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March 20 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Sunderland â?” Ewood Park â?” Attendance 20,056 (,,10303~58678,00.html)

March 24 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Blackburn Rovers â?” The Reebok (,,10303~58757,00.html)

April 2012 â?” Blackburn Rovers legend Simon Garner joins BRSIT initiative to spread awareness and support the movement to takeover Blackburn Rovers. (

April 2012 – Bleeds Blue N’ White Blackburn Rovers fan site goes online. (

April 02 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” Blackburn Rovers 0-2 Manchester United â?” Ewood Park â?” Attendance 26,532 (,,10303~58802,00.html)

April 07 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” West Bromwich Albion 3-0 Blackburn Rovers â?” The Hawthorns (,,10303~58856,00.html)

April 07 2012 – Steve Kean manages his 60th game in charge at Blackburn Rovers, a 3â?”0 away loss to West Bromwich Albion leaving Rovers in the relegation zone with only 6 games of the season remaining. This was his 30th defeat as manager of Blackburn Rovers in 60 games. When compared to former Rovers manager Sam Allardyce’s statistics whilst manager of the club, it would reveal at this point that Steve Kean has only lost four games less as manager during his reign, with 30 games to spare.

April 10 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” Blackburn Rovers 2-3 Liverpool â?” Ewood Park â?” Attendance 23,571 (,,10303~58893,00.html)

April 14 â?” Barclays Premier League match – Swansea City 3-0 Blackburn Rovers â?” Liberty Stadium (,,10303~58945,00.html)

April 20 2012 â?” Norwich City manager Paul Lambert claims that Rovers fans are not helping struggle against relegation with protests. (

April 21 â?” Barclays Premier League match – Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Norwich City â?” Ewood Park â?” Attendance 23,218 (,,10303~58997,00.html)

April 29 â?” Barclays Premier League match – Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Blackburn Rovers â?” White Hart Lane (,,10303~59047,00.html)

May 07 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” Blackburn Rovers 0-1 Wigan Athletic â?” Ewood Park â?” Attendance 26,144 (,,10303~59087,00.html)

May 07 2012 â?” During the Barclays Premier League game against Wigan Athletic. The culmination of a season’s protesting at Home games finishes with a 9 minute protest during the match. A match which would ultimately consign Rovers to relegation. A live Chicken is released onto the pitch as part of the protest, as a symbol of Venkys considered disastrous reign as owners of the football club and there continued support of manager Steve Kean. ( (

May 07 2012 â?” Former Blackburn Rovers midfielder and fan favourite Robbie Savage calls on manager Steve Kean to step down from his position. (

May 07 2012 – Steve Kean reveals that the mass exits and arrivals to his Blackburn Rovers squad may contributed to Blackburn Rovers relegation struggle. This comment coming less then 7 months after his claim that Blackburn Rovers should be finishing in the top 10. (

May 07 2012 â?” Blackburn Rovers Right-Back Bradley Orr angers Blackburn Rovers fans after immediately after the final whistle backing Steve Kean as continued manager moments after Rovers were consigned to Relegation. (

(Blackburn Rovers relegated from English Premier League after 11 consecutive seasons)

(Kean evens Sam Allardyce’s defeats record with 25 games to spare, relegating Blackburn Rovers to the Football League Championship in the process.)

May 08 2012 – following Blackburn Rovers relegation. Manager Steve Kean vows to stay on as manager and states that he does not expect to be sacked as manager. (

May 08 2012 – letter leaked to the media written to Blackburn Rovers owners by Deputy Chief Executive Paul Hunt.

Letter key-points:

Stressed the need for change of manager on December 21, two days after the Lancashire Telegraph called for Steve Kean to be sacked

Hunt voices concern over financial problems including the very real risk of administration

The loss of fans attending games at an â??alarming rate

Kean’s loss of backing from staff, fans and players

Appealed for staff to be used for the role they had been appointed too

Voiced concerns about the risk to club in eventuality of relegation

Draw’s parallels to similar situations Barclays Premier League clubs have found them self in the past and what happened

Concerns regards the bank and loans

May 10 2012 – Paul Hunt leaves Blackburn Rovers after leak of letter to the media. (,,10303~2764924,00.html)

