Date: 8th May 2007 at 12:16pm
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Speculation regarding the future of Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy has been growing but he says his future is down to the club.

McCarthy took his Premiership goals tally 16 on Saturday, making it 22 in total in what has been a VERY impressive first season in English football. As such the 29-year-old has been linked with various clubs including Manchester United, and most recently Chelsea.

The South African International (or is it former International? I get confused as he retires, then comes out of retirement so often!) will leave his future in the clubs hands, although he will not be demanding a move as he is happy to replay the faith the club showed in him, so is happy to stay if wanted.

Speaking in the Daily Star, McCarthy said:

If the club decides to sell me, it’s their call, not my call.

“I am just trying to play my best football and give everything I’ve got. Then whatever happens, happens.

“Blackburn showed a lot of faith in me, so I’m very grateful for that

I did have fears recently that perhaps we may lose Benni, and others but feel increasingly confident that we will keep him and the others despite obvious interest.


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18 Replies to “Rovers Call the Shots”

  • Benni WILL stay I am sure, we are under no pressure to sell and most will be in no hurry to move away as I honestly feel we can give the players what they want, and that is quality football with a club moving forward that WILL be in or around the European mix year in year out. Why give up first team football with a club that can offer them this for a place more often than not on the bench?!?! I’ve said it before, but will say it again Rover can compete with any club (the top four aside) so if players leave for ANYONE bar these they are not moving forward.

  • It certainly is, we were hearing more like this earlier in the season, we don’t want to be hearing the “I’d like to play for so and so” we want to hear the “I love it hear” and “I want to stay if the club want me” etc. again like this.

  • u cant fault a player for having the ambition to play for a bigger club but when, wot is one of our clubs more important players saying that he wants to stay then this is good for the rest of the players, the club, the fans and of course boads well for bringing in other players in the summer when they see the calibre of the players that want to stay at our wee club

  • Ambition is key to success, and is something we must have but didn’t Benni himself say this was something he hadn’t lost, but he’d achieved what he’d wanted to but had ambition to achieve things here, so wouldn’t staying and proving loyalty and realising these ambition here mean more than sitting on the bench albiet at a club with whom he will almost certainly be assured of at least one medal next season?!?!? All seems irrelevant as it appears he is staying anyway, woo hoo!

  • Loyalty should be rewarded. Bump up his conctract, extend it, im sure that will prevent any one trying to poach him for a few mill. And make sure there is no release fee clause lol

  • good plan.. with that extra tv money we can surely bump benni up a little and make sure he’s still a rover for seasons to come

  • we could use the money we’ll save on Nonda, he never did quite cut it and im sure he’ll be returned to Roma, im sure we were paying some of his wages if not all of the them. I would like to see another striker brought in, perferably Nugent or Bent but we’d be prcied out of them and plus i think we get a loaner to be 4th choice

  • Thats always a good plan to bump up his contract. They did it with MGP and Stevie Reid but I hope they don’t go putting minimum fee release clauses in his contract… I’m fed up of talking about them!!!!

  • I don’t agree with this policy to be honest guys, WHY give Benni extra money to make him want to saty?!?! I don’t see how this would reward loyalty? Loyalty would be him honouring his contract without the need of an extra incentive, which lets face it he should be on enough as it is without a sweetner on top?!?!

  • You must have posted the exact time I did Mikey! Another that agrees with the give him a little extra policy. Obviously if this means keeping him we’d have to, but should we really need to do this?!?!

  • its not about keeping him but giving him a little extra shows that the club respects his decision to stay, im not saying double his wages or anything

  • I see what is being said but why give him a little extra to show that we respect his decision to stay? He signed a three-year contract I think wasn’t it, was this (not that contracts mean much nowadays) not enough of a sign of respect of how much he was wanted?!?! I am just not sure that we should have to justify giving him extra if he decides to stay just one-year into this deal.

  • Here speaking of players and contracts Sky Sports have given me some bad news! Nonda to be offered a contract with Rovers, for real. Hughes believes he will come good next season! I still have my doubts but I can see where he is coming from as theres not to many strikers out there that would settle for 4th choice, £2m or not

  • Phsycic connection HDM.. never a bad thing. Is it a case of great minds think a like?? not too sure…

  • Who you calling a Psycho Mickey! Ohh I see not psycho LOL! Let’s not forget that some players take that season to adapt. I Sparky we trust.

  • OPEN INVITE HERE FOR ANYONE! Does anyone fancy putting together and submitting to me an article on the potential Nonda signing?!?! I would liek to cover it but I’m tied up (not literally!) with this and that this afternoon and tonight but would like to publish it today. So if ANYONE is up for this challenge write away and submit it and I’ll get it on when I get a moment. Cheers 🙂

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