Date: 14th December 2010 at 11:12am
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Rovers owner Arunadha Desai has stepped out to explain yesterday’s shock sacking of Big Sam.

The decisions seem to stem from the quality of football being produced and the way to take to the club forward.

Rather than me waffle on too much (as that happens too often anyway! Look I am doing it right now) I will take you straight to the source…

Desai told the Lancashire Telegraph: ‘We want good football and Blackburn to be fourth or fifth in the league or even better.

‘The fans should trust us because this is in the best interests of the club. Our thinking now is that it will be a British manager.

‘But we are open if there is an outstanding candidate, someone who would be really, really good for the club.

“It is nothing against Sam but we have a different vision looking forward and we want the club to grow.

‘It is not about the Bolton match. It has been a long time in our minds.

“We wanted good football, wanted the games to be interesting and of course wanted to win and to have good players.

“The fans should trust us and have belief in us.

The new head lady of Rovers even explained to fans it may take time to find a new man, maybe even months!

“Our thinking now is that it will be a British manager, but we are open if there is an outstanding candidate: someone who would be really, really good for the club.

“Right now Steve Kean will take over while we are looking for someone to take over on a permanent basis.

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33 Replies to “Venky’s explain themselves”

  • Don’t believe some of this at all. The reason it will take months to get a new manager is because that is after the Jan transfer window shuts. Yet they want us to finish 5th? She can’t possibly mean this season, unless she is insane!

  • With how close it is then maybe we can? But it will take more than signing Kris Boyd and Geovanni!!!! And spending much more than £5 million!

  • it has to be martin o neil….im reserving judgement until i see who we sign next, and what happens in the january transfer window

  • It has to be Martin O’Neill or Martin Jol and soon otherwise they might as well have kept Sam in charge. Don’t like the idea of waiting months either. We need a new striker and we’ll never attract a good enough one without a decent manager.

  • wow….how can fans really trust you when you pull something like that? that’s right, you really need to put in some serious money for us to play “entertaining” football and get results; otherwise, it’s all downhill from now…this season is a lost cause for us. and i am furious that they have no respect for Big Sam at all.

  • What a load of B.S – if they wanted change, they would have kept Sam in place until they had found a suitable replacement. With some winnable fixtures this month they have really put us on the back foot.

  • Well according to SPN it could be two months before we get in a new manager, get your heads round that one!!!!!!!!!!! Said it from the start worst thing ever to happen to Rovers this lot taking over.

  • According to SKY sport (and Rao) they already know who they want, and they are talking to the chairman of the club, so it seems like a manager who already has a job. So that rules out MON and Jol.

  • Hasty and poorly thought out. Amy Winehouse is a better decision maker than these clowns. All flash and no smash. I’m not the biggest Sam fan but he at least had a strategy and knew how to play to it.

  • There will be nothing but grief ahead for Rovers with these owners
    Will any half decent manager want to come here see Chris Hughton ruled himself out immediately

  • Venkys have admitted to approaching Diego Maradonna, but they don’t say in what capacity, hopefully it was to offer him a chicken sandwich.

    This is starting to play out like a surreal, black comedy, that everybody but Rovers fans will laugh at.

  • there are rumours of signing maradona as coach and they also said they would keep the caretaker coach in charge until the end of the season. until they can find a more suitable replacement why not sack sam at the end of the season .. were in more trouble now with a caretaker … =/

  • has the owners been giving interviews in english or not? we have been hearing so many conflicting stories the past couple days…no manager in line vs have identified targets, maradona contacted vs not considered, kean getting a chance vs only a caretaker manager….again awful PR and management…

  • Insanity. Why not keep big Sam till they find a replacement? Sack him and then search for a replacement? What do they think they are running, a chicken farm? Where the chicken will continue to keep feeding and thriving even without a manager.. Hasty, poorly planned and totally insane. I’m afraid these guys have no clue about running a football club. The best thing to do would be to do now would be to find a GOOD manager asap. This isn’t a joke anymore, it could drag y’all down, just because of a ludicrous decision by a bunch of crack pots.

  • I think the Venky’s CEO would be best advised to keep her mouth shut. Everything she says makes the image of their new venture worse.

  • they really need to stop their bashing against Big Sam. our chicken/football guru chairwoman just accused Big Sam of getting 9 out of 10 transfer wrong…she’s just a bxtch!

  • Your owners seriously do not have a clue when it comes to football, one of them looks like a pirate. They should stick to counting there chickens.

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