May 10 2012 – National Newspaper claims that Steve Kean has â??dragged his wife into the mess at Blackburn Rovers. Also reveals Kean’s anger at comments directed at him and owners Venkys by a local MP. (

May 10 2012 – Blackburn MP and Blackburn Rovers football fan Jack Straw calls for Investigation into running of Blackburn Rovers by Owners Venkys. (

May 11 2012 – Owners Venkys deny rumours that they are intending on selling Blackburn Rovers. (

May 12 2012 – National media report that Steve Kean Manager job safe. (

May 13 â?” Barclays Premier League match â?” Chelsea 2-1 Blackburn Rovers â?” Stamford Bridge (,,10303~59119,00.html)

May 14 2012 – Video emerges of Steve Kean criticising and swearing about former Manager Steve Kean, and questioning his management abilities and youth management player quality awareness. This whilst drunk talking to fans in a bar, during the 2011 pre-season Cup competition in Hong Kong. Sam Allardyce would later reveal he would be taken legal proceedings against Kean for his public comments. ( (

May 15 2012 – representatives of Sam Allardyce confirm legal action set to be taken against Steve Kean for comments made on film whilst in Hong Kong to Blackburn Rovers fans. (

May 15 2012 – Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore reveals that Venkys have kept within the guidelines of the fit and proper persons test. (

May 16 2012 – Steve Kean Manager decision set to be made. (

May 16 2012 – Sam Allardyce reveals anger at comments directed at him by Blackburn Rovers Manager Steve Kean. (

May 17 2012 – Representatives of Junior Hoilett reveal the player is intent on leaving Blackburn Rovers. (

May 20 2012 – further media reports that Steve Kean Manager position at Blackburn Rovers safe. (

May 24 2012 – Venkys Chairman Vankatesh Rao gives bizarre interview with Sky Sports News in which he admits to â??Confusion surrounding events at Blackburn Rovers. Pleads for time to make a decision regards manager Steve Kean and the correct path to take following relegation. (

May 25 2012 – long-standing Stadium Manager John Newsham leaves Blackburn Rovers. (

May 26 2012 â?” Local newspaper reveals that players are unhappy at activation of relegation clauses. With popular defender Gael Givet unhappy at a 50% cut in his wages. (

May 28 2012 â?” Striker Yakubu reveals he has no intention of playing in the Football League Championship, and that he must leave the club to continue plying at the top of his game. (

May 30 2012 â?” BRFC Action Group meet with Barclays Premier League to discuss Venkys running of Blackburn Rovers. (

May 31 2012 â?” It is revealed that Steve Kean intends to hire Blackburn Rovers legend Colin Hendry and appoint him to a position at Blackburn Rovers. This is seen as a vein attempt to bring the fans back on board after mass disillusionment with manager and owners. (

June 01 2012 – Martin Olsson agent Martin Dahlin reveals that â??staying at Blackburn Rovers in the Championship for his client Martin Olsson is not an option . (

June 06 2012 – Paul Agnew appointed new General Manager. (

June 06 2012 â?” Talented Argentinean midfielder Mauro Formica hints at desire to leave Blackburn Rovers. (

June 08 2012 â?” Local Newspaper reveals fans have been turned away in attempts to buy season tickets for forthcoming Championship Season. At the time, Blackburn Rovers are the only team in the top four tiers of football not to be selling season tickets. (

June 12 2012 â?” Local Newspaper reveals that Rovers players are being told that they won’t be sold during the summer and that they will be playing in Championship unless clauses activated. (

June 13 2012 â?” BRFC Action Group meet with Government to discuss Venkys running of Blackburn Rovers. (

June 14 2012 â?” BRFC Action Group meet with FA to discuss Venkys running of Blackburn Rovers. (

June 15 2012 – Anthony Bloch sacked as club Secretary. (
June 18 2012 – Michel Salgado speaks to Sky Sports about his time at Blackburn Rovers, and his premature end to his time with the club at the hands of Venkys. (
July 31 2012 – Defender Michel Salgado (former Spanish International), Midfielder Vince Grella (Australian International), Canadian Starlet Winger Junior Hoilett, young Striker Zac Aley, young Defender Jackson Ramm, young Defender Matthew Pearson, young Australian Defender Jamie Maclaren and French Midfielder Herold Goulon all due to be released at the end of their respective contracts.


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