Date: 18th June 2007 at 11:59am
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Over the next few days we are told that Chelsea will step up their interest in Benni McCarthy.

Whilst the rumours did die down for a while they are back again now (I think we all knew they would return)… but the good news is that Rovers have moved to clarify their position on matter early…

Sky Sports has reported that Benni is a target of Mourinho but Hughes has stated that he is not for sale…

Speaking to the Sun, the worlds most ignorant manager stated….

‘He is the kind of striker every coach wants and I am no exception.

‘I’ve worked with him successfully in the past at Porto. I do like Benni.

‘I’m not surprised about his achievements. He could score goals anywhere.

‘If he stays injury free, he’ll surpass his achievement of last season.

‘I saw the possibility of us reuniting at Chelsea but he has a contract.

‘I could tell that he wanted to play for me again because we had a wonderful time together.

‘But Blackburn said he was not for sale and you have to respect that.’

I for one am glad we have made a point of stating our position early as this may kill off rumours. There will always be rumours for our players as we are a ‘smaller club’ (unlike Spurs we are told who are massive) but as long as we make progress we can keep these players… as we have a well run club and a superb manager.

I am confident we will have Benni with us come the start of next season.

Mikey Gamst.


23 Replies to “Jose To Step Up Interest In Benni”

  • Another superb article MikeyGamst.
    I am with you dude, I am more convinced with each day that passes Benni will be with Rovers next season (to see if he can make the second season continued/improved performance that he might not be able to anyway?!?! Although I think he will have as good a season next season as he did in the last, if not Better!)
    Ouch, the Spurs lot will not be happy though LOL!
    My own personal opinion on the Special one is that he isn’t quite as arrogant as a lot of people think, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and although Jose Mourinho sometimes boarders on the arrogant I don’t think that he is. I wonder how his comments will be see Benni react though?!?!

  • i hope sparky tells chelsea where they can go but benni might start actin de maggot and say we are holdin him back but he is under contract to rovers and i hope it stays that way

  • true dude he is under contract so he only leaves if we want him to. He can whine all day long but if Rovers don’t want him to go he WILL stay for at least two more years if it suits us won’t he. This said if he could cause trouble in the changing room we would be better off without him. But we will be OK I am sure, and we’ll see him here again next season scoring goals (and not against Rovers!)

  • I think the media commments that Benni made were blown out of proportion… however I a sure he would love to play with Jose again… HOWEVER… if he is half as honourable as he made out in the past he will stay if we tell him to.

  • these days honourable isn’t a word in most players vocabulary but we can’t tar all players with the same brush so lets just hope benni does stick to his word and doesn’t kick up a fuss if we don’t let him go

  • He shouldnt kick up a fuss as he makes out he is loyal and that is the best username I have seen in along time mate….

  • I have to say that Jose is a very smart and cunning get, in coming out and saying this amd the words that he used he has paved the way for Benni to ask for a transfer. If he does I say let him go, get a good price for him and but in a replacement, im not for any min belittling wot the man has done for the club but he’s only one player who can be replaced after all. I do think he’ll be with us next season as with the takeover he will want to see where the club will be going, after all next season we could be pressing for the top6 def and should anyone slip up then ourseves and Spurs are in a good place to strike.

  • Benni hasnt made much of a fuss since that interview so who knows what he really thinks. Either that or hes still on holiday lol

  • do u think that shold Chelsea offer silly money for Benni that the club should take it?? im talking £10m+ sure with that and other monies we could buy Alan Smith, Bellemy, Nugent and Gudjonson to name a few. Not saying they are the ones but they are linked with moves away at the min

  • Too true Mikey…so shall we say £24mill to match the fee paid for Didier? Lol. I don’t think he will go, and I certainly don’t think he is as unhappy at Rovers as the adorable tabloids would have us believe!

  • I dont think we could afford all of those mate?!?!?!?! Belamy and Gudjohnsen would be great but I cant see it.

  • letsalldothesamba – Well here is that word again LOL! Tocuhe. It may sound unfair but I agree “honour” doesn’t have much of a place in football these days does it. For most it is just “a job” that they get paid a ***** load of money to do (not that I’m saying they don’t love doing what they do as they do.)

  • I would say that I think we could afford all those players that Clint lists (if we sold Benni at a good price, with some extra funds we’ll get) but getting them to ALL want to come here would be the problem. I wouldn’t want all of them anyway. Even with extra cash I don’t think Sparky will be splashing it around like his brut aftershave he uses in the morning (so I’d been told, not speaking from morning experiences with Saprky LOL!)

  • LMAO! Either than or Sparky’s locked Benni up somewhere until the transfer window closes! He’ll be mysteriously injured for the first month of the season (until the window closes) then suffer the same fate (when locked away again!) when it re-opens in January, before again recovering to take his tally to twenty plus again for the season again.

  • Do you reckon Sparky locked him in a room with a chain around his ankle like in the Saw films???? “Benni I wanna play a game”….

  • LOL Mikey. That freaky little thing on the bike is funny. I reckon Sparky has put him in that device that was used in Saw III where it turns to twists your limbs and neck if you don’t get unlocked myself!!! “Do you still miss Champions League Football Benni?!?!”

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