player, unfortunately for us.

  • Do you not think these new kids they have signed are direct replacements for Scholes and Giggs. Apparently Sunderland have put in a cheeky 2 million bid for Scholes!?!?!? Surely worth a try????

  • midlothian99 – This is something (playing for Oldham) that I first heard Scholesy say probably about ten-years ago, so this probably will be the case. WHAT a great footballer he has been, we (England) have missed him!

  • MikeyGamst – Yeah I saw that dude and had a little laugh with my brother over it, but when we thought about it with the new players coming in (can you really see Carrick AND Hargreaves being left out?!?!) the thought that Scholesy and Giggs could leave isn’t so crazy afterall is it? If we could pick him up for a couple of years that would do me, a move to Rovers would be ideal, no moving involved, he knows Saprky VERY well, and he could still move onto Oldham (again without having to move!) a few years later, it’s that simple!

  • Scholes would become a real estate legend. A far as the award goes, can’t argue with that. I dont like United but there are some instances where you have to shrug your shoulders and accept sheer class.

  • Totally MikeyGamst, any TRUE football fan can acknowledge when someone does something truely good or great against you. Although I get angry when it happens I’m not afraid to applaud a quality goal, dribble or whatever even if it is against us, you have to don’t you.

  • I’m pretty sure giggs and scholes will prob still be first choice next season.. they’ll just be gradually weened out until they are replaced. I think Carrick’ll be replaced by Hargreaves straight change and Carrick’ll be the utility sub? Both manures buys are more long term than short term. As for Scholes’ goal… i also shrug my shoulders and bitterly clap!

  • The price tag given Carrick was WAY too much but he has shown he is a top, top footballer with Manure this season. As for Hargreaves I didn’t rate the guy at all until the World Cup when he stood up and was counted when so many other England players didn’t. Could Hargreaves and Carrick play in the same side though?!?! But could Manure leave one or both out?!?!

  • Scholes is pure class and has been for yrs, Now im in the hate them side of the Utd debate, like Marmite u love or hate! but when a players good he’s good!! Retired to soon from international scene and scores crackers, so no shame in voting his goal the best.
    Carrick is an ok player, never worth the money that was paid, to Spurs, they must have packed his bags for him for that much lol Hargreaves is again in my opinion is better in the holding midfield position and then do u drop Scholes for Carrick – plz!!

  • I’m glad this decision is down to Fergie! But hey, what should I care?!?! Scholes retired from England as he was feed up with our (England’s) constant under-achieving, which is fair enough. He also concidered his Manure future for the same reasons apparently! I’d still have him here any day of the week.

  • Oh def, without a doubt mate. He is without doubt the best midfielder that England has produced over the last 10yrs. and even at 32, old in football yrs, most teams would still fight over him and not only cos of his name and reputation but for the fact that he produces the goods on the pitch

  • You would think Giggs as he is slightly older, but I am not sure he will play for ANYONE else in his career, so I think he may well retire when he calls it a day with Manure, but still has a few years left in him yet, so agree probably Scholesy as I could see him playing for someone else after Manure (even before Oldham than is!)

  • Scholes first IMO, he can come over to Rovers any day, that orange glint from his head would contrast lovely with our home kit!

